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  • The Influence Of The American Soldiers During World War II

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    American cuisine. As time passed by, the simple creations of sushi evolved to complicated combinations and eye catching presentations today. This change was welcomed because it gave a new perspective of the dish, giving it a new face. One of the factors that made sushi popular was the influence of the American soldiers. After World War II (WWII), American soldiers who were led by General Douglas MacArthur occupied Japan. During the war, sushi shops were forced to close due to rationing. There were not

  • Would You Rather Join the Shopsin or the Ono Family?

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    \Selecting the type of family you belong to would be a little awkward. Will poor families have fewer members? Will rich families end up with a big family? Let’s discuss only two different families where we may select to be part of. These two types of families which you will be able to select to be part of are extremely different but at the same time similar in some interests. Food plays a huge role in both of their lives, so if you like food I am sure you will like being part of any of the two. The

  • Japanese Culture And Japanese Food

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    Japanese cuisine and its development Rice serves with vegetable, and fish are the main traditional meal in Japanese cuisine. According to Reading Food in Modern Japanese Literature: “Lunch: 3 bowls rice gruel, half of bonito sashimi (half because it contained some fly eggs). Had the little yellowtail bought for supper made into sashimi, but did not eat it as it wasn’t nice. 1 bowl miso soup, 3 pieces of rice cracker, one helping shaved ice with lemon syrup” (Aoyama 15). Aoyama shows in these lines

  • Taking Risks And Trying New Things

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    that will end up becoming a new favorite. Sushi restaurants have been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. Japanese cuisine is one of my favorites and I cherish every time I get to enjoy a meal at an authentic sushi restaurant. I have always loved the varied aspects of Japanese cuisine, the fresh raw fish, the unique sushi rolls, and the many enticing side dishes. I am always willing to try anything and never seem to find a single dish at a sushi restaurant that I am not fond of. When I

  • Working with and Leading People Essay

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    Sushi. The company as any other enterprise tries to ensure and makes every effort to ensure that its workforce is representative of the cultural and ethical. Especially the food they serve ‘Sushi’ is the Japanese traditional food. Yo!Sushi has several ways how they attract potential applicants. The main aim for HR people in the company is to give priority for internal

  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Japanese Food

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    and vegetables cooked in broth. Fish is commonly served grilled but can also be served raw as sashimi or in sushi. Seafood and vegetables are also deep-fried in light batter as tempera. Apart from rice, important foods include noodles such as soba and udon. The five most important ingredients are; 1. Rice. There are two main types of rice. Uruchimai which is slightly sticky and is used for sushi and most japanese rice dishes and Mochigome is a more sticky variety of rice that is used for mochi and mochi-like

  • Japanese Food In The Japanese Culture

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    Japanese cuisine refers to the Japanese way of eating, which is an important part of Japanese culture. Japanese cuisine is the traditional Japanese daily diet, especially formed in the Meiji era culture and eating habits, this is because the East West blend of the impact of the ingredients, although the flavor material can be achieved polybasic in Japan island. In addition, Japanese is in East Asia on the wobble the most attention, and also a lot of style, and the food is so called “eye care”. Through

  • Importance Of Cleanliness Essay

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    Cleanliness is next to godliness. A restaurant’s cleanliness and sanitation is proven to be important in attracting new customers and returning ones. As a returning guest to OOKA, there floors are spotless, restrooms are tidy and the dinning tables are thoroughly sanitized. Keeping a restaurant clean is a big deal in the restaurant business. It’s just as important than providing customers with the best tasting meal. If a restaurant isn’t clean, there won’t be any customers even if the food is good

  • Persuasive Essay On Tally Thai

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    Tally Thai is located at the heart of Pensacola street and will satisfy any person who craves Thai food in the comfort of their city. Along with the fresh seafood for sushi, Tally Thai has a vest menu of items, with everything from tasty noodles to miso soup and ginger salad. As an individual who barely eats sushi, or food from Thailand in general, my roommates recommended that we eat at Tally Thai for this assignment. The menu, like most traditional places, is organized to easily understand. Beginning

  • San Francisco Is An Important Event For Me

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    People have events, people, places, and items in their life that are important to those people. These people can have a birthday party that meant a lot to them. A family member may be important to that person. A belonging such as a photograph of their friends. An old house that they used to live can hold significance to them. These can also hold memories for people. It can also help them learn from having experiences with other important people, objects, locations, and event. My trip to Japantown