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  • Research And Development Center Of Mineral And Coal Technology

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    ANALISYS OF COALDISTRIBUTION PATTERNSOF COAL Triswan Suseno (Researcher of Research and Development Center of Mineral and Coal Technology – Bandung – Indonesia) ( SARI Peraturan Menteri ESDM Nomor 34 Tahun 2009 tentang Pengutamaan Pemasokan Kebutuhan Mineral dan Batubara untuk Kepentingan Dalam Negeri, khususnya untuk batubara dikenal dengan kebijakan Domestic Market Obligation batubara. Untuk mengatur yang lebih teknis lagi, tiap tahun diterbitkan Keputusan Menteri ESDM

  • Province And Its Biodiversity Inside It

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    biodiversity inside it. Indonesia is an archipelago comprising of five noteworthy islands and around 30 little gatherings. The five fundamental islands are Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and West Papua. The island of Sumatra is a standout amongst the most thickly populated and prolific islands in the Indonesian archipelago and the effects of Sumatra 's territory use portion strategy. " Indonesia is one of the five most species-diverse countries in the world, home to 12% of all mammal species, 16%

  • The Evolution Of The Orangutans

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    The Orangutans which are also known as Pongo abelii, are the second largest apes after the gorillas. The male Orangutans can grow up to five feet and weigh around ninety one kilograms while the female Orangutans can reach an average height of three feet while weighing around forty five kilograms (Shank, C., 2012). The Orangutans are well known for their ability to swing from tree to tree easily with their long arms while their legs act as a second pair of arms when needed. Orangutans in general live

  • The Disaster Management Of Forest Fire Control

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    In post-independence, the Government of Indonesia had created rules to manage forest and land fires disaster. The disaster management of forest and land fire could be seen from the establishment of institutional Directorate of Forest Fire Control in particular a Section of Forest Fire Control in 1983, Sub Directorate of Forest Fire Control in 1994 and the third the Directorate of Forest Fire Control in 2004. The Government of Indonesia also had cooperation with some foreign donors like FAO, GTZ,

  • The Sumatran Elephant : A Pachyderm 's Plight

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    The Sumatran Elephant: A Pachyderm’s Plight Marina Dauer AP Environmental Science Mrs. Bukis/ Mrs. Warner 26 June 2015 The Sumatran elephant is a critically endangered animal whose continued existence is being threatened due to conflict with humans. The Sumatran elephant’s scientific name is Elephas Maximus Sumatranus, and it is a subspecies of the Asian Elephant. The Sumatran elephant is in the kingdom Animalia, the phylum Chordata, the class Mammalia, the order Proboscidea, the family Elephantidae

  • The Environmental Impact Of Palm Oil And The Sumatran Tiger

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    In the last two decades, palm oil has been one of the most imported goods around the world. In fact, the top industries are located in Sumatra, Indonesia, holding up to 90% of the world’s exported palm oil. Palm oil comes from the palm fruit of the African oil palm trees, and is grown mainly in the rainforest area. Unfortunately, the actions taken to grow these trees are causing horrible impacts to the world’s environment, such as deforestation, pollution, and increased greenhouse-gas emissions

  • Palm Oil Case Study

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    When talking about the external stakeholders of the company, it is important to highlight a case where P&G’s unethical practices seem to be more prevalent and well known. That is the palm oil case of Sumatra, Indonesia. Palm oil is a substance found in beauty and household care products of P&G’s. P&G bought the majority of their palm oil from a company called BW Plantation which operates in Kalimatan, Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. However, BW Plantation is regarded among the top companies

  • Impact Of The Indian Ocean Tsunami

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    This is what happened in the Indian ocean tsunami that was on December 26, 2004 when a giant earthquake occurred in the Indian ocean and unleashed a series of killer waves towards more than thirteen countries in which the most affected ones were Sumatra in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Maldives. In this essay we will discuss the cause of this tsunami and its environmental, humanitarian and economic impact in the worst affected countries, Indonesia. First of all, to understand the meaning of

  • Deforestation Essay

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    Is Deforestation Worth It? One of the most prevalent issues in our world today is the issue of deforestation. Deforestation can be described as “the practice of clearing the natural forests for agriculture, logging, etc.” (Deforestation Statistics). After hearing the definition of deforestation, most people would not find this to be a very significant issue in the world, but after hearing the alarming statistics associated with deforestation, most would change their mind. For example, arguably the

  • What Is Kampog Glam Essay

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    Introduction of Kampong Glam On 7 July 1989, the historic district of Kampong Glam was officiated as a conservation area in Singapore. Decades ago, Kampong Glam housed people from the Malay Peninsula, Java, Sumatra, Celebes Islands, Riau and Southern Arabia which are mainly Muslim immigrants and are positioned based largely on their prominence, social and economic status. As time passes, Indian and Chinese immigrants began to reside in the same area, making it a multiethnic community. The Kampong