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  • Finding An Agent Should Be The Step Before Polishing Your Manuscript

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    accept unsolicited submissions. Besides that, agents have network connections and insider information that you do not. Submitting to an agent is the recommended course of action. Aside from the query letter itself, the synopsis is the most important part of the initial query. The synopsis explains your plot and entices an agent to read your full manuscript. If you want to avoid your submission being disregarded, there are certain conventions that must be followed; in this report, you will learn about

  • The Synopsis Of The Alchemist

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    Katy LaPalomento Ms. DeLaurentis Honors English IV 6 January 2016 Synopsis; The Alchemist The prologue of The Alchemist, written by Paulo Coelho, describes the legend of Narcissus. Narcissus was a man who kneeled by the lake everyday just to admire his own reflection; however, he became so infatuated with his reflection that he drowned in the lake from trying to kiss the beautiful being that he had seen within the waters. The lake then grieves over the loss of Narcissus because his eyes reflected

  • A Synopsis Of Othello

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    Synopsis William Shakespeare’s book, Othello, is a tragedy written in the year 1603, based on the story, A Moorish Capital. It revolves around four main characters, Othello, his wife Desdemona, Cassio who is a Lieutenant and Othello’s most trusted, and Iago, who is Othello’s ensign, Most of the action in the play takes place on the island of Cyprus. The themes covered include love, racism, revenge, betrayal, jealousy and envy, and repentance. The book Othello is a tragedy since it attains the standards

  • Nightworld Synopsis

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    A self-doubting flight attendant fights for survival when her plane passes through a portal into the future and crash-lands on Doom Island where she has to stop a weather machine from destroying all of existence. BRIEF SYNOPSIS: TABITHA (20’s) is a loner and flight attendance. She has bet destiny by out living her diagnosis of a terminal illness. She’s reckless and has lost faith in life. She was once a champion swimmer, but her father never forgave her for coming in second place. She has a

  • Project Synopsis

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    Online Student Registration System Synopsis Submitted by Mr. XXXXX XXXXXX in partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) IN MUMBAI XXX XXXXXXXX College Mumbai University : Mumbai - 400001 January - 2010 A PROJECT REPORT ON ONLINE STUDENT REGISTRION SYSTEM A PROJECT REPORT Submitted by ATANU MAITY in partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Computer Application

  • Journal Synopsis

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    Meghan Rondel Dr. Jessica Parilla Virology October 12, 2017 Journal Synopsis Introduction: The purpose of this study was to observe whether or not tripartite motif 5α (TRIM5α) proteins in Old World monkeys (OWM) can reduce replication done by herpes simplex virus (HSV) in human HeLa cells. The premise for this experimentation was that TRIM5α proteins from OWMs was known to block replication of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other retroviruses. HSV is a human nuclear DNA virus that can

  • Synopsis Of ' Jian '

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    Jian They still haunt him. The memories from a long, long time ago, before the holy grounds of Promised Land were painted crimson red and his hands were stained with the blood of his beloved brethren. He can remember the peaceful times, albeit the longer he gazes back into the very depths of his past, the worse the sinner feels and an unbearable agony tugs at his shattered heart, playing an unknown melody that is sorrow. The immensely familiar, yet unknown voices call out for him every now and then

  • Synopsis Of ' Gatsby '

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    Tℎℯrℯ is a finℯ linℯ bℯtwℯℯn lovℯ and lust. If lovℯ is only a will to possℯss, it is not lovℯ. To lovℯ somℯonℯ is to ℎold tℎℯm dℯar to onℯ 's ℎℯart. In Tℎℯ grℯat gatsby, tℎℯ cℎaractℯrs, Jay gatsby and Daisy Bucℎanan arℯ said to bℯ in lovℯ, but in rℯality, tℎis sℯℯms to bℯ a misconcℯption. In Tℎℯ grℯat gatsby, Fitzgℯrald portrays tℎℯ tℎℯmℯs of lovℯ, lust and obsℯssion, tℎrougℎ tℎℯ cℎaractℯr of Jay gatsby, wℎo confusℯs lust and obsℯssion witℎ lovℯ. By tℎℯ ℯnd of tℎℯ novℯl ℎowℯvℯr, Jay gatsby is dℯniℯd

  • Synopsis Of The Metamorphosis

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    This story is about a person named Gregor Samsa who one day wakes up to find out his transformation from human to a horrendous creature. The Metamorphosis is divided into three parts which depicts the various stages of transformation of Gregor and how he and people around him adapted to the change. It all began one morning when Gregor Sansa woke up to realize that he has turned into a bug and it’s for real, he struggles to get going on his expected schedule due to difficulties he was facing while

  • Synopsis Of ' Snow '

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    Snow. It was all around me, covering the once barely green Cosmodrome. The night was still (for now anyways) and the sky was riddled by clouds, though it hardly impacted starlight from illuming the surrounding environment. The winds were calm, thankfully, and the temperatures were no lower than −8 ºC. A ruined yet intact warehouse was in front of me, and inside it were storage crates, which more than likely were (already) raided of their contents. I was in the Divide, near the wall breach, scouting