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  • Essay On Kermit's Revenge

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    Kermit’s Revenge It was time to get back at that sack of pork. Ms. Piggy has been spending all my money on blond wigs, she has been fighting with me, and always takes all the spot light from me. I don’t know what I will do to be rid of her. Hmmm… I can eat her… no I cant, but I could. Gonzo walks in “ Hey Gonzo how are you feeling about the new movie?” “ Not too well Kermit “ I started walking to the set and saw Ms. Piggy walking toward me “ Hey there Kermit can I have the credit card I saw a nice

  • How Transmedia Has Worked And Is So Successful

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    a huge part of how Marvel Studios have worked and is so successful(Menard, 2014). Every single movie feels unique, but also it feels like it is part of a bigger universe(Weekend Warrior, 2016). Transmedia have been making the Marvel Studios bigger and more interconnected for almost 10 years(ComicBookCast, 2016). Transmedia has made Marvel Studios able to build the larger world that they have established(ComicBookCast,2016). Transmedia has made watching all Marvel Studios movies worth it, because of

  • The Marvel Of Marvel Studios

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    Marvel Studios’ movies is like a path to travel on as an audience member (Menard, 2014, p. 28). Across a decade worth of films and tv shows, there has been a there has been more than 60 characters that the Marvel Studios universe contains (Menard, 2014, p. 54). There has been a lot of conflict and character development, because of the multiple events that happens in the other movies (ComicBookCast2,2016). There a lot of example of this happening, such as the new york event in The Avengers (ComicBookCast2

  • Dc Vs Marvelc

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    entertaining us for over seventy years. However, there is a particular distinction that separates the aforementioned heroes and villains, their source. Marvel and DC, the kings of the comic book industry, have been heated rivals since Marvel’s Stan Lee created the Fantastic Four in 1961. Constant arguments arise over who is the better company: Marvel or DC? Yet, after careful analysis of heroes, villains, and movies they’ve produced, one can recognize that Marvel is the superior comic book company. Despite

  • An Essay On The 70's

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    the groundwork for techno music, and use of these tools in the studio. It was a time of pioneering for these electronic sounds, a practice that would only garner strength.

  • Wonder Woman Character Analysis

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    The movie "Wonder Woman" is the DC Comic presentation of the origin story of Diana Prince otherwise known as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is an action-packed thriller about peace, love and empowerment. Appropriate for most ages, "Wonder Woman" is able to please a plethora of ages and interests. I was extremely interested in watching this movie because there are fewer female superheroes and even fewer movies about them. For some reason female superhero movies seem to do badly in the film industry. William

  • Film Genre Of Western Films

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    in history, because of its myriad of source material, painless production, and devout fans. Throughout the last decade, both Marvel Studios and DC Comics have release a grand total of thirty-eight superhero movies, from those two studios alone. Numerous other lesser known studios have opted to cash in on modern culture’s super hero craze. Recently, Marvel studios released their newest superhero blockbuster, which marked the ninetieth superhero movie released in theatres since the year 2000. Amazingly

  • Introduction of the Music Industry

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    the Music Industry  Within the last twenty years, the music industry has experienced drastic changes. Information and Communication technology has impact almost every aspect of the industry, ranging from its supplier to consumer, be it positively or negatively. Some reputable music suppliers includes Yamaha as well as LiveNations, a live event company, who specialise in event planning and supplies music venue for record label companies. Supplier , those who manufacture CD, supply equipment

  • Contemporary Christian Music Essay

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    Wailers Change is a major part of every teenager’s life. Teenagers experience physical, mental, and social changes. The most major change in my life was when I developed my own taste in music. I went from contemporary Christian to listening to almost anything and everything. Now I listen to Christian metal, pop and rock. Contemporary Christian music now that I have discovered Christian metal and

  • Special Effect Of Special Effects

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    At the early 20’s the ‘’tricks’’ this is the term that they used to refer as special effects but then it became a must section in every studio. A studio in Southern California, they but a full set production facilities and providing every technical service to themselves. It was a strong economic reason for this because it helped the companies to manage the film budget, the set construction and