Sustainable technologies

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  • Sustainable Technology : The State Of Sustainable Technology

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    and AV setups as well as visitors. Jeff Atkin hosted a high profile event this past month (The state of Sustainable Technology ). The speaker was Brandon Hurlbut, Co-Founder and Partner of Boundary Stone Partners and Former Chief of Staff to Secretary Steven Chu of the U.S. Department of Energy. We assisted with the A\V side of things, there was a lot of planning from all the dept.’s Technology, Office Services, Catering, etc. The event was a success, Jeff gave us multiple fist pumps for a job well

  • An Appraisal of Information and Communication Technology (Ict) Resources for Sustainable Poverty Eradication and Development in Nigeria

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    AN APPRAISAL OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY (ICT) RESOURCES FOR SUSTAINABLE POVERTY ERADICATION AND DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA BY OJEBISI, A. OLUGBENGA Department Of Curriculum and Instruction Studies, Federal College of Education (Sp.), Oyo. E-mail: +234-0-8035624949 An Appraisal of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Resources for Sustainable Poverty Eradication and Development in Nigeria Abstract This paper presents an appraisal of

  • Sustainable Concrete Technology

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    For the Sustainable measures we need- Sustainable Concrete Technology What Is Covered? 1. Behavior of concrete and cement systems 2. Durability performance of Concrete 3. Sustainability Of Construction What’s good about concrete? • Strong • Potentially Durable • Cheap • Availability • Can be made on site • Can easily be shaped • Can work as composites with reinforcing materials to overcome its low tensile strength • Use of admixtures can alter the properties • Lightweight What is the

  • Reducing The Carbon Intensity Of Ict Services

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    8. Recommendation for green ICT equipment’s. 12 9. Conclusion 13 10. References 14   1. Abstract The purpose of the report is create awareness and understanding of the Reduction of carbon content and recycling of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) components and to highlight the opportunities for timely action by researchers and practitioners in this field. Through examples from a diversity of literature sources this paper defines the problems and the scope of ICT environmental sustainability

  • Sustainable Development : Developing New Technologies

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    Sustainable Development At the rate humans are living now, the wasteful ways that we live with. This is not sustainable. As we develop as a human species and as we develop new technologies, as we have been doing for the past hundreds of years, we not come to a point we are starting to see the negative effect that our unsustainable ways are effecting our ecosystem, of economic market, and our future population. Now there is a push to start producing product and creating energy in more “green” and

  • The Negative Effects Of Technology

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    The use of technology varies amongst different age groups, often used for productive means, but there is also a negative side of technology usage. With the advancement of technology, technology is considered as survival tools for humans. These generally make life easier and helps humans be extra productive. Moreover, Adults harness the power of technology to solve complex problems. Usually, this can only be done with the aid of a computer. Another arena of technology use is for school, both, parents

  • How Technology Can Create Sustainable Digital Healthcare Infrastructure Essay

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    Leveraging Technology to Create Sustainable Digital Healthcare Infrastructure Shailja Dixit, MD, MS, MPH All stories don’t have a happy ending: Its 2 AM in the morning. I am in post-op care watching my dad in a five-star Metro hotel-hospital. The unfolding of events is crystal clear in my mind: Our life turned upside down, what seemed to be a simple regular follow-up for my Dad for his gastric problems turned into a ‘ticking time bomb”. Thankfully

  • Is Sustainable Competitive Advantage Possible, And How Can Technology Be Used As Catalyst?

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    Is sustainable competitive advantage possible, and how can technology be used as its catalyst? This is the question that has vexed managers and business leaders for decades. According to Michael Porter, the answer lies in how technology is used. In this Case Study Report, Team 3 discusses how Mrs. Fields, Inc. leveraged technology for strategic positioning. Mrs. Fields, Inc. did not create the sweet snack industry, but it was the company’s innovative use of technology that helped the company

  • The Invention Of The First Mover

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    same sources as others, and the market and technology change differently, plus we must include other different factors. The research in this article found situations in which companies are successful with the first-mover method, but also found situations where firms need different sources and sometimes are unsuccessful. In the article, we found two factors that influence greatly the first-mover’s success, this factors are: • The pace at which the technology of the product is evolving • The pace at

  • How Information Technology And Systems Can Create A Sustainable Advantage For A Business

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    In this short report I will be discussing ways in which information technology and information systems have been used to enhance the business of logistics. I will be looking into detail on how information technology and systems can create a sustainable advantage for a business. The three main areas I will be looking at are forecasting demand, warehouse management and distribution. What is logistics? Logistics and supply chain management is the process of making sure materials are collected, tuned