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  • Hydrogen Sulfide: New Gaseous Signaling Molecule in the Cardiovascular System

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    Introduction: Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is the latest molecule added to the gasotransmitter group after nitric oxide (NO) and carbon monoxide (CO). Great attention has been given to H2S in the last few years with regards to its production, metabolism, physiological functions and clearance. H2S constitutes a sound example of science’s evolution based on research and development; since H2S has been named as a toxic gas since its discovery in 1713, and only in the late 80’s of the past century scientist

  • Essay On Deepwater Technology

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    Recent Advances in Deepwater Technologies (Corrosion and Control for Subsea Engineering Applications) Abstract The purpose of this technical literature review is to pinpoint the most significant advances in deep water technologies as regards corrosion and its control in the past two decades. A review paper like this with the apportioned space will not be able to do justice to all the new technologies, particularly those that are step-by-step advances to now well established techniques. I will discuss

  • Persuasive Essay On Sulfide Mining

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    home to the MinnTac facility, the largest iron ore operation in the Unites States. However, the proposed PolyMet sulfide mining project would be the first of it’s kind in the state's history. In order to protect and conserve the environment along lake Superior in Minnesota, and keep local residents safe, the PolyMet mining project should be stopped. I will firstly discuss what “sulfide mining” really is, and what the impacts of a mine this size would be for both the environment and the people of Minnesota

  • Sulfide Mining Pros And Cons

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    the loud, ongoing sounds of drilling and being told the fish were too dangerous to eat. This is only one of many potential harms of sulfide mining. PolyMet, a new mining company would like to bring sulfide mining, also known as copper-nickel mining to Minnesota. This would involve the extraction of copper and various other metals from sulfide, hence the name. The sulfide that comes out of this type of mining can have serious consequences on the environment. Events that occurred in the past and facts

  • The Natural Environment Must Be Restored Essay

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    crude is preferred to sour crude [1].When distillate crude oil is processed into useful products, there will be many wastes, which dissolve in water thereby producing sour water. However, sour water consists of hazardous substances, mostly hydrogen sulfide (H2S), therefore it must be treated prior to the discharge for reuse or disposal to the water bodies. In addition, polluted water is fatal to benthic organisms and also causes depletion of dissolved oxygen [2]. This has led to some industries facing

  • Unknown Lab Report

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    Unknown Lab Report Unknown Organism #6 Ann Le (Phuoc) May 6, 2010 Dr. Carrington Microbiology Lab- MW 12:50 Le 1 I. Introduction My unknown organism #6 is Morganella morganii, which is a gram-negative bacillus rods commonly found in the environment and also in the intestinal tracts of humans, mammals, and reptiles as a normal flora. (3, 5) This bacterium Morganella morganii, was first discovered in the 1906 by a British bacteriologist named H. de R. Morgan. (2) Despite its wide

  • Biogas is a clean environment friendly fuel. Raw biogas contains about 55–65% methane (CH4), 30–45%

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    Raw biogas contains about 55–65% methane (CH4), 30–45% carbon dioxide (CO2), traces of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and fractions of water vapours. A typical composition of biogas can be seen on the following table: Table 1: Biogas typical composition Component Formula Concentration (% by vol.) Methane CH4 55-70 Carbon dioxide CO2 30-45 Nitrogen N2 0-5 Oxygen O2 <1 Hydrocarbons CnH2n+2 <1 Hydrogen sulfide H2S 0-0.5 Ammonia NH3 0-0.05 Water (vapour) H2O 1-5 Siloxanes CnH2n+1SiO 0-50 mg/m3 The main compound

  • Hydrogen Sulfide In The Salton Sea

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    few environments in the world that has wildlife but also lots of impact. Hydrogen Sulfide is one of the primary chemicals that exists in this location. The Aral Sea in between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan has great similarity with the Salton Sea, as it shows a possible future for the location. Hydrogen sulfide has a naturally occurring rotten egg smell which is very a clear and obvious scent to humans. Hydrogen sulfide itself exists endogenously and exogenously, from enzymes within mammals and through

  • El Salto Biodiversity Case Study

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    municipality on almost everyday basis experiences odors that are dispersed as the water flows over the El Salto Waterfalls. The odor that stands out the most, is hydrogen sulfide, which is a colorless, poisonous, and flammable gas that smells similar to rotten eggs (Vida Instituto & IMDEC, n.d.). Exposure to low concentrations of hydrogen sulfide can cause, irritation to the eyes, nose, or throat, difficulty breathing, fatigue, headaches, poor memory, irritability, dizziness, and poor motor function (Vida

  • Case Study : Interactions Of Hazardous Materials

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    Brittni Curry Case Study Interactions of Hazardous Materials In the incident that occurred at SJV Refinery which processes crude oil daily by utilizing the Atmospheric/Vacuum Distillation process. Improper release of command during construction plans led to the uncontrolled release of acid gas into atmosphere. A welder was in close proximity of the gas, causing the gas to ignite. The area was evacuated and the emergency response team began to take command, following set emergency