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  • The Wire And Not Plato

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    It’s all in the game. Though these words belong to the nefarious Omar Little of HBO’s critically acclaimed “The Wire” and not Plato, they nonetheless remain relevant. If anything, “the game” is akin to Plato’s allegory of the cave and the shadows that it casts. That being said, I will make the argument that anyone who doesn’t play by the rules of the game or tries to alter it, much like the prisoner who sees the light and goes back to aid his fellow prisoners, will be rejected. The only means of

  • The Wire By David Simon

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    In David Simon’s The Wire, a stunningly accurate portrait of oppressive institutions in Baltimore are explored from multiple perspectives, including the police force, government, and the street drug trade. The visuals created by Simon are meant to be a realistic portrayal of Baltimore, one that depicts the members of the drug trade as complicated people, not just evil caricatures, and where the wrongdoing of the police and government are shown. Moreover, the show has become one of the few applauded

  • Social Inequality In The Wire

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    showed Stringer Bell collecting the pagers from the crew down in the pit and informing them that if they need to talk to someone, to do it in person. He gives Bodie and D’Angelo cell phones and three numbers to memorize and those are the only way to get ahold of people to schedule a meeting time. After Avon and Stringer met with their lawyer, they started to move out of Orlando’s club because they believe that Orlando told the police about the involvement that the club had with the gang. Stringer then

  • The Wire Scene Analysis: The Baltimore Police Department

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    Major in the department, Dt. Herc teaching the rookies how to run an investigation, Boodie and Poot taking over D’Angelo’s position of running the towers, Maj. Rawls transferring Dt. Freamon to homicide by dumping McNulty to the marine unit, and Stringer being in control of the Barksdale organization while Avon is incarcerated. Interpreting the passing of

  • Short Story : ' V '

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    ~Emma 's P.O.V~ As he came up behind me I felt a warm sensation on my neck, only to realize it was my dad looking over my shoulder while reading my text messages. If he only knew the truth about us. How much would change? Would he still see me the same? After being deployed for several years in Iraq he is finally home. Now everything is going to be different, even mom doesn 't know and quite frankly I don 't want either of them to find out. I can already imagine their expressions right now, Mom

  • How Is Snowball Into A Mountain Of Trouble?

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    to beat the bell. My friend, Robert, was sitting next to me. Being a genius, he had already finished all of his work. He

  • Graduation Speech: Listen Carefully Essay

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    clock is a reminder of something you've gained here. Pay attention, so when you hear them later in life you will remember. When you hear a bell ring, remember our first day of school, back in September of 2008. The coolness of the desks chilled our sun-tanned skin as we sat timidly in our seats, quietly absorbing the shrill sound of our first high school bell as it rang at 7:30 in the morning. As much as our eyelids wanted to sink into a sweet abyss, fear crept through our bones as we eyed the monstrous

  • The Cask Of Amontillado By Edgar Alan Poe

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    In Platizky’s (1999) article on the Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Alan Poe is choppy and, sometimes, wandering critique. Albeit, the historical reference Platizky uses on how Poe “ambiguously capitalizes on psychological fear and historical reality” (p. 206), is the ultimate essence of the article which sets a novice reader on the right path to understanding the story. Platizky’s use of historical facts and sources leads me to believe this article could help provoke a logical thought process for anyone

  • Thank You All For Taking The Time At Come Tonight

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    little differently. I want you all to have a go at the colouring sheets that are in front of you. We are going to just do this for 5minutes. During this time I want you to stay as quiet as you can and let your mind wander. -Ring a bell to regain attention (wait until bell has completely stopped before speaking)- Ok, it is now time to get the word/drawing that you wrote at the beginning of the session and in the other half repeat the same thing. Write a word describing how you feel and once again you

  • Essay On Moment Of Self Discovery

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    My moment of self discovery was a coincidence. It was August 13th and it occurred right after my shift was over in Burger King. It started when I was going to Liberty bell gas station to hang out with my friends Julia and Deanne. They were two liberty bell regulars because they always bought cigarettes or “loosies” from liberty and they were pretty hard to miss. Julia was pale and had green hair but a green that resembled the statue of liberty. I met her through Deanne around January of 2017 and