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  • Strip Malls: Causes of Failure and Success

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    introduction should be more persuasive and can be referenced (see my comments below). 17/20 Strip Malls: Causes of Failure and Success Introduction With the economic downturn, businesses are suffering greatly and closing rapidly; because of this it is important to figure out ways to reduce these closings and help companies prosper. One business type that has seen drastic closings is the strip mall. While research suggests that location, façade design, greenery, anchor stores, store offerings

  • Movie Analysis : ' Snow Day '

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    and I couldn’t have been more horrified. Somehow in the nine years I’d been gone, my tiny town had grown from about 5,000 people to seven times that! Now there were sprawling neighborhoods with elaborate names like “Green Briar”, coffee shops and strip malls crammed into every street corner, and not one, but several movie theaters. Where was the park? Where were all of those horse pastures and rickety barns? It was like a nightmare come to life. As I sat in the back seat of the car with my forehead

  • Retail Strip : Erin Mills Town Centre

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    Sarah Mazher 999782221 GGR252H5S Assignment 2, Topic 5 Monday, March 9, 2015 Planned Retail Strip: Erin Mills Town Centre (Level Two – Hudson’s Bay to Sears) 1. INTRODUCTION: A distinguished structure that is present in today’s retail environment is a shopping centre. A shopping centre is where multiple stores presenting different merchandisers are formed under a building and allocated through a leasing agency. Shopping centers are aimed towards middle income suburban residents

  • Examining Rue 21 's Location Strategy

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    ruebleu Swim and rueGuy (About Rue 21). Pros and cons of Rue 21’s location types Rue 21 stores are located in three different location types: strip centers, regional malls and outlet centers. At the beginning of 2012, 52 percent of Rue 21’s stores were located in strip centers, 31 percent in regional malls, and 17 percent in outlet centers (Berman). A strip center can be described as a shopping center with many small stores and one or two larger anchor stores. These anchor stores could include Wal-Mart

  • Case Analysis: Rue 21

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    35 dollars. Rue 21 has locations in various strip malls with 52 percent, regional mall 31 percent and outlet centers 17 there are pros and cons that affect the company for each of them (Berman, 2009). Having this store in a strip center can be a really great thing for consumers put not such a positive thing for the company as a whole. The positive to a strip mall is that it is easily accessible for customers to find and shop at the location. Strip malls have less congestion when it comes to parking

  • Essay On Property Management

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    in malls, shopping centers and strip malls, as well as stand alone buildings in urban settings. Here's a bit of information you may not know about the most well-known mall in the US. The Mall of America in Minnesota. It is huge! Large enough to house 43 Boeing 747s. There is an indoor theme park, 520 stores, about 50 restaurants and dozens of entertainment venues making it a destination shopping experience. By the way, although people may use the terms shopping center, strip mall and mall interchangeably

  • Customer 's Store Choice Decision

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    location they either must make a substantial investment to buy and develop the real estate or must commit to a long-term lease with developers. Retail space comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and may be located in free-standing buildings, enclosed malls, strip shopping centers, downtown shopping districts, or mixed-use facilities. You will also find retail space in airports and other transportation facilities, hotel lobbies, sports stadiums, and temporary or special-event venues.The book state that there

  • Malls Typology Essay

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    Mall Culture- Rise, Current Trends, Types and Economic Study Difference Between a Shopping Mall & a Shopping Centre ? SHOPPING CENTRES SHOPPING MALLS 1. Shopping Centre is one or more buildings. 2. It is an open outdoor market. 3. In a shopping centre there are only one or two entrances to each store. 4. Here, in order to go to another store you have to go outside & then enter another store. 5. Shopping centre is one or more buildings that contain stores and restaurants

  • Shopping In Brea

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    walking the strip in Beverly Hills or another posh suburb of Los Angeles. California has always been seen as a fashion trendsetter with its fashion choices as hot as its weather. Luckily for residents of Brea all of the fashion and shopping opportunities that are synonymous with Beverley Hills can be found at the local mall or the trendy downtown district. These great shopping opportunities are just another great reason as to why Brea is such a coveted place to call home. Brea Mall One cannot

  • The Lab Shopping Center Is A Palace Of Consumption

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    The LAB shopping center in Costa Mesa, California proudly calls itself the “anti-mall,” a place where traditional conceptions of retail do not apply and consumerism is cool once again. Except that this is not the case. Though they would have you believe you’re a hint hipper and more culturally conscious than the average person for shopping their stores, like all shopping malls, the anti-mall’s chief agenda is to garner reliable vendors, pull a crowd, exploit wallets, and cash in. The LAB, like all