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  • The Four Mythical Elements Of Whale Rider

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    Many voyages that heroin’s encounter are regularly identified with the four mythical functions. In the film, Whale Rider, through mythical creation powers, the hero endeavors to save her dying culture. The creation myths power permits the courageous woman, Pai, to find her actual calling as a real leader of the Maori tribe. By utilizing the myths, she dynamically finds her legend 's adventure by breaking down the images throughout her life. "According to Campbell as discussed in Indick article, this

  • Essay On The Movie Whale Rider

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    outcome of the film seems quite unprecedented at first, Director Caro conceals many clues regarding the ending for the audience to discover. She does this through the use of camera angles, dialogue and props, notably through the use of the rope, the Taiaha and the Rei Puta. Furthermore, while making links to certain scenes in the movie, Niki Caro has hidden life lessons and morals regarding discrimination, prejudice and leadership that the audience can closely relate to and learn from. Firstly, an

  • Whale Rider

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    uncle Rawiri once had won a taiaha tournament and later she sends Pai to live with the uncle. She makes Koro wait for Pai, so she and Pai can say the Karanga (welcome call) for the boys entereing the Marae (community meeting area) She saves the rei puta (whale tooth), which Pai previously recovered, and later gives it to Koro. Rawiri changes from feeling powerless (lazy, drug user) to regain his skills in the use of taiaha (fighting stick) and he teaches Pai to use a taiaha. Hemi is sympathetic towards

  • Whale Rider Film Analysis

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    such as; the camera shots and camera angles when Pai is giving her speech to Koro, the use of camera angles and props in relation to the dialogue when Pai if fixing the motorboat engine, and the use of props when Pai is teaching herself to use the Taiaha.   The use of camera shots and camera angles while she is giving her speech to Koro, helps to show Pai's important attributes which are necessary for a good leader. One of these shots is the low angle while Pai is giving her speech. Low angles are

  • Religion In Whale Rider

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    sacred object that is symbolic of the power of the chief. Throughout the duration of the movie, Koro is charged with the safekeeping of the tooth. However, at the conclusion of the film, Paikea is seen wearing it around her neck. In addition, the taiaha is considered a sacred weapon. In fact, it is so sacred that girls are not allowed to handle it. When Paikea is caught playing with the staff, Koro becomes enraged with her, as it was seen as an act of

  • Whale Rider Analysis Essay

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    Whale Rider is an expressive, cultural drama film by the award winning director Nikola Jean "Niki" Caro, that explores the ideas of love, rejection, tradition and gender roles. It's a story about a young Maori girl, Paikea Apirana that's born into the chief line along with a twin brother. With her twin brother dying moments after birth, only Paikea was left to fulfil the role of heir, though Koro, the current chief and Pai's grandpa refuses as does their culture and religion. Throughout the film

  • Analysis Of The Film Whale Riders

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    In the Film Whale Riders, the director Niki Caro, does an excellent job in developing critical themes combining spiritual and religious traditions resonating with the audience. The compelling themes demonstrated in the movie such as leadership, change of role in women, connection to nature, traditions and change are all eloquently presented as the plot unfolds. As a young woman myself, I can feel empathy towards the main protagonist, Pai, as she puts maximum effort in convincing her grandfather Koro

  • Analysis Of The Film Whale Rider

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    Throughout the film Whale Rider, many characters address the ancient custom that only males can ascend to chiefdom in the Maori tribe. In the film, the culture and traditions are extremely important to the Maori tribe, especially the elders. Koro is blind to the potential his granddaughter holds because he holds onto the ancient traditions dearly. The movie Whale Rider deals with a hybrid culture, and some characters have a harder time transitioning than others. In the film, the audience sees the

  • Whale Rider Reflection

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    The film Whale Rider takes A large portion of the film fixates on the dynamic of this connection amongst Koro, the tribal chief, and his granddaughter Paikea. Paikea respects her grandfather, and has a puzzling association with the tribe’s ancestry; her namesake, Paikea the Whale Rider, travelled from Hawaii to New Zealand on the back of a whale. Paikea spends the most of the film trying to prove her worth and gain respect from her grandfather. Unlike many of the other tribal youth, she reveres the

  • Pai Essay

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    In this Particular scene, Pai, being brave, tries to comfort Hemi, despite Hemi’s bad mood and continuous warnings that he does not want Pai there. This exchange is then followed by Hemi, now being brave, starting a taiaha fight. Pai, having learnt the art behind Koro’s back is another sign of bravery from Pai. After Pai defeats Hemi by disarming him, Koro walks into the scene and discovers Pai breaking the rules he set out for him. Hemi shows bravery again, by standing