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  • Poem Essay On Venom

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    that it's an alien organism that was somehow stranded on earth. lt is a symbiote, and requires a host to bond with to survive. You were just the first person it came across. You get something out at this deal as well though. lt grants you a variety of powers and abilities, such as super strength, web slinging, wall crawling, and shapeshifting.

  • Compare And Contrast King Poe Vs King

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    Poe vs King When thinking of two short stories, “The Man in the Black Suit” and “The Black Cat” come to mind. The narrators of both these stories include suspense and bring about the effects on their minds throughout both stories. Evidently, there are many similarities and differences between them both. Between both narrators, they share the same point of view. However, one narrator seems to be angry while the other seems to be intimidated. The narrators of “The Man in the Black Suit” and “The Black

  • Book Summary: Agent Carnage

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    Agent Carnage The story begins when a man named Luke joined wanted to join the army. He wanted to be a hero and this is the only when he could. he was inspired by a superhero in his hometown named the phoenix. When he joined the army, he placed with other trainees, later he made a friend named Bruce. They became the best of friends. Luke and Bruce were on top of the class they both ending up in the ghost squad, the ghost squad does spec-ops mission for the soviet union. Luke and Bruce are spending

  • What Is Paragur-Anthoza?

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    Paragur-Anthoza This peculiar being is in fact two – bound for life symbiotes, who learned to benefit greatly from each other. Dwelling in shallow caves near the surface, preferably with high humidity levels, they prefer to remain still as long as possible, moving only when a prey comes close enough for a swift and deadly strike. Or when their dwelling place runs out of food. If one faces these symbiotes, at first he most likely will see the burgeon-like body of Anthoza. It looks just like a large

  • Octavia Butler's Fledging: An Analysis

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    humans aren’t the only intelligent bipeds on the planet. In her novel, the meticulously well thought-out culture of the Ina is explained and highlighted. The Ina are a species of long-living creatures who engage in hematophagy through the use human symbiotes who feed and love the Ina, and, in turn, benefit from enhanced immunity and longer lifespans as a result of Ina saliva. The Ina people are endowed with a stunning array of abilities, from superhuman strength and speed, to influence over those they

  • The Discovery Of Cells And The Cell Theory

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    The cell. The most basic form of life, and yet the most complex structure Mother Nature has to offer. For hundreds of years, man has tried to crack its codes, to try and find what makes it tick; but it seems that the deeper we go into the study of cells, the more questions appear too. The purpose of this entire essay is to educate my readers on cells, our discovery of cells and the cell theory, where we believe they first appeared, and how we have learned to manipulate cells to cure diseases like

  • The Most Genetically Polymorphic Forest Species

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    Oaks are among the most genetically polymorphic forest species , hence their high adaptivecapacity 19 . These species are a carrier species and an engineer . They contain a significant biodiversity ( epiphytes , birds, insects, parasites and other symbiotes) and provide a low-acid, low-mineral soft humus that produces brown, neutral or even slightly alkaline brown soils 20 . Botanists distinguish two major categories of oaks 21 : oak deciduous whose leaves fall in autumn, sometimes spring ( red oak

  • Galls Natural Environment

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    Galls are important because they reflect the condition of plant health and abundance in a specific ecosystem. Gall-inducing species are excellent models for ecological studies due to their abundance, diversity, and sessile habit, which make them easier to census than free-feeding herbivores. This can allow species diversity comparisons among different habitats (Fernandes, 1988). Gall inducers and galls are part of multi-trophic level ladders that include plants, insects, birds, and other animals

  • Exaggeration In The Zombie Ant

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    exaggeration, evolution happens much more quickly than in reality. There are second generation hungries that still have human thoughts but are immuned to the spores the fungus releases in its final stage. Each of these children has a fungus that is a “true symbiote rather than a parasite”( Carey 379). Finally, Melanie, a second generation hungry and main character, decides to speed up the spread of the fungus with fire. While real O. unilateralis spores spread to cover the rainforest floor to infect more ants