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  • Sustainable Tourism

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    To many, sustainable tourism might be interpreted as sustaining attractions just to ensure there is a continuation of visitors and tourists coming in. However, this understanding is too juvenile. According to a 1987 report, Our Common Future, sustainable development is define as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’ (WCED, 1987). Fundamentally, sustainable development ‘advocates the wise use and conservation

  • Sustainable Tourism : Alternative Tourism

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    Sustainability is gradually becoming one of the tourism industries greatest focuses. To achieve proper sustainability we must find a balance between the growth of the tourism industry and the preservation of culture or “meeting the needs of the present tourists and host regions whilst also protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future” (UNWTO 1997). As the old paradigm that the natural environment is a commodity or resource that can be exploited for human benefit has shifted to that of a more

  • Sustainable Tourism In Ugand Principles Of Sustainable Development

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    1. Introduction Sustainable tourism is a very important element today because it not only meets the needs of the present but also protecting and increasing opportunities of destinations for the future. Uganda (M. Semakula M. Kiwanuka, 2017) is a country located in east-central Africa, which has diverse ecosystems such as rainforest jungles, high volcanic mountains on the border or the Albert Nile River swamps. However, for many years Uganda has stagnated progress and development due to political

  • Jamaica sustainable tourism

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    An analysis of the tourism industry in Sochi, Russia and the expected influence of the olympic games (2014) on tourism in Sochi. Table of content: 1. Introduction. 3 2. Methodology. 4 3. Tourism industry. 6 3.1. Accommodation and eateries. 6 3.2. Sports. 7 3.3. Attractions. 8 3.4. Weather and nature. 8 4. Problems. 9 4.1. Tourism. 9 4.2. Infrastructure. 10 4.3. Weather. 11 4.4. Neighbours

  • Innovative Sustainable Tourism Novel Approach

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    INNOVATIVE, SUSTAINABLE TOURISM-NOVEL APPROACH Dr.Shalini Sood* Mr.Mohsin K.Chougle** *Lecturer, Dept of Home Science Govt.Girls P.G.College, Rewa. **Senior Cost Accountant-Financial Control Dept.Banta Furniture Kuwait. ABSTRACT: A rapid and massive movement of tourists within a shorter span of tourist season puts a heavy pressure on tourist resources. The usage of tourist attractions is likely to be damaged

  • Social Differences : National Parks And Sustainable Tourism

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    Kyra Hudson English 2010 13 November 2017 National Parks and Sustainable Tourism National parks provide a highlight for the travel. These lands are set aside as natural beauties, wonders, and even phenomenons. In 2015, more than 307 million people visited the national parks of the United States, a five percent increase from 2014 (Errick). With such an increase in tourism, it becomes ever more important to implement sustainable tourism practices and make travel good for the visitors and the destination

  • Mount Everest : Sustainable Tourism And Sustainable Development In Nepal

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    Sustainable development is defined as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (United Nations General Assembly, 1987, p. 43). It is not only related with natural environment, but with social and economic conditions of what people do. In this respect, tourism industry which is highly associated with these conditions is, indeed, an essential part of sustainable development. Thus, the UNWTO defines sustainable tourism

  • Four Principles Of Sustainable Tourism, By Mowforth And Munt

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    four principles of sustainable tourism: Ecological sustainability- it refers to minimization or elimination of tourism impact on environment. This can be done by using techniques and tools such as carrying capacity and/or establishment of protected areas and zones as well as visitor management techniques and many others. Economic sustainability- Tourism must bring economic incentives to a host country`s economy, drive it to economic development and economic prosperity. Tourism must create workplaces

  • Tourism Planning And Development Of Sustainable Development Essay

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    TOURISM MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME Semester 3, 2015 3.317 Tourism Policy Planning and Development Relationship between Sustainability Development and Sustainability Tourism Planning Submitted by: Lance N. Peji Topic: Significance of environmental issues in the formulation of a Tourism Plan. Write on the key concepts and issues of sustainable development and show relationships between sustainable development and sustainable tourism planning. Introduction In this paper, it will focus on the

  • Towards Sustainable Tourism – Key Problems and Issues Facing Hong Kong

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    HTM 4105 Contemporary Tourism Issues Topic: TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE TOURISM – KEY PROBLEMS AND ISSUES FACING HONG KONG Introduction Unquestionably, Hong Kong is a blessed land where possesses prosperity and most of the elements of being a world class cosmopolitan which has successfully attracted visitors over years, especially from the mainland by emphasising our world-class shopping, dining and other urban attractions (Lam, H., 2004). Despite the flourishing scene of the tourism industry, the volatile