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  • Subcontractor Resource Management Essay

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    Specialist contractors – generally known as subcontractors – perform the majority of the work on commercial construction projects. They face significant challenges in allocating their resources across multiple, concurrent projects (O’Brien and Fischer 2000). Despite their central nature to project performance, relatively little research has been performed to formally model their operations. Without such modeling, there exists little basis from which to measure or improve performance. This dissertation

  • Summary: Historically Underutilized Business

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    then break contract. To keep the percentage, the contractor should take into the subcontractor's scope of work to see if any HUBs are able to complete the work. If not, the contractor should then reach out to other subcontractors. The problem with this is in bringing in a new subcontractor. Not only is this a risk because they will be bringing in new employees to the work on the project, but also the new HUB will the contractor will have to start from new to ensure that the HUB is up to date and meets

  • Importance Of Mechanics Lien

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    used by subcontractors and suppliers. It’s a legal claim against a property that has been improved or remodeled in some way. For example, you may decide to remodel the entryway of your property, installing all new lighting, raising the ceiling, knocking out a wall, adding an arch, installing a skylight and replacing the flooring. You hire a contractor to handle

  • Affirmative Action

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    • Include a statement of these obligations in all subcontracts or purchase orders, unless exempted, which will be binding on each subcontractor or vendor. • Furnish all information and reports required by the executive order and the implementing regulations, and permit access to the contractor’s or subcontractor’s books, records, and accounts by the contracting agency and the Secretary

  • Heartly House Executive Summary

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    Company, P.C. (Kearney), I was assigned the responsibility of acting as a member on the prime contractor’s (MAXIMUS) Social Committee. As an active member of the committee, my colleagues and I were tasked with promoting collaboration amongst the subcontractors. While hosting a variety of events successfully boosted morale throughout the office, the committee agreed that we should do more. As it was the holiday season, we decided to display a giving tree in the office which had ornaments hanging on it

  • Revolving Door Law Case Summary

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    In the given situation, EDA has contracted WEA during the design phase of the expansion of these transportation facilities. WEA was the general contractor and decided to hire R&F as a subcontractor for specific duties during the design phase. The issue begins in the construction phase, if EDA were to contract Savmor. Unlike other bidders, Savmore would hire R&F as a sub-consultant. This was seen as unfair to other bidders for the project because R&F was already a sub-consultant during the design

  • Ethics And The Construction Industry

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    the industry, whether it be a general contractor, design professional, subcontractor, or owner’s agent, are often aware of which companies are known for unethical actions. As well, transparency with regard to ethical behavior is more prevalent for construction companies operating on a larger scale. Unethical behaviors such as overbilling for work in place, proceeding with unauthorized change orders, non-payment to subcontractors, bid shopping, and bid peddling occur far too often in the construction

  • The Case Of Murphy Vs Brentwood District Council

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    How then again sublet work to sub-subcontractor Southern Insulation for the installing the insulation of chilled water pipes. Linklaters got collateral warranties from Main contractor and subcontractor which were supported with guarantees from their respective companies, but no warranties were provided by from Southern. There was no written proper contract between How

  • Advantages Of Subcontractors

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    HIRE EMPLOYEES OR SUBCONTRACTORS WHO IS BETTER? Subcontracting is the process of a contractual agreement with an outside person or firm to perform a certain type of work. The outer person or company in this arrangement is known as a subcontractor, but may also be called a free-lancer of the company or independent contractor, or vendor. Many small industries hire subcontractors to contribute with a wide variety of functions. For example, a small business may use an outside firm to prepare its payroll

  • Case Study Of Taneja's Saras Aircraft Supply Chain

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    organization and management and by establishing their own subcontractors network, onto which they shift a share of the cost increase. This aspect clearly shows that the adoption of an MRP system at Taneja’s Saras aircraft has two implications on the supply chain: It imposes more stress in the supply chain. Subcontractors have to both reduce costs and meet Taneja’s new requirements; it is actually supportive of relations between customers and subcontractors. Through changes in Material requirement planning