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  • Jane Molloy: A Narrative Fiction

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    Jane Molloy, glass of fizzing champagne in repetitively-stressed hand, stood and looked at her old friends. They were very old friends — Lettice, whose 50th this was, had always been one of those people who keep in touch. So it was faces bloomed out of the murk Jane hadn’t set eyes on since university. Ageing, she thought, was particularly cruel to these late baby boomers, whose juvenescent culture had been dominant for so long, they forgot they were getting older, and so stretched their knicker

  • Clara Oswald: Traveling With The Doctor

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    Flying through time and space in an old public police box, landing to realize that you are in an entirely different time and galaxy, this is the life of the Doctor and all his companions. Doctor Who is a witty, sci-fi, British TV show, whose main character, the Doctor, spends his life saving civilizations throughout time and space in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). He has human companions who accompany him on his adventures;one of these companions is Clara Oswald. I identify with

  • Short Story : ' The Change Of The Christmases ! '

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    Hello! I am Joshua Osborne. I am telling you this story of firstly I was having the world’s worst Christmas, then having the world’s best Christmas, hence the title ‘The change of the Christmases!’ Anyway here we go……. Dear diary it is Christmas day. I have no money. I am sad. I am lonely. I am homeless. Also I am hungry. Really hungry. Then a person, no, an extraordinary person dropped a paper bag full of £50 notes. Hang on a minute, there are 100 fifty pound notes, which means I have got five

  • Louise Beal: A Narrative Fiction

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    Louise Beal was done. She was worn out. She was over it. Louise tired and coming home from work. When she turned down her street and saw cop cars and ambulances everywhere, with blue and red lights flashing and sirens blaring, Louise got scared, worried for her children’s safety. She got increasingly more worried as she got closer to her lifeless, dull home, when she saw Ian’s commodore out the front she broke into a hysterical run. The police officers looked at her, their faces showing sympathy

  • Muhammad Ali Essay

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    Muhammad Ali Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. later known as Muhammad Ali, was a black boxer, and was proud of it. Many African Americans were ashamed of their color, but Ali was different. He was the first boxer to win the Heavyweight Championship 3 different times. He had a great personality and was liked by the people. During his life, he made big decisions that changed the course of his life completely. Muhammad Ali's journey through life was a great inspiration for African American people, but

  • Television Comedy Forms a Framework of the Stereotypical Black Character

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    Norman Mailer’s The Fight fits a mold of story telling described by Jerome Bruner, but not in the ways expected. The characters are more than just characters and the plot fits more a mode of telling than an actual plot. Considering Bruner’s features of narrative that he describes in “The Narrative Construction of Reality”, through an illustration of canonicity and breach, the protagonist of The Fight is the ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’ itself, while the antagonist of the story is the breach of the

  • I Am Not A Boxer, And I Don 't Battle Anybody

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    The individual I chose for my exposition is Muhammad Ali, and before you inquire! I am not a boxer, and I don 't battle anybody, in any case it interests me seeing such character which was not just one of the best competitors of all time, he was also the front cover of Times magazines 4 times ever, could take 100 thousand fans to a football stadium to watch a boxing match, but on the other hand was conflicted as the twentieth century that helped shape and by whom was shaped. I appreciate such characters

  • Descriptive Essay About Winter

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    While all the season have their ups and downs, each season gives off its own tone to me. Let’s start off with my least favorite season: winter. The cold temperature of winter always reminds me of when I got hit in the head with a golf club. It was a warm summer day in mid-August. The smell of pollen and honey floated through the air; the smell was so thick, I could taste it. The bright sun blared down on me, and I could feel the intense heat radiating from it. The sound of birds chirping up in the

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Everlast Commercial

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    this article the author(John Whitaker) discusses an Everlast commercial that is only a minute and 30 seconds long but carries a powerful message. The commercial starts off with a small child running through what appears to be a bad neighborhood. As the commercial goes on we realize that he is not in a bad neighborhood but just lives in abject poverty. However, it seems that he has a really strong passion for boxing. This is shown when by the child’s constant training in a worn down gym. Everything

  • Jack Dempsey Biography Essay

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    Stipe Lasic Mrs.Leonard College Prep English 14 December 2016 From Bro to Pro “Tell him he can have my title, but I want it back in the morning.” Jack Dempsey was a professional American boxer who competed from 1914 to 1927. Through hard work he reached the status of heavy weight champion and impacted the future of boxing. According to the article Jack Dempsey Biography, “Born William Harrison Dempsey on June 24, 1895, in Manassa, Colorado, Jack Dempsey's parents, Hyrum and Celia Dempsey, were