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  • Summary Of Globalization

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    Globalization Textbook Readings (Chapters 19 & 20) Chapter nineteen elaborates on the big picture of globalization and discusses the many definitions; contested meanings; and both cultural and economic aspects of the term. In this chapter, the authors argue that defining the term ‘globalization’ is difficult, and stress the importance of understanding the spatial and temporal aspects that parallel its geographical scope. Furthermore, this chapter emphasizes that globalization is more than understanding

  • Summary Of The Globalization Paradox

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    Doria Kim ECON503 12/05/17 In Dani Rodrik’s The Globalization Paradox, his idea called the “Globalization Trilemma” serves as a variant to the Mundell-Fleming’s “Impossible Trinity” and highlights the political economic trilemma of the world economy. He describes national sovereignty, hyper-globalization, and democracy as the three legs of the trilemma. At most, two out of the three can be chosen and not all three simultaneously as difficult trade-offs are necessary to maintain sustainability

  • Summary Of Servants Of Globalization

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    stimulation of global currency within the country. Specifically throughout the Philippines, it is more common for migrant workers to be female, resulting in the overall structure and dynamics of these families to change. In the novel, Servants of Globalization, author Rhacel Parreñas addresses how the pre-existing structure of gender expectations and unequal employment opportunities for male and females abroad influence the overall gender patterns and impacts of migration from the Philippines, ultimately

  • Globalization At Home Friedman Summary

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    the most pressing concern for a majority of Americans. Aspects of this discussion can certainly be inferred from the reading, but the lack of explicit conversation suggests the author is more interested in representing the optimistic view of globalization. He is clearly aware of the downsides, but in many respects, allows the reader to put the pieces together for themselves. Friedman appropriately advises that we must be proactive (as countries, companies, and individuals), in order to survive

  • Summary Of Sex And Globalization By Joane

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    In chapter 8, “Sex and Globalization” in Joane’s Race, Ethnicity and Sexuality cites several cases from United State and around the globe to explain the relationship between the Sexuality, Race and Ethnicity and their impact to the Global culture relation and economy. It clearly shows that the interactions of communities globally, their impacts and role of globalization in interacting race, nationalism and sexuality. It is common for one not to recognize or have picture of how his/her own community

  • Nike Promise And Peril Of Globalization Summary

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    The Promise and Peril of Globalization: The case of Nike. Nike was started in 1964 as a sportswear company dealing with shoes but later diversified to start the production of other sports wares such as clothes and balls and other sporting equipment. Nike has since become a household name and is present in all continents. Growth. Nike started by importing sporting shoes from cheaper producing countries, and selling them in the USA and thus providing the market with cheaper, quality products in comparison

  • Summary Of The Globalization Of Memory By Thomas Hyssen

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    Andreas Huyssen addressed numerous memory related issues in the reading that deeply correspond with the events that are currently occurring in today’s world. The reading emphasized on the importance of globalization of memory as it has a considerable role on the actions and procedures that plague the world. For example, Huyssen mentioned that NATO was allowed to interfere with Kosovo because of the memory associated with the Holocaust. Regardless, while this may seem like a remarkable thing, it does

  • Summary Of Globalization And Its Discontents By Evelyn Hu-Dehart

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    article by Evelyn Hu-Dehart it focuses on the issue of globalization and its effects in different cities but first all the author gives us a explanation to understand what is globalization. Globalization in the words of Hu-Dehart was the "neoliberalism's New World Order..."(pg. 245) where all Mexican citizens were falling under the ruling of the party Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI). In the same article by Evelyn Hu-Dehart, "Globalization and its Discontents" she gaves us the definition of

  • Summary of Industrial Convergence, Globalization, and the Persistence of the North-South Divide by Arrighi, G,. Silver, J, B,. and Brewer, D, B,. (2003)

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    Summary Arrighi,G,. Silver,J,B,. and Brewer,D,B,. 2003. Industrial Convergence, Globalization, and the Persistence of the North-South Divide. Studies in Comparative International Development. p.3-31 Through the use of descriptive and comparative analysis, the authors intend on demonstrating that the convergence of the industrialization gap was not accompanied by a convergence in the income levels gap between former First World and Third World countries. Thus, the North-South divide still exists

  • Globalization And The Environment : Good And Bad Results

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    Globalization and the Environment-both Good and Bad Results This purpose of this paper is to provide a guideline for discussion of the benefits and problems associated with globalization. The following points will show that the idea of globalization is both positive and negative, while providing five examples of specific net gain and net problems. The following paper will briefly discuss each issue, provide a short summary to provide context, give a mechanism that could assist with managing the