Symphyotrichum novae-angliae

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    The Iowa county parks are governmentally mandated unlike in other states were parks are mostly privately owned. The Iowa County Conservation Board’s central goal is to obtain, create, and look after parks, recreational regions, timberlands, untamed life, and other preservation ranges, to support protection, instruction, and to enhance the personal satisfaction in Iowa County. Iowa County Conservation ceaselessly endeavors to enhance preservation, instruction, and entertainment for Iowa County, Iowa

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    Plants and Insects There is no doubt that plants and insects have a long history together. It is an on-going relationship that can be beneficial or detrimental to both parties, depending on the situation. Insects pollinate plants, in return the plants provide food for insects. But the relationship between the two isn’t always so beneficial. Some insects can kill plants by taking away the essential nutrients away from the plant. There are also insects that are predators. The predator insects

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