Takeda Nobutora

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  • Samurai In Japan Essay

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    One of the most belligerent and successful samurai warlords, Takeda Shingen, grew up and reigned over the prefecture where I met my wife 400 years later. The Sengoku “Warring State,” 1467 to 1603, was not, as aficionados assume, a world of lasting honor. Loyalties exchanged like yen coins. Ambitious warlords allowed family members to be kidnapped, and murdering young innocents was commonplace. An entire ruling clan, the Taira, was dispatched when rival children, spared rather than extinguished

  • Samurai's Tale Essay

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    Nobutomo- One of Lord Shingen's generals, Taro's master and friend. Lord Akiyama Nobutora- Father of Lord Akiyama Nobutomo Lord Oda Nobunaga- Lord Takeda Shingen's rival and enemy. Lord Oda Nobutada- Son of Lord Oda Nobunaga Lord Takeda Katsuyori- Son of Lord Shingen, also called the Wakatono, the prince Lord Takeda Shingen- The Lord of Kai, a ruthless warlord whose ambition is to rule all of Japan. Lord Takeda Yoshinobu- Son of Lord Shingen. He revolts against his father and is killed.

  • A Picture Bride By Yoshiko Uchida

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    A picture bride. The ideal idea of woman created by looks and age, specifically for a man overseas. The book, Picture Bride by Yoshiko Uchida follows the life of Hana, a picture bride from Japan. As Hana and her husband Taro experience life together, the newly wed couple struggle to live in an America filled with racism and prejudice against people of a different skin color. Hana’s fight for acceptance within her community and even her own home reveals the difference in cultures between the two countries

  • Kagemusha(Shadow Warrior) by Akira Kurosawa Essay

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    Research Paper Shadow Warrior by Akira Kurosawa The film “Shadow Warrior” also known as “Kagemusha” was made by Kurosawa in the year of 1980. The film recounted the actual historical event about the death of a great samurai Shingen Takeda who was known as the head of Takeda family. The film started in the year of 1573 while all samurai families competed with each other and the final goal was to unite Japan as a whole. The period was also known as Sengoku period. The story began in Shingen’s place while

  • A Summary Of Takeda Shingen

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    Takeda Shingen's banners carried the words “Steady as a mountain, attack like fire.” Unlike most samurai, Takeda never built a fortress. He preferred the migration of marauding armies, meeting his enemies afield. Shingen was aggressive but cautious. He waged battles but also installed two doors to his lavatory so he could never be cornered by an assassin. He struck the fastidious war-monger’s balance of armies with enough farmers to feed them. Shingen was popular because he taxed the samurai class

  • Personal Statement: Takeda Shingen

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    Thursday 12th March, 1565 I am Takeda Shingen. I am a samurai. I come from a proud family of successful strategists and fighters. My two brothers, Takeda Nobutora and Takeda Nobukado, are assisting me in managing my armies and are commanding large forces. My seven sons are commanders and fighters in my armies and will continue to serve me, even once I have passed. I do my family proud, I am and have been a successful military leader for several years (see figure 1). Off of the battlefield, one of