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  • Great Acting Research Paper

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    is the Stunt Aspect. In action movies stunt performers are often responsible for as much if not more of the film than the actors. Every time you see Spiderman with his mask on, chances are you are

  • Essay On Strike

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    So the stunts that they are asking me to do are the stunts they know I can handle. So I have yet to question any stunts so anything that I can do those coordinators know that I can do. So this weekend I’m actrually doing in higfall traing. I will jumping off of big mats. So I haven’t question any of them yet, but that’s an excellent excellent question. What has been the worse injury you’ve received while working? Most fun stunt you’ve experienced? I have never hurt myself during stunts thank goodness

  • Erik Schultz's Accomplishments

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    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (utility stunts/double for Enrique Murciano) and Django Unchained (stunt performer). He is also frequently doubles for actor Liam Hemsworth and worked on the last three Hunger Games films among other Hemsworth projects. Recently he did the stunts for Victor von Doom aka Doctor Doom in the latest Fantastic Four. We had a chance to ask Erik some questions about working on Fantastic Four as well as his experience so far in the stunt industry. When did you decide to become

  • Cheerleading Concussions Report

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    Chaffee’s high school boys’ basketball team was playing in the SEMO Christmas tournament which is my favorite part of basketball season. As my squad was warming up their stunts, I was watching for balls so the stunt would not get hit. I turned around for just a split second to see if the squad was going to do another stunt and my “luck” nailed in the back of the head. This time my luck just so happed to be a getting hit with a basketball while I’m ball watching. I knew at that moment in time I

  • Personal Narrative: Joining The Regional Competition

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    She cries from the excruciating pain. The coach runs over to her. She cries harder and harder. All of this is my fault. Why are my laces so long? I wish I could cry with her. I hate it when she falls from a stunt. “I think you’ve sprained your wrist,” the coach informs. “It’ll heal in about a week in half, maybe two weeks.” “But...then regionals will be in a week. I might have a mental block again. I can’t...” She cries harder. Without her, there’s no way

  • Personal Essay : The Lessons From Pushing Yourself

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    I had picked up on all the cue’s in the music that triggered me to walk to a certain spot or execute a certain motion. Now all there was left to do was hitting these stunts. I had gotten frustrated to the point of tears and walked out of the gym. My sister, who at the time was on the varsity cheer team, came after me. Why the most sympathy she had ever shown me, she told me I would be able to do it. She had said she

  • A Comparison Of The Fast And The Furious

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    similarities and brilliance of these two movies. The unforgettable excellence of these two classics is unmistakable, but The Fast and the Furious walks away with victory thanks to their modifications of the plot, the fantastic cast, and exceptional stunt scenes. Although both movies are great in their own way, The Fast and the Furious took the similar plot, built a franchise, and ran with it for the last 16 years. Both plots are very similar, but with very minor modifications. The Fast and the Furious

  • Reflection Paper On Concussions

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    "Hey Mom, it's Sam. Can you come get me from school? I got another concussion," I told my mother when I called her. I was sitting in the athletic training room trying to remember what just happened. When I called my mom all she could do was laugh, she laughed like what I had just told her was a joke. She contained herself, then I asked her to talk to the athletic trainer which she soon realized I was serious and not kidding. I joke a lot, so imagine her reaction to me telling her I got a concussion

  • I Am On The Cheer Team

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    I am very good at cheerleading For most people cheerleading is easy, but it's actually hard. It takes a lot of hard work and determination. As you might have already figured out I am on the Cheer Team. There are twelve girls on the team this year, which is one more than last year. It’s almost like we hunted someone down and made them join the team as if we were Darth Vader. In cheer there are different titles. They are Base, Flyer, Backspot, and front spot(if needed). I am a back spot. When I backspot

  • Stunting Research Paper

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    (not consecutively), but the part I really enjoy is building stunts. I am a back-spot, so I lead my stunt group in the stunt we will be attempting. We have done so many different stunts, and lately they have gotten a lot more smooth and they hit every time. We have done Straight-up Extensions, Liberties, Basket Tosses, Shoulder Sits, Pyramids, Full-downs, and a few other stunts that I cannot name off the top of my head. Hitting a stunt on the first try is the best feeling in the world because it