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  • Surgical Report : Surgical Information

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    Surgical Information 1. Medical asepsis is considered to be a “clean” technique and is used in our everyday activities like washing our hands or wiping off a table. Surgical or sterile asepsis destroys all living microorganisms and their spores. This is a sterile technique that is used in specialized areas like surgery, wound care, and catheter insertion. “The goal of each aseptic practice is to optimize primary wound healing, prevent surgical infection, and minimize the length of recovery from surgery”

  • Surgical Technologist

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    Surgical Technologist Becoming a surgical technologist require a lot of dedication and tolerance, whether it's standing on your feet for hours or just simply preparing a patient for surgery. A surgical technologist is a person who helps to prepare an operating room by setting up sterile surgical instruments, equipment and supplies, such as drapes, gowns, gloves, suction tubing, and receiving solutions and medications from a circulator ( Surgical technologist also ensure all technology

  • Surgical Technology Research Paper

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    ST 115 Portfolio Surgical Technology June 20, 2013 Certification The field of surgical technology is home to a number of organizations and designations. This means that the people who work within the field are committed to making sure that surgical technology remains a great career choice. So as you consider becoming a surgical tech, it’s wise to understand the following points about surgical tech certification requirements. Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) In order to

  • Intuitive Surgical Essay

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    Abstract This paper will explore the strengths and weaknesses of Intuitive Surgical. This paper will analyze which leadership model(s) and practices would encourage innovation considering the global context of the organization. This paper will also assess how the information in the Intuitive Surgical case study does or does not exemplify the five discovery skills. Lastly, in this paper I will assess the actions that the leaders of this organization took to shape culture and processes to be more

  • Surgical Apparel And Treatment Of Hair Removal

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    Skill #5 Kirstin Krueger #21839116 Surgical apparel Closed donning up close For Each Surgery: Before the procedures I gathered the supplies needed - A surgery pack, suture material, gloves and a gown for the doctor, and I set up the surgery table by turning it on and covering it with a clean towel. I then made sure that the oxygen level was on full and that the isoflurane in the anesthesia machine was full. I made sure that the correct

  • Surgical Technologists: From Past to Present Essay

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    Surgical Technologists have an important role in the operation room (OR). There are different positions within the Surgical Technology field, including Scrub Surgical Technologist, Circulating Surgical Technologist, and Second Assisting Technologist. Scrub Surgical Technologists have a number of tasks, including prepping the patient for surgery, sterilizing the OR, gown and glove surgeons and assistants, and assists the surgeon and other surgical team members in a number of ways, such as passing

  • Priorities For Career Success : A Look On Surgical Technologists

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    on Surgical Technologists Imagine waking up from kidney surgery only to realize that there are stitches not only on your stomach, but also on your chest. Imagine the doctor coming up and having to explain to you that his surgical tech got a weak stomach and with scalpel in-hand, fell and put a puncture wound large enough for stitches on your chest. You would be shocked at the severe lack of professionalism by the surgical technologist, and you would question the hospitals inequity. Surgical technologists

  • The Use Of N95 Masks Versus Surgical Masks

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    masks are actually more beneficial than surgical masks for the patients. This is because we are asking them to be worn while not fitting them. I selected this topic because I noticed there were inconsistencies within the practice of each nurse regarding the use of N95 masks versus surgical masks. When I probed deeper, I realized that some of the nurses didn’t know OHSU policy and were using best practice from another institution, which stated to use surgical masks when transporting patients off of

  • The Da Vinci Surgical System

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    The da Vinci Surgical System Have you ever wondered if it was possible for a robot to perform surgery? The da Vinci surgical machine makes this possible (1). The da Vinci surgical system is a successful way to perform robotic surgery. All around the world, surgeons use the machine to make surgery more precise. The invention of this system caused the medical world to scratch their heads in wonder of how great the system really is. In this research paper I will outline the development, uses, present

  • Robotic Surgery : Surgical Surgery

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    utility than that provided through traditional surgical methods. The most traditional and common way of performing surgery is laparoscopically. This means the surgery is performed while looking through a small, camera inserted into the patient’s body. Though this technique is minimally invasive, it poses disadvantages, which can be overcome with the use of robotics in surgery. Robotic surgery is new compared to cell phones and laptops, however the surgical practice has been around since the 1980’s. The