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  • The Introduction of the Burqini in Europe

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    In January of 2007, a new style of bathing suit known as the Burqini became a media sensation. Burqini is a multi-piece head to toe bathing suit designed especially for women who follow Islam and practice sartorial hijab and cover their entire body except face hands and feet. The media created this portmanteau of burqa and bikini and referred to these full body multi piece swimsuits to modestly dress Muslim women as burqinis. Burqini has received a lot of attention from media from all over the world;

  • Wedding Speech by Brother of Bride Essay

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    Good evening everyone. Hope you are all having a great time. I will try to keep this brief as I am eagerly anticipating that part of the night when the best man humiliates the groom. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Craig, Rebecca’s oldest brother. The middle child Trent, is seat over there. He is going to love me saying that When Rebecca first asked me some weeks ago if I would make a speech today my first thought was WHY? But then as I sat down to put pen to paper and goggled wedding speeches

  • The Ethics Of The Lifeguard Safety

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    Introduction: Since the beginning of time, death by drowning has taken millions of lives and thousands of live each year. Society has made incredible strides when it comes to preventing such a death but in order to save one human from drowning another human must put his life in danger. Lifeguards have saved countless lives with safety equipment and on sight help however lifeguards have also been too late to prevent these horrific occurrences. In the year 2016, there is hope on the horizon, drone

  • Lifeguard and Victim

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    Chapter 5 Rescue Skills A lifeguard must always be prepared to enter the water to make rescues. After determining that the victim needs help, the lifeguard should assess the victim’s condition and use an appropriate rescue. The skills in this chapter can be used in most aquatic environments, although they may have to be modified in some situations. 58 Lifeguarding GENERAL PROCEDURES FOR A WATER EMERGENCY 6. Provides emergency care as needed. Depending upon In all rescue

  • Descriptive Essay About Lifeguards

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    Fifteen minutes. That’s the time I spend in each lifeguard stand before rotating to the next. I ascend the white, grooved ladder rungs of the stand. One, two, three, turn around, sit down. I slip off my shoes, exposing the embarrassingly obvious tan lines on my feet. With the rescue tube strap tossed over my head and arm, and the red foam tube resting across the armrests of the chair, I bring the plastic whistle to my mouth. A shrill, rolling sound is released: a signal to the eager children, stationed

  • Letter For The Position Of Head Girl At St Mary 's College Essay

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    Dear M rs Ryan, I am writing to apply for the position of Head Girl at St Mary 's College in 2017. I believe St Mary 's College has shaped me into the woman I am today. Over the past four years and with the Leadership of the Year 13’s I have become a woman of Mercy and Wisdom. Every previous leadership team has given me inspiration and has shown me that I have the potential to be a leader at St Mary’s College. The different attributes, qualities and sisterhood of our College has given me great confidence

  • Graduation Speech : Surf Sports

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    In my final term of HPE before heading into my tertiary studies the practical task was surf sports. Although I have never committed to nippers on the weekend or general surf life saving but as I have gotten older, I have begun to see the sport as a great way to keep fit while learning the nature of the ocean. Unfortunately due to my lack of access to the beach during my junior years living in Brisbane I have never gained a true passion for the sport. The concepts which will most likely have the greatest

  • Descriptive Essay On A Water Park

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    The wet and wild idea The sun was bright and there was warmth in the air so it was a great day to go to a water park with my friend Darcy. We were going to be the first ones down the huge water slide. We had been waiting all night and day to go down this exciting ride. There needs to be four people to go down this water slide but there are just the two of us so we will just need to try and get a lot of speed up at the start and hope that we can get to the end of the water slide. We want to be the

  • Descriptive Essay About Lifeguards

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    Fifteen minutes. That’s one stand rotation at the pool. I climb up the white, grooved ladder rungs of the lifeguard stand. One, two, three, turn around, sit down. I slip off my shoes, exposing the painfully obvious tan lines on my feet. With the rescue tube strap tossed over my head and arm, and the tube resting on my lap, ready to go, I bring the red whistle to my mouth. A shrill, rolling sound is released: a signal to every family in the neighborhood that the day has officially begun. The pool

  • Coastal Management Rbsc Environment Research Beach Coast

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    Maroubra surf lifesaving club How effective are the coastal management strategies used at present in your local beach area? The coastal management strategies are not very effective as gathered from the surveys. On average, the participating surveyees gave the strategies a 4 out of a possible 5. This data were gathered from visitors/neighbourhoods who visit on average frequently. The main concern that would need conventional changes are council clean ups for rubbish track paths, washrooms and