Super Mario Sunshine

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  • The Role Of Hardware And Software Improved Over Time

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    Since the release of Donkey Kong in 1981, platforming-based video games have been concerned with reaching a goal. From the early 1980s to the late 1990s, obtaining the objective fell under a linear, two-point process. For example, in “Super Mario Bros,” the player must guide the plumber to a flagpole in order to complete a level. Once the player completes the thirty-second stage, he achieves the substantial goal of saving the princess. In contrast to the “Mega Man” series, the hero must annihilate

  • Captain Toad Essay

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    The bite-sized Captain Toad stages in Super Mario 3D World were a wonderful side dish, offering a very different type of challenge from the rest of the game. Little did we know at the time that the compact, puzzle-like levels would eventually find new life in a full-fledged game, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Now, Captain Toad and Toadette, his partner in plunder, have hit the road on a quest of their own, and it's one of the most charming and enjoyable games to grace the Wii U. The two tiny explorers

  • Using Teleportation, Clear The Area Of All Flies

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    When Using Teleportation, Clear the Area of All Flies Do you ever wish that you could vanish in a puff of smoke, only to reappear a short distance ahead of where you originally stood? The good ol’ Nightcrawler teleportation gag would be pretty neat to have, wouldn’t it? When this teleportation mechanic is the backbone of an Action-Platformer, what you get is Roving Rogue on the Wii U. BAMF!BAMF! Don’t be confused though. Roving Rogue is not a Rogue-like although the word “rogue” is in the title

  • Video Games And Its Effects On Female Characters

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    Throughout the world women are depicted to be oversexualized among forms of media such as video games and comic books. The idea of oversexualization towards female characters is that they have been often drawn and animated in hypersexual ways. Even going as far as viewing them as a sex object, their revealing body images are eye candy through the eyes of men. Hence women found in comic books and video games are frequently emphasized by their excessive physical appearances, objectification, portrayal

  • Video Game Reflection Paper

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    other things like that. I was getting antsy though, so we went inside after only 45 minutes. We got inside and then I saw it, the white Wii sitting on the entertainment center next to the TV. “What games do you have?” I asked. “The only game I have is Mario Kart,” he replied, so that is what we played. Since I had never played it before I was terrible. Three games in a row, I got 12th out of 12. After, about an hour of playing I started to notice that I was passing the computers (other racers) and getting

  • Essay on The History of Video Game Music

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    The History of Video Game Music In America, video game music is seen as one of the lowest forms of entertainment and its composers are obscure and unknown to most of those who play the games, while in Japan, it is a major component of their popular culture, and composers such as Koji Kondo are treated like famed celebrities. Game music is still not widely considered an art form, and yet the compositions have become as complex and sophisticated as arrangements for film and television

  • The Legend Of Zelda And Its Effect On The Game Industry

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    exciting backstory and history of another world that no other game had given us ever before, but the game also gave fans creative and innovative game mechanics never handled before. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, built on a super customized/advanced version of Super Mario 64’s engine, permitted new, never before seen features. Ocarina of time was originally ported on a 64DD peripheral cartridge. The game ended up released on a 256-megabit cartridge; the biggest Nintendo produced at the time due

  • Red Dead Redemption Research Paper

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    Just as some people may prefer different artistic styles and techniques, video games can provide something for everyone - no matter what your preference may be. If cartoonistic drawings make you smile, there are games like Pac Man, Mario Bros, Animal Crossing to suit your taste. If cubism is more to your liking, try on Tetris, 1010, or Minecraft. If you truly enjoy realistic art, you may marvel at the scenery of Skyrim. If you think surrealism is superb, check out The Stanley Parable

  • Gender Stereotypes On Children

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    Gender stereotypes affect children substantially. From the baby boy in blue with trucks and action figures to the baby girl in pink with dolls and princesses, these roles and generalizations affect children’s personalities while they are still developing. Those guiltiest of stereotyping in children’s media are Disney, Nintendo and other video-game companies, and reality television. These influences are expansive, and they reach past elementary-age kids to teenagers. Stereotypes negatively impact

  • Nintendo 's Influence On The Video Game Market Essay

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    In 1985, Nintendo launched what would become one of its most successful games in all of video gaming history. Super Mario Brothers; released for the Nintendo NES, became on of the best selling games in the world, and put Nintendo on the map as the “Grandfather of Modern Video Gaming” (Nintendo, 2016). Nintendo has seen a dozen of its products dominate the market—from the Gameboy to the Wii, the company’s products are iconic and unique to the industry and are easily accessible worldwide. Despite Nintendo’s