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  • A Comparison Of Tam Lin And Tam Lin

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    The Scottish folk ballad “Tam Lin” is a ballad that has inspired quite a few retellings and reinterpretations by contemporary writers and artists. Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones and Tam Lin by Pamela Dean are two such retellings in which Jones and Dean have masterfully brought the events and characters of the traditional ballad into the modern world. Despite the fact that both novels have drawn from the same source, they have a number of distinct differences, especially when it comes to the

  • Tam Lin Relationship Analysis

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    From Blackstock to Nowhere: Relationships and Power Dynamics in Two Retellings of the Ballad of Tam Lin The Scottish folk ballad “Tam Lin” is a very popular ballad which has inspired many contemporary writers and artists to create their own retellings and reinterpretations. Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones and Tam Lin by Pamela Dean are two of these retellings. In these novels, Jones and Dean have masterfully brought the events and characters of the traditional ballad into the modern world

  • Tam Lin Character Analysis

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    Matt is loyal to Tam Lin. Matt is loyal to Tam Lin because when Tam Lin told Matt to promise him never to go there. Matt listen to Tom Lin and promised he would not go there. Matt looks up to Tam Lin. If Tam Lim didn’t tell him to go there, Matt would probably have gone there. In the beginning, we expect El Patrón to have a huge effect on Matt. But in the end, he doesn't. Early on, Matt cares about his relationship with El Patrón. It also shows in the text about Matt thoughts that "He was well pleased

  • When Is Whistleblowing Ethical

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    To many, the revealing of companies’ private information is an ethically reasonable action that deserves either less punishment than what it does today or no punishment at all. With some punishments for whistleblowing being ostracism, harassment, and demotion, people deem the amercements as unreasonable (Martin). These kinds of punishments are usually doled out to whistleblowers who work for large businesses, making their work environment more hostile and uncomfortable. Whistleblowers get themselves

  • Whistleblowing

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    History of Whistleblowing The definition of a whistleblower is a past or pesent employee or member of an organization, who reports misconduct to people or entities that have the power and presumed willingness to take corrective action, or to notify the general public of wrongdoing. In most cases, whistleblowers are employees of the ogranization but can be employees of government agencies as well. Normally the misconduct being reported is a violation of law, rule, regulation and/or a direct threat

  • Tim Tam Fmcg Essay

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    The Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) that I have chosen to analyse is Arnott’s Tim Tam Balls (Refer to Appendix One for product picture). To explore the product from both a marketing and design perspective it is appropriate to conduct a SWOT analysis. Strengths Tim Tam Balls are a brand extension from one of Arnott’s best selling products, Tim Tam Biscuits. Arnott’s created the product as an easy to eat snack while on the go or as an after dinner snack. The easy to open soft packaging

  • Medicare Fraud

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    Medicare Fraud: The History, Incidence, Costs and Institutional Remedies John H Everett Wayland Baptist Medicare Fraud: The History, Incidence, Costs and Institutional Remedies What is Medicare fraud? ("F&A," 2011, p. 1) states “Medicare fraud happens when Medicare is billed for services or supplies you never got. Medicare fraud costs Medicare a lot of money each year.” What is Medicare abuse? ("F&A," 2011, p. 1) defines this as “Abuse occurs when doctors or suppliers don’t

  • Essay about Unique Design of the Vietnam War Memorial

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    Unique Design of the Vietnam War Memorial At the age of twenty one, a female undergraduate at Yale University named Maya Lin submitted her design for the Vietnam Memorial. Her idea for the memorial was extremely unique and controversial. After long discussions by a panel, it was chosen for construction. The design that she submitted was one that was very different in comparison to other memorials, and it was one that has a tendency to leave a lot of questions on the minds of the visitors

  • Characteristics And Impact Of Whistleblowers

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    Characteristics and Impact of Whistleblowers Tony J. Hillian 1-23-15 Professor Weekley Law, Ethics, And Corporate Governance Strayer University Characteristics and Impact of Whistleblowers Corporate America is still reeling from scandals and corporate corruption caused by excessive greed and the need to rake in huge profits. In this paper, the writer will provide some characteristics and impacts of individuals know as “whistleblowers”. Whistleblowers have emerged

  • European Imperialism In China

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    and most people bought it. The use of opium among Chinese people had become very common and many people became addicts even though it was still illegal. In 1839, 5.639 million lbs./year of opium was being imported in, the Emperor order Commissioner Lin Zexu, to end the opium trade. Commissioner Zexu was very successful and retrieved 3 million lbs. Of opium, which took about 23 days to destroy. The British government was outraged by Commissioner Zexu’s actions and immediately sent in military