Synchronized skating

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  • Eastern Synchronized Skating Analysis

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    Skating has impacted me in many positive ways. I have learned skills that I will be able to use through out the rest of my life, from being on a Synchronized skating team. Three that have really stood out to me are: Responsibility, Going with the Flow, and Time Management. One of the skills I have learned is time management. While at a competition I have to make sure that all of my school work gets done, and how long it's going to take. For example, one year I had to do a science project over

  • Argumentative Essay On Figure Skating

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    watch is the figure skating. But several critics are now debating if it even counts as a sport. Figure skating is a sport because it requires time and effort, people compete to strive, and it contains rules to be a sport. First off, figure skating is a sport because it requires time and effort. Figure skating is called “One of the hardest sports” by many commentators because it requires the skater to be graceful while trying to not make a mistake. Many people say that Figure skating is just jumping

  • Jack Frost Short Story

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    Once upon many a time in an Ice rink, in the North Pole, there was a small boy named Jack Frost, but goes by Frosty, he was 139 years old which was 16 years in human time, standing at two feet tall. It was his first time ice skating in his life, Frosty’s parents were Canadian guards for Santa. The father, Anders, was an snowman and the mother, Antonia, was a elf, they both were guards for Santa for many decades, protecting the reindeer that pull Santa’s slay through the air. Frosty was going to turn

  • My Best Friend In My Life

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    was born. We do everything together like we play in the park together, we go to school together, we go shopping together, we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together and we also sleep together. “Honey, do you want to go skating?” Mom questioned. “Yeah, I would love to go skating. Also, can Carl come with us?” I asked. “Sure, Carl can come,” Mom replied. “Thank you so much mom. You’re the best!” I exclaimed. Carl and I get our skates and helmets and go to the car. My dad is driving and my mom is sitting

  • Love This Time

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    in a long-distance relationship can really suck at times, but it is not impossible when a love like ours exist. One of our favorite memories together is when Isaac took me to OKC to the ice skating rink in Brick Town. We had endless laughter and smiles this day. It was easy for me to get the hang of ice skating, but not so much for Isaac. At one point I was recording him and he was about to fall. He had the scariest look on his face, it was the funniest thing ever! He ended up not falling though.

  • Personal Narrative: Tights

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    Ready or Not . . . Here I Come I was so excited! It was my first skating competition and I was ready to shine! I was going to be the next Olympic champion! I thought I was ready. I arrived at the ice rink a full hour before the competition started. That’s when the problems started. I reached into my skate bag to get my dress, suddenly realizing my tights were missing! I panicked. Ripping through my skate bag, I searched every inch for tights that weren’t there. Leaving the contents of my skate

  • People have been asking what FINA is going to do about the world records set using the now banned

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    People have been asking what FINA is going to do about the world records set using the now banned swim suits. Thirty-eight of the forty-two world records have been broken by swimmers wearing the LZR Racer while it was legal. Twenty-three of these records were set at the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing with the suits on. Ninety-four percent of the gold medals were won by people wearing these swim suits and eighty-nine percent of the total medals won were by swimmers in these illegal suits (Cole, 2008)

  • Personal Statement For Food Science

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    From a young age, I have always wanted to know how and why the things around me work. Science was one of my more well-liked subjects throughout my schooling years. I am able to excel in these subjects because I have developed a strong interest in them and I enjoy the process of learning new things. I have always wanted to go to university to study a science-based subject. While browsing through the variety of courses available in your university, I came across "Food Science" and it caught my attention

  • Health Benefits Of Swimming

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    Ancient drawings and paintings found in Egypt depicting people swimming date back to 2500 BCE. Little did the egyptians know how big the sport of swimming would become. Benjamin Franklin invented swimming fins, the first diving board in England was at Highgate Ponds in 1893, swimming became an olympic sport in 1896, swimming in the olympics began as a mens only competition and in 1912 women were allowed to participate. Not only did swimming become a big deal, it became such an important sport. Swimming

  • Synchronized Swimming: An Art, A Sport

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    Synchronized swimming is known as both an art and a sport. It is the most glamorous sport I ever see, girls have the grace and femininity of a Classic Ballet dancer. They use sparkling costumes and a lot of waterproof make-up. Swimmers perform a dance routine that starts on the deck of the pool, where they make poses, and take to the water in ostensibly artistic fashion. The sport requires great strength, endurance, grace, and timing. They also have to smile the whole time, even if their teammate