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  • Analysis Of Kay A Line Manger And Sushi Chef At Asahi Riverside

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    Introduction: Kay is a line manger and sushi chef at Asahi Riverside. He has been in working for that restaurant for almost 7 years. His main responsibilities is to manage the employees, maintain the everything is in stock, and making sure all the employees, sushi chefs, kitchen helpers, and servers, all work together. Kay’s main goal is to organize the company in order to make sure the customers are happy and everything is running smoothly. Personality: Kay is very enthusiastic about his job and

  • A Creative Story : A Story Of A Narrative Story

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    situation!” Sushi cried. As she strugglingly swam away from the shark, however, I am getting ahead of myself, aren’t I. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? It all started one sunny saturday morning, in the coral reef of the Caribbean Sea. Sushi, a gorgeous orange and white striped clownfish, wanted to hang out with her friends, Bubbles and Shadow. “Mom! Dad! Can Bubbles and Shadow come sleep over tonight?” Sushi yelled from her room. “Sure.” Mom replied. “Thank you!” Sushi yelled excitingly

  • Sun Zi

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    Introduction The Sun Zi Art of War is a Chinese military treatise that was most likely written by Sun Tzu in the Spring and Autumn period, which is roughly the same period as Confucius. Some scholars believe it was written during the later Warring States period. Sun Zi was introduced to the emperor of Wu Kingdom by Wu Zi Xu to explain his art of war theories. The emperor eventually agreed to employ him as his General after he successfully demonstrated the military strategies with the emperor's

  • Hepatitis A Is A Viral Disease

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    people fell ill from Hepatitis A, which was linked to raw scallops served at the restaurant franchise, Genki Sushi (HNN, 2016). These frozen, “wild harvest” scallops originated from the Philippines and were distributed by Koha Oriental Foods (HNN, 2016). The scallops that caused the illness come from Washington state-based Sea Port Production Corp. (HNN, 2016). Unfortunately for the Genki Sushi chain, the company suffered a great loss of business once the outbreak was linked to its food, thus leading

  • Marketing Plan

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    Executive Summary Sakae Sushi is a local Japanese restaurant which offers affordable, good quality and healthy Japanese food. Despite the stiff competition, it is currently the market leader. The purpose of this marketing plan is to identify and analyze the current market, future market and possible opportunities to capture a bigger market share which in turn leads to increased profits. Key issues of how they are going to maintain as market leader through the use of new marketing strategies to

  • The Tuna Industry And Its Effects On The Oceanic Ecosystem

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    This essay will focus on the bluefin tuna industry in Japan, a country which consumes the majority of the global catch. The industry is one driven by the sudden increase in demand for sushi, a Japanese haute food which is now consumed globally. It will also illustrate the uniqueness and important role which the bluefin tuna plays in aquatic ecosystems throughout the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. Lastly, the issues of globalization and lack of market regulation will be examined as a cause

  • Research Paper On Teppan-Yaki

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    people in sushi bar, approximately 15 people in dinning and about 100 people in Teppan-yaki already. When I observing the race, it was about 85 percent were American, 10 percent were Asian (I think Korean and Chinese. I can distinguish which country of Asian because almost same face Asian people however fashion is very different each Asian) and about 5

  • My Food Identity And My Identity

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    culture, I do know that making pierogies is an important tradition that my family has continued. In addition to pierogies being a part of my food identity, there are two additional foods that I associate myself with. These foods are iced coffee and sushi. What makes these foods a part of my identity is the many memories I have with my family regarding these foods. I used to not like the taste of coffee because the only coffee I knew was hot, decaf coffee, the kind that my grandparents drank. I would

  • Employee Responsibility Essay

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    The restaurant produces food for its customers from raw ingredients that it services. This serves as a major risk for the business simply because sushi is a type of food that relies on raw fish as its primary ingredient. The chefs and owner must appreciate the importance of sourcing the raw materials from a qualified and certified source in order to guarantee the safety of the consumers that dine

  • Cultural Appropriation And Its Effects

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    quality. Students at Oberlin are complaining about the school’s cafeteria food is racist and “cultural appropriation”. Cultural appropriation is the act of taking another cultural group’s culture. In this case, it is from poorly made Asian foods like sushi and General Tso’s chicken. They claim that because these foods are poorly made, it is an insult to them and their culture. Most people find this case to be absolutely ridiculous and use it as a way to prove that people can get offended over anything