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  • The Next War By Wilfred Owen

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    unsettling subject matter of war by using his own personal perspective to explore the harsh brutal reality of war. Through sensory imagery, he portrayed the severe everlasting conditions. Owen’s treatment for shellshock at Craig Lockhart mental hospital influenced his writing and he was undergoing the treatment when his first poem was published. His poems continued to be published even after his death in November 1918, one week before the ceasefire. Owen presents the horrific subject matter through

  • Pubic Shaming

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    argues against the form of public shaming promoted by online networks and how people have figured out a way to deal with crimes but not with social media. Stryker introduced the essay’s subject matter through social media examples, while reflecting on past experiences and stating important details that reinforce the subject of public shaming as well as “dox” and discusses this term throughout the essay. Stryker helps define the term “dox” by listing the common traits and information “doxxers” try to gather

  • Venus Of Urbino And Female Nudes

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    Female nudes are a favorite reoccurring subject matter through art history that offers symbolic significance from simplistic anatomy of the female body. Venus of Urbino by Titian and Olympia by Edouard Manet are great representation that illustrates the difference in the portrayer of female nude. Hence, both artworks are intriguing as it reflects the importance of cultural reformation between both periods. Titian painted Venus of Urbino during the Venetian Renaissance in 1538, measuring 46” by

  • Analysis of Tanguy's Painting "The Earth and the Air" Essay

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    40” wide with a wooden frame. The background colors divide the piece into mainly two sections, the top and the bottom part. The top part is about 3/5 of the whole piece. It is painted in blue and white, like a watercolor-like sky without any subject matters. It has a dreamy feeling because the colors blend smoothly. There is no clear horizon line in the painting but it is still possible to separate the ground and the sky by the background colors or the compositions. The top part is in mainly blue

  • Navigating The Csu Global Library

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    Option #1: Navigating the CSU-Global Library ProQuest and Business Source Complete (EBSCO) are the two databases that are being compared in this article. Initially ProQuest seems easiest to navigate and provides a wide range of topics. EBSCO was also chosen due to the focus on business related articles. Comparing these databases on a business-related topic will prove which one has the best outcome. Searching, navigating, narrowing the scope and using the article tools are all important parts to

  • Difference Between Technical And Technical Writing

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    It can be in the form of technical or literary writing. Technical writers are different from literary writers in terms of the use of language, structure, purpose, format, subject matter and their intended audience. Technical writing is a type of writing used by authors to convey technical information about a certain subject. The audience of technical writing should have enough knowledge or understanding of the topic, usually experts and professionals, because this type of writing uses jargons or

  • Graduation Speech : The Lesson Plan

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    As result of creating and implementing this artifact, I realized that the most effective lesson plans are those which initiate with the final assessment in mind. So, I applied a pre-test at the very beginning of my lessons with every different group I would be teaching to measure a starting point or the amount of pre-existing knowledge on the topics to be taught. Based on this, I planned the instruction to deliver and how to differentiate it. We, teachers, know that the meaning-making process

  • Painting: River Rouge Plant By Charles Sheeler

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    Painting #9 《River Rouge Plant,20 × 24 1/8 inch Oil on canvas drawing., was printed by   Charles Sheeler in 1932. The style of this painting is Precisionism which depicts mechanical and industrial subject matter, such as factories, steel foundries, or smokestacks. Those subjects were reduced or simplified to geometric shape and presented in bright and clear light or colour, by a combination of abstraction and realism. Sheeler based this painting from 1932 on those photographs that was

  • A Journey: Making Art Is A Journey

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    so in but in his style rather than subject matter. He went from being a formalist to abstractionist to cubist. My artwork does not have a meaning as deep as Guernica and I found that Picasso’s artwork expressed more of an art protest/historic moment whereas my artworks are based on journeys. Another similarity in our artworks is that for the greater part, there is a use of black and white. I found differences in that fact that there was weightier subject matter for Guernica. It also has a lot more

  • Artemisia Gentileschi, Venus and Cupid

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    look at it is if you look at her other paintings Gentileschi revolved her paintings around subject matters of women who were known for their courage, beauty and simplicity. Her paintings mostly consisted of women being dramatically nude in which it showed her style, which is dramatic realism. Therefore there are many ways to interpret the painting Venus and Cupid by Artemisia Gentileschi, it’s just the matter of how you see it. Work Cited A., Sarah. ""Venus and Cupid" |" Richmond