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  • You are what you watch! Essay

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    Imagine a distant post-apocalyptic future in which a large silver box has just been excavated from the ruins of what was once Los Angeles, a box that contains stack after stack of DVD’s with titles like Survivor, The Bachelor, Biggest Loser, The Swan, Real World, The Apprentice, and Hell’s Kitchen. What might anthropologists conclude about our 21st century society if these shows were their only glimpse into how we lived our lives? Francine Prose ponders this same question in her essay “Voting Democracy

  • The Bachelor: A Heartthrob

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    Tessa Viola Mr. Jackson MSN10: Intro to Media Studies 26 July 2016 The Bachelor: A Heartthrob in the Pockets of ABC The show we have all watched at least once in our lifetime: The Bachelor. The show that women flock to every Monday night to see the hot bachelor, the dates, destinations, and of course, the drama. Even though most people have a love hate relationship with the show, we still tune in, live tweet about it and, maybe go to Reality Steve to see who ends up with the Bachelor. We would

  • The Reality of Reality Television Essay

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    The Reality of Reality Television "The winner of the first Survivor competition is...Rich." It was the name heard 'round the country the night of August 23, 2000, as 51 million television viewers tuned in to the finale of Survivor. The questions, the predictions, the bets, and the reality rested on that one name. For three months, America watched and wondered. Who could it be? Who is the ultimate survivor? With the unveiling of that single, now infamous, name, you could almost feel the

  • Survivor or The Amazing Race? Essay

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    Survivor or The Amazing Race? Reality television is well known for its exhibition in unscripted dramatic and often humorous events that portrays real life people as opposed to professional actors. Reality television is mostly associated with the years after 2000. Television’s popular, long-running reality series Survivor, and The Amazing Race both have similar goals and outcomes, despite their themes, challenges, and ingenuity. Survivor is far more entertaining than The Amazing Race with its use

  • The Tragedy Of The Survivor

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    everlasting effect. The survivor will forever carry that moment with them, haunted by the injustice done to them. Robbed of the serenity that death may bring from bleak scenarios, life becomes devoid of the vibrancy it once possessed. The survivor becomes a ghost with a physical form, walking with the burdens of their past resting on their minds. Analyzing the events that these people encountered with this mindset can foster a greater sense of empathy toward the survivors. The concept of human mortality

  • Invisible Monsters Character Analysis Essay

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    Invisible Monsters, by Chuck Palahniuk, is a novel about an unnamed protagonist, the likes of which, was previously a model with everything: Beauty, a handsome fiance, Manus Kelley, and a loyal best friend, Evie Cottrell. After a horrendous accident while driving down the highway, she was admitted to the hospital while the nurses explained to her a revolver had shot her yhrough the jaw, leaving her horribly dismembered, or as our protagonist explains it, an, “invisible monster”. Her sexuality-questioning

  • Essay on Reality Television Shows

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    it tends be a combination of genres such as: documentary, drama and many other genre’s depending on the type show. It can also be described as ‘ a hybrid of non-fiction and entertainment elements’. Charlie Parsons, creator of the television show, Survivor defines reality TV as ‘Shows containing producer created environments that control contestant behaviour'. But this definition does not

  • Essay on The Hunger Games The Hunger Games are a vicious and bloody battle to the death between

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    Essay on The Hunger Games The Hunger Games are a vicious and bloody battle to the death between children, publicised on live television for the population to watch. It seems a far cry from our own reality shows such as Survivor and Big Brother. After all, the government doesn’t kill children on television. But they are more alike than one might realize. Their success hinges on if their viewers are pleased with it, the contestants need to play a role in both situations, and they are never exactly

  • The Changes Of Reality Television : The Evolution Of Reality Television

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    Over the years there has been major change to technology, one being television.Not only has the way it looks changed the content it plays has too. Today a popular thing that is viewed on television worldwide is reality television. It has become additive and viewed regularly by many people. Reality television includes a range of programmes which go under the category of being unscripted and following everyday lives of those who are considered famous.There are also other programmes which go under that

  • The Concept Of Reality Television In The Truman Show And The Truman Show

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    The concept of reality TV was amplified with the film The Truman Show in 1998. On television, it is largely debated which show was the first “reality TV show” since some may class them anywhere from game shows to documentaries, such as “Survivor” or “COPS”. Reality TV centers around characters who engage in current day life and situations, often true situations which are unscripted and spontaneous, captivating audiences by putting them in the shoes of cast members to see if they judge situations