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  • The Naked Citadel, By Susan Faludi, And The Myth Of The Ant Queen

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    they see the world around them. The question what shapes the identity is discussed in the works “Selection from love 2.0: How our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become” by Barbara Frederickson, “The Naked Citadel” by Susan Faludi, and “The Myth of the Ant Queen” by Steven Johnson. The authors view this question from different perspectives. However, there is one common thing that could be seen in all the three works. The authors prove that person’s identity is mostly shaped

  • The Naked Citadel Analysis

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    With the help of authority, one would think change will speed up. However, this is not the case. In Susan Faludi’s The Naked Citadel, individuals who value of the traditions and customs of the Citadel, a military school in the South, oppose to all ideas of reform. This particular case focused on the acceptance of the institution’s first official female cadet, Shannon Faulkner. Even with a court ruling in her favor, Faulkner was met with a lot hate and threats because she threatened the balance of

  • Essay On Biographies Of Hegemony And The Naked Citadel

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    In both essays “Biographies of Hegemony” by Karen Ho and “The Naked Citadel” by Susan Faludi, there are two higher institutions, which would be Wall Street and the Citadel. Both of their goals is to “remold” an individual to fit their criteria. Each individual has a certain identity and presents themselves in a specific way. People are known to change due to influences in their everyday lives, which eventually changes their identities into someone completely different. In these two essays, it becomes

  • The Naked Citadel Summary

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    women who try to change themselves experience “splitting”. Bell gives examples of women, her patients, who have dealt with “splitting” and talks about how they changed themselves to fit into society. Some ideas from Bell’s story can be related to Susan Faludi’s story, “The Naked Citadel.” The Citadel is an all boys military school, but this all changes when Shannon Faulkner, a girl, is allowed to attend it. Since no other girl has attended The Citadel, Shannon does not know how to adjust and act

  • Susan Faludi The Naked Citadel

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    Reader Response for “The Naked Citadel” by Susan Faludi The Naked Citadel, written by Susan Faludi, chronicles the life of cadets in an all white male school- until Shannon Faulkner, a daring woman, disrupts The Citadel’s prestigious tradition: no females allowed. Although, according to Faludi, Shannon was anything but the feminist poster girl: “She prefers to call herself “an individualist” and seems almost indifferent to feminist affairs-” (198). Despite Faulkner’s disregard to the feminist revolution

  • The Naked Citadel By Susan Faludi

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    0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do and Become, describes love as a “positivity resonance”, using science to explain how it can be thought of as a connection between individuals through small, positive interactions. Susan Faludi, author of The Naked Citadel, illustrates a

  • The Naked Citadel, By Susan Faludi

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    cadets, and if the new cadets don’t follow them they will not be allowed to fit with rest of the cadets. The upperclassmen teach the difference of wrong and right which he feels according to his views and force the new cadet to think in same way. So, Faludi says that, “the group mentality that pervades The Citadel assures that any desire on the part of a cadet to speak out about the mounting violence will usually be squelched by the threat of ostracism and shame…The power and authoritarianism of the

  • The Naked Citadel By Susan Faludi

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    difference between wanting to keep a tradition alive and being so avid about living in sameness that it becomes dangerous. Fluidity and being open to revision is necessary in order to survive in an ever changing environment. In The Naked Citadel, Susan Faludi recounts the events that occurred during the period that Shannon Faulkner fought for acceptance to the Citadel, the military college of South Carolina. Throughout this time, the school community experienced utter chaos as a result of mixed emotions

  • The Piece With A Bold Title By Susan Faludi

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    WOMEN’S MOVEMENTS IN AMERICA Dated 01/08/2001, “DON’T GET THE WRONG MESSAGE” is an article by Newsweek that appears on the 56th page of the second issue of the 137th volume of the publisher’s work. The piece with a bold title is authored by Susan Faludi. This article articulates a societal challenge facing the modern American female that has not received much attention; the divide that the bulk of women experience amid having a high purchasing power and having a fulfilling life. A well thought out

  • Analysis Of The Backlash Against Feminism By Susan Faludi

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    Through The Backlash Against Feminism, Susan Faludi creates an argument that analyzes the basis for the persistent criticisms and overall refusal to accept feminism throughout history and during the time that the novel was written. She argues that despite the fact that this “backlash” is unmerited and unnecessary, it still manages to scare people away from the idea of gender equality. Since this argument is relatively new and the issues regarding the patriarchy and masculinity still have not been