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  • Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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    fall sky was rolling in. Jamison, I and his family had spent many weekends that summer at the boat. Jamison’s parents owned a 48’ boat called Reel Obsession. They kept it at Grand Isle Marina in Grand Haven. We occasionally went to The Grand for sushi on Monday nights, but we hadnt’ been there in a while. What a fun way to end the summer I thought. One last weekend at the boat. Jamison picked me up, and we headed to Grand Haven. Our bags were packed in the backseat. Down the long stretches

  • Essay on Yamashiro Restaurant Review

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    Yamashiro Restaurant Dave Thomas an American restaurateur and a philanthropist once said, “It all comes back to the basic. Serve customers the best-tasting food at a good value in a clean, comfortable restaurant, and they'll keep coming back.” (thomas). Everyone can agree on Dave Thomas, but I have a couple more criteria to add to his idea of a great successful restaurant. If I go out to eat I might as well pick a place that, though may be expensive, has scrumptious food because why bother going

  • Personal Narrative: My Cultural Identity

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    California roll. The roll was created in America having its unique aspect of having the rice on the outside of the seaweed, just as I have my own unique cultural identity. It was something new and innovative, but it still had influences from Japan, where sushi originated from, like how my Japanese heritage has influenced me even though I did not notice it at the

  • Food In Japan Essay

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    Executive Summary This report is a political, economic, social, technological, and environmental and legal–(PESTEL) report carried out to assess the viability of the opportunity market SAFOLS ready to eat tuna meals in Japan. The South Australian Fisherman’s Cooperative Limited (SAFCOL) is small medium sized enterprise (SME) in the seafood industry based in South Australia, Japan is an island nation comprised of four principle islands and number smaller ones, a distance of 2,400 kilometers from the

  • Traditional Values In In Praise Of Shadows By JunIchir? Tanizaki

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    The essay In Praise of Shadows, written by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki explores Japanese cultural values and aesthetics. The main goal Tanizaki had while writing In Praise of Shadows was to inform the reader about the importance of having traditional values in Japanese culture. In his essay, Tanizaki uses shadows to symbolize traditional values, as he believes people are not seeing the importance of traditional values, just as they are not seeing the importance of shadows. Tanizaki believes that as time

  • The Sushi Law Essay

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    The Sushi Law "Do not do what you would undo if caught" ~ Leah Arendt ~ Why is it a home buyer has so few options against a home seller when it is believed the home was fraudulently and intentionally misrepresented? Is it because, "Honesty is for the most part less profitable than dishonesty." ~ Plato ~ There should be a new law to protect the home buyers interests. As in the auto industry the "Lemon Law" was created to protect auto buyers. So should there be a law to protect

  • Opportunities For Sushi King

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    Opportunities One of the opportunities for Sushi King is link with UNIMAS students. Outlet of Sushi King is located in The Summer Shopping Mall, Kota Samarahan, which is nearby University Malaysia Sarawak(UNIMAS). Therefore, Sushi King have the strategic location of students UNIMAS to purchase their lunch and dinner. Whether a potential partner is targeting a single market, UNIMAS have 16389 students and 2265 staffs, so prove that the UNIMAS have big potential market. Sushi King is also starting up offers such

  • Essay On Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

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    assignment was on the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi. This is a documentary movie about an 85 year old Japanese man named Jiro Ono that loves to make sushi. Jiro has been making sushi ever since he was a young child. He loves making sushi so much that he even dreams of it at night. He owns a small restaurant in Tokyo at a subway station named Sukiyabashi. The restaurant only has a 10 bar seat capacity which makes it more difficult for people to have his sushi as often as they wished. Some people make

  • Sakae Sushi Business Plan

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    BU2005 Entrepreneurship Sakae Sushi Business Plan By: Lu Mi (12668064) Zhou Ke Jun (12618536) Aditya Nandal (1266) Mayank Bhardwaj (12669440) Executive Summary This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective marketing, sales strategy

  • Persuasive Speech : Redneck Sushi

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    from the deepest parts of the South. What happens when your southern parents visit Korea for a year? Well, let me tell you sushi will never be the same. My Dad created this dish years ago during an argument between the family about always eating the same thing. Thus, “Redneck Sushi” was born. It consists of prepping the food, creating the rolls, and smoking the dish. Redneck Sushi What you’ll need: 1 pound Hamburger meat 1 pound Sausage 1 pound bacon Garlic Salt