Swansea Valley

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  • Ky-Nos Castle Analysis

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    The Hauntings of Craig-Y-Nos Castle in Wales By Claire Barrand Craig Y Nos Castle which in Welsh, means ‘Rock of the Night,' Maintains a reputation as the Most Haunted Castle in Wales, having been visited by "Most Haunted," alongside numerous other TV shows which have also filmed at the castle. My sister Linzi and I have investigated this location together twice and have not been disappointed, in fact, we would have to say this location is in our top three for paranormal activity! The Early Years

  • The Poetry Of Dylan Thomas

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    Dylan Thomas was born October 27, 1914 in Swansea, Wales. His father taught English at The Swansea Grammar School and his mother lived in the countryside, where he visited often. He failed classes that did not interest him and edited the school’s newspaper by adding his poetry. While in school, Thomas gained great knowledge of the English language. Reading, writing and speaking it. He left Swansea Grammar School when he turned sixteen to pursue at reporting job at the South Wales Evening Post. Most

  • Dominion of Death

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    Dominion of Death For years and years; death was something that people saw as the only “gateway” to what they believed to be the afterlife or heaven. Believing that god would grant them access to heaven if they were to live holy and sinless lives. However towards the beginning of the 20th century this belief started to weave towards the belief that the afterlife would be the eternal end of ones life on physical earth, with some even believing that there wouldn’t be an afterlife. This all leaded

  • Essay on Life Challenges and History of Dylan Thomas

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    successful poet. What transitioned within the young British poet’s life will be the discovery of his personal life, his marriage, his career and his death, and as well as an expounding of two of his poems. Dylan Thomas was born on October 27, 1914, in Swansea, Glamorgan Wales. (Applebee 1001). Thomas was the youngest child of David John Thomas and

  • Summary Of ' The Tale Of Kurochi '

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    the age of seventeen would be able to fit through, unless if they were smaller than normal. The valley also had a small stream that was connected to waterfalls on hills that were across the valley from each other. In this particular valley, there was one small, cozy cottage in the middle. Surrounded by abundant herb gardens and livestock, this cottage was miniscule in comparison to the humongous valley. This cottage, was home to an old woman. The old woman’s name was Maria Jenkins, but most people

  • Mimir's Price: A Short Story

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    me and Dad alone. Time has its own currents and eddies bringing us to our fates. The Norse even talked of Fate as a the banks of a river, and the person as the current. Alzheimer's has become my Father’s fate, and time now works the peaks and valleys of his mind. My Father and friend wakes each day to the slow eroding of memories like the current cutting the wide channel of the Yuba River Gorge. Like the gold we sought our time exposed and washed away from his mind. I cannot say what he will

  • The Long Profile Of A River

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    Introduction In this investigation, I will be investigating the changes along the long profile of a river. In order to do this, I will be collecting data and making observations at three different points along the river; the upper course, the middle course, and the lower course. The river which I will be conducting my observations would be on Bartley Water. Bartley Water is a river going through the New Forest which is located in the south of the UK, Hampshire. The source of the river begins from

  • Skfs Essay

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    The Little Bison Basin PROBLEM 8 ,t .. ~ The Little Bison River flows from small glaciers in the high cirques of the Rocky Mountains east to the Great Plains of North America, where it ultimately joins the Missouri system. The valley through the Rockies contains a few small towns which are supported by the ski industry and tourism. Recently, extensive natural gas deposits have been discovered in the area, and salvage archaeology projects have been funded to assess the nature of archaeological

  • A Walk through the Peaceful Valley: A Glance at the History of Arcadia, Nebraska

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    A Walk Through the Peaceful Valley: A Glance at the History of Arcadia, Nebraska As you walk down the streets of Arcadia, Nebraska, you look from side to side and see nothing more than a quiet little town. What you probably aren’t aware of is the history behind this “little town”. Arcadia is built off of determination, character, and distinctiveness. As you make your way down Main Street, you start to grasp a glimpse of the past. Arcadia, Nebraska is a village with quite a story to tell. Not

  • Iowa Wild : Nature Always Wears The Colors Of The Spirit

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    over to remove it, I will likely wake someone up and erase my rare chance at some alone time zen in the wilderness. I choose zen. The northeastern part of my home state lures me in each summer. It sings in the ancient language of deeply carved river valleys and teaches wisdom from lofty limestone bluffs. This Driftless Area, untouched by the last of the glaciers and unlike the more well-known topography of the corn belt, welcomes my family when we have a desire to wade knee deep in trout fishing heaven