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  • Swot Analysis Subway

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    Introduction Dr. Peter Buck and Fred Deluca partnered together to venture their first submarine sandwich shop in Bridgeport which was called as Pete’s Super Submarines. 312 sandwiches were sold on the very first day. Its brand is ranked number one in the sub sandwich category by ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine held consistently throughout the years. In 90 different countries, Subway has 32,004 restaurants with over 150,000 employees across the world. Subway is the second largest It is owned and operated

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    SUBWAY Subway is an American fast food restaurant franchise. It primarily sells submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads. Fred DeLuca along with Dr Peter Buck back in 1965 opened a sandwich store to help pay his tution fees for medical college. Fred soon learned the basics of running a business, as well as the importance of serving a well-made, high quality product, providing excellent customer service, keeping operating costs low and finding great locations. These early lessons continue to serve as

  • The Subway Restaurant Chain

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    our own lives and careers. II. The story of Subway The story of the foundation of the first Subway restaurant started in 1965 by the 17-year-old Fred DeLuca who, seeking to earn money for college, decided to take a $1000 loan and opened a submarine sandwich shop that eventually grew into the number-one restaurant chain in the world. The young man was willing to earn some money to have

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    Introduction Before introducing the history, mission, and vision, I am enterprising a fast food company, Subway® restaurants in Malaysia. Subway® restaurants are the world's biggest submarine sandwich chain working more units in the US, Canada and Australia than McDonald's does (Dec 16, 2009). Today, there are more Subway restaurants in the world than other restaurant chain, 42996 restaurants in 108 countries, and there are 177 restaurants in Malaysia. “Subway, eat fresh”. (Nov27, 2013) History

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    and ranked number one as America 's top global franchise. Currently with 13,247 locations in the United States and 1,800 restaurants in Canada, Subway has surpassed McDonald 's by 148 in number of locations and now is the world 's largest submarine sandwich chain. Besides the United States, Canada and Australia are the two largest markets for the Subway brand and the Benelux countries are also considered to be an area with tremendous growth potential. Appendix one, table one shows the number

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    Case Study #1 – Subway Sandwich Shop Analysis Case Study One – Subway Sandwich Shop Situation Analysis A situation analysis is an honest valuation of the opportunities and potential problems facing a prospective or existing company. Through analysis a deeper understanding of an industry, competitor and possible options can be examined. Subway Sandwich shops early history roots can be traced back to the summer of 1965, with a $1,000 investment a new venture was born. Fred DeLuca

  • Subway Chain Tested International Waters

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    TARGET MARKET The process of breaking down the total market for a product or services into distinct sub groups or segments, where each segment might represent a distinct target market to be reached with a distinctive marketing mix. The bases of segmentation are demographics, geographic, psychographic and behavioral. SUBWAY Segmentations Age group-(18-39), Income Level-(c1), Healthy Life style, Urban Area, Halal sandwiches, Kid’s meals, Worldwide locations SUBWAY is always improving their geographic

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    cooperated with Dr. Peter Buck and opened the main Pete's Subway in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Subway didn't begin diversifying until 1974, when its initially establishment area opened in Wallingford, Connecticut. SUBWAY brand is the world's biggest submarine sandwich chain with more than 44,000 areas around the world. They've become the main decision for individuals looking for speedy, nutritious dinners that the entire family can appreciate. From the earliest starting point, Fred has had an unmistakable

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    function is incorporated via smartphone app also as well as enabling customers to collect points via the SubCard rewards programme. The Subway UK app is named SubCard and consents customers to scan their iPhone at the till to earn points towards a free sandwich. Recent developments – menu In autumn 2013 Subway launched the Steak Jalapeno Melt and Chicken Jalapeno Melt (available as a sub or flatbread) which was marketed in conjunction with the latest cinema release Hunger Games: Catching Fire which was

  • Subway Is Testing A New Rebranding Campaign

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    rather than a pitchman. Company History: In 1965, a 17-year-old medical school student, Fred DeLuca, opened up a submarine sandwich shop in Connecticut on a $1,000 loan from a friend. By 1982, the chain had opened up its 300th location. In 1984, the Subway sandwich chain was introduced overseas and by 1990, there were more than 5,000 locations. Today, Subway has the most sandwich restaurants in the world at 37,000 locations (3). Known for their freshly baked bread and healthy options, Subway restaurants