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  • Symbolism In Under The Persimmon Tree

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    (BS-1) In the book Under the Persimmon Tree, Suzanne Fisher Staples establishes Najmah’s association with family and home, with the stars. (BS-2) The author then manipulates the personal connection Najmah has to the stars, to foreshadow an event in Najmah’s life, exploding and destroying the things she loves. (BS-3) Similarly, later in the story, the stars mirror Najmah’s emotional changes, as her hope fluctuates. (TS) Clearly, Suzanne Fisher Staples in the story Under The Persimmon Tree uses symbolism

  • Under The Persimmon Tree By Suzanne Fisher Staples

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    world named reality, both filled with troubling conflicts, it would be easily deciphered that surprisingly, both fantasy and the world people live in today are not that different. In real life, and in the novel Under the Persimmon Tree by Suzanne Fisher Staples, millions of people are being punished for doing daily things, for instance, laughing, eating ice cream, watching television, and a whole lot more. Life as it once was is being sought for by many. After living such a long life without wars

  • Analysis Of Suzanne Fisher Staples Under The Persimmon Tree

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    with her parents in America. (TS) In the novel “Under the Persimmon Tree,” Suzanne Fisher Staples writes about how the character Nusrat experiences loss which leads to a struggle to be heard by her family in New York and a difficulty in listening to

  • Najmah

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    Imagine living in a place ruled by ruthless killers and bombings going on everyday. Clearly this has impacted many people in the world especially in Afghanistan. Sadly this is the case in Under The Persimmon Tree by Suzanne Fisher Staples. In a small Afghan village forceful work and unexplained killings are daily happenings. Some are tired of being pushed around so they attempted to escape this dominate grasp. Some failed. Some succeeded, including the main character Najmah. Through the painful experiences

  • The Role Of Women In The Book 'Shabanu : Daughter Of The Wind'

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    Throughout the book, Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind by Suzanne Fisher Staples, a young woman named Shabanu and her family live in the desert. They have arranged weddings for both of the daughters. Phulan and Shabanu have special suitors they have to marry. Because of a mean landowner the suitors don’t work out and Shabanu and Phulan are forced to marry different people. Shabanu now has to be the sacrifice to keep Phulan and herself safe. Sharma gives Shabanu a choice, but whether she makes the right

  • Character Development In Suzanne Fisher Staples's 'Under The Persimmon Tree'

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    (AGG) As Stephen King once said, “Fiction is the truth inside the lie”. (BS-1) In the novel, Under the Persimmon Tree, the author, Suzanne Fisher Staples, creates character development in Najmah by using information about how Afghans became refugees during the historical Taliban war. (BS-2) The author also uses the hardships of travel the Afghans experienced as the foundation of an external conflict Najmah suffers through on her way to Torkhum. (BS-3) The author even shows Nusrat’s generosity towards

  • Shabanu Daughter Of The Wind Analysis

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    Happiness; a person is content or delighted with him or herself. Suzanne Fisher Staples wrote the book, Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind. This book is about a young girl, Shabanu that lives in the deserts of Pakistan. She lives with her Dadi, Mama, and her sister, Phulan. Both girls are coming of age, and all already have whom they will be marrying, but change of events caused everything to go the opposite of what planned. Shabanu will have to sacrifice what she wants to what the world wants. In this

  • Analysis Of Under The Persimmon Tree

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    finished saying what it has to say.” Books can help build a meaning for the reality around you. They construct a perspective within the world’s issues. The words in these books can strike a chord within people’s hearts, minds, and actions. Suzanne Fisher Staples, the author of Under The Persimmon Tree, uses her words and her voice to describe the plight of civilization in Afghanistan and Pakistan–the mistreatment of women. Credit to The mistreatment of women has

  • Under The Persimmon Tree: Chapter Analysis

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    (AGG)In Afghanistan the people say that U.S. bombings and suicide bombers are “evil twins” and in the novel U.S. bombings, which are meant to root enemy positions, are characterized a evil and greatly affect the characters.(BS-1)The U.S. power to hit targets from the air greatly changes and affects nusrat in many ways. (BS-2)Because the U.S. caused the deaths of 2 of Najmah’s family members Najmah has a growing fear and affect deeply by the U.S.(BS-3)Finally the U.S. affect both Najmah and Nusrat

  • Analysis Of Shabanu : Daughter Of The Wind

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    loses her rights. Suzanne Fisher Staples develops the idea of saying that gender doesn’t express what’s on the inside throughout Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind. At the beginning of the book Shabanu’s gender didn’t express her herself on the inside due through small things. To begin with, in the book it said, “’A young lady shouldn’t go without her head uncovered. You’re to old to act like a boy,’ say Auntie. I yank it away and she presses her lips together into a thin line,”(Staples 33). During this