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  • `` Our Secret `` By Susan Griffin

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    Throughout the essay “Our secret” by Susan Griffin, Griffin talks about a few characters’ fears, secrets and she gives us insights into these “secrets”. Griffin comes to realize her own secrets and fears by examining others. She relates to a few of the characters such as Himmler, Leo, Helene and everyone else even though she is different than all of them. The only thing that all of these characters have in common is that they all represent human emotion. Susan Griffin reveals that everyone has a hidden

  • `` Our Story `` By Susan Griffin

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    masking of emotions and true feelings. The only way to prevent a culture from simply manufacturing sheep-like masses is by encouraging people to not be afraid to stand out in a crowd and allowing, and even embracing, free thinking. In “Our Story” by Susan Griffin there is a complex story involving Heinrich Himmler that she uses to explain exactly how rigid top-down societies and an expectation to be normal can cause a culture to lose its ability to think critically on a subject. Her first example describes

  • Our Secret Susan Griffin Analysis

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    Susan Griffin uses a passage in her essay “Our Secret” to describe the experiences of a woman who survived the Holocaust. She writes that at the time, World War II had not yet started, nor the mass arrests or many of the other events that led to the outbreak of persecution of the Jewish peoples. She writes that this woman, then just a girl, found herself in a group of children who were tormenting her young friend for being Jewish. She joined them, afraid to be isolated, and her mother immediately

  • Our Secret by Susan Griffin Essay

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    Susan Griffin's "Our Secret" is a study in psychology. It is a look into the human mind to see what makes people do the things they do and in particular what makes people commit acts of violence. She isolates the first half of the twentieth century and in particular the era of the Second World War as a basis for her study. The essay discusses a number of people but they all tie in to Heinrich Himmler. He is the extreme case, he who can be linked directly to every single death in the concentration

  • Analysis Of Our Secret By Susan Griffin

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    In Susan Griffin’s work titled “Our Secret”, she discusses the relationship between the present-day and the earlier life of different people. She also compares the private and public lives of other people. Her piece is set during World War Two in the 1940s. Throughout the entire piece, Griffin compares the lives of people evolved in World War Two, people who were affected by the war, and her own life. She shows how even though they lived separate lives, they are still closely related. One of the

  • Analysis Of Our Secret By Susan Griffin

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    winning poet and essayist Susan Griffin confronts these distinct questions in her work titled, “Our Secret”. Griffin believes that a basic understanding of the things that play a part in the growth of an individual is essential to understanding who we are. The way a child is raised dictates how that child is going to become later on in life. One of the distinct highlights of Griffin’s essay was her use of describing the progress of the V1 rockets in World War II. Griffin studies the aspects of human

  • Analysis of Our Secret by Susan Griffin Essay

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    The Meaning Of The Title “Our Secret”, A Chapter From “A Chorus Of Stones” by Susan Griffin Truth is possibly one of the most powerful forces in humanity. Truth has the power to set people free, change lives and end them. Because of this, the truth is usually feared and often concealed. In Susan Griffin’s “Our Secret”, the concealing of the truth become a major theme in the advancement of the plot, and also carries the meaning to the work’s title. The title of “Our Secret” refers to the secrets

  • Susan Griffin 's Are You My Mother? Essay

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    life, everything ties back to each other. Parenting not only can generate but structure a future, a parent’s role in a child life affective, and a child is affected by the absence or presence of a parent. Emmy award winning playwright and poet, Susan Griffin believes that all life is influenced and parenting shadows a child’s future. Feminist author Alison Bechdel noted that the aspect of how close a mother and daughter relationship is could change her life. Childhoods start and end at some point,

  • Gryphon's Gold Real Money Research Paper

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    Title: Gryphon’s Gold Real Money Slot by Novomatic Meta: Stepping foot into a world of pure fantasy, with its latest release Gryphon’s Gold, Novomatic is attempting to tell a whole new kind of fairytale! //header// Gryphon’s Gold Review (Novomatic) //copy// With lion and eagle symbols abound, it’s safe to say that Gryphon’s Gold is an offering from Novomatic that leans heavily on its fable theme. In this game the gryphons wreak havoc on the fairytale land known as Winalot, by making off with

  • Historical Perspective in the Essays of Susan Griffin, Richard Rodriguez, and Ralph Ellison

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    Perspective in the Essays of Susan Griffin, Richard Rodriguez, and Ralph Ellison (Our Secret, Extravagance of Laughter, The Achievement of Desire) Susan Griffin’s “Our Secret” is an essay in which she carefully constructs and describes history, particularly World War II, through the lives of several different people. Taken from her book A Chorus of Stones, her concepts may at first be difficult to grasp; however David Bartholomae and Anthony Petrosky say that, “Griffin writes about the past