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  • The Kellogg 's Factory Makes Pop Tarts

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    sleep. Or so I thought. I ate breakfast, got dressed, and set on my bike to work. Every day I worked at the Kellogg 's factory. The Kellogg 's factory makes Pop Tarts. My job is to take the individually wrapped Pop Tarts and put them in a sealed box. Every day I worked as hard as I could. Our biggest competition was the Kroger-Brand Pop Tart, Iced Toaster Treats. Anyways, I worked long and hard. My wrists even started to hurt from all that intense packaging. Meanwhile, a worker from Iced Toaster Treats

  • Who Is Kellogg's Pop-Tart Appeals To Children?

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    child-friendly art style, Kellogg’s personifies the Pop-Tarts in their ads to build brand recognition. Doing so allows the company to create advertisements featuring the humanized pastries in various scenarios that children find relatable or comical. Some argue against the practices Kellogg’s has taken to market their Pop-Tarts brand. With children being exposed to over 40,000 TV commercials each year, many believe brands such as Pop-Tarts take advantage of youth and their vulnerable, developing

  • Describe The First Time At The Tea House

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    She gave me an enchanting smile as she gently placed the egg tart onto my plate. I ate my egg tart in small bites, trying to look as proper as possible. I wanted to make an impression, but once I finished, I paid quickly and left. That night, I was tired but awake, wondering about the woman at the teahouse. It was odd, the brief

  • Personal Narrative : Soul Tattoo

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    Soul Tattoo As a kid, you’re not supposed to experience true sadness, or that’s what I thought. Losing one of the few people that care for you is one of the toughest things to handle, especially when you’re little. You know they’re gone, but yet you still feel like they’ll always be a part of you. I had just gotten out of the shower and felt as fresh as an ice cube, then later realized it was the beginning of October with cold weather. I changed into my light gray pajamas and walked to the kitchen

  • Theme Of The Apple Tart Of Hope

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    The Apple Tart of Hope by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald. The two main characters are Oscar and Paige best friends. Both Oscar and Paige have a close bond which seemed unbreakable until the Paige has to move to New Zealand and leave Oscar for a couple of months, which takes a turn for the worst leading to a broken friendship. In this book, it gives good lessons about trust and honesty. The setting is in the country of Ireland, where it is usually bleak and dismal most of the time. Since the weather in

  • Argumentative Essay: Pop-Tarts For Tickets

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    Pop-Tarts for Tickets If you’re a former or current student at Texas Tech University and you drive a vehicle, it’s a highly likelihood that you’ve received a parking citation. Although citations are not something to be excited about, those who have received a parking ticket can now get excited. In Fall of 2016, the program Pop-Tarts for Tickets allowed people to dismiss tickets they have received by simply bringing Pop-Tarts. Texas Tech Transportation & Parking Services dismissed the tickets of

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' Television ' Tv '

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    As Oliver’s parents, we know him best. So we would like to share our perspective of him with you. Oliver is a smart, active, unpredictable, funny 5 year old boy. His greatest love is for humor and being silly. One of his most favorite things to do is make people laugh. He will go from making silly noises or faces, to saying something so very very random, just to see the reaction on your face. And of course, sometimes, these things may involve bodily functions that most 5 year old boys would giggle

  • Federal Marketing Order On Tart Cherries

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    With recent controversy over the Federal Marketing Order on Tart Cherries, some feel it should be changed or eliminated. The topic has gone viral from a Facebook post generating an astonishing 40,000 shares. The farmer, who was outraged with the order, made it seem as though he had to destroy the oversupply of cherries. Was this even the case? Did he falsify his information? One thing that’s an obvious fact is that the importation of foreign cherries needs to be regulated, especially if domestic

  • I can remember rare occasions as a child when I would wake up for school and there would be

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    table and orange juice or Sunny Delight to drink. These exciting occasions, however, were just that: rare. Most days I would bound down the stairs to the toaster loaded with Pop-Tarts. I would usually be disappointed that I couldn't devour a wholesome breakfast, but I later came to understand the convenience of the Pop-Tart. My parents could put pastries in the toaster and continue to get ready for their day without having to worry about too much clean-up. It was during these early days of my education

  • Breakfast Food Statistics

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    healthy life style, people should not turn to eating pop tarts for breakfast. Mornings, as many know, can be busy. Waking up, getting ready for the day, showering, and running late occasionally can be stressful. Why not grab a quick and easy breakfast, like a pop tart? Well, there are many reasons why not to. Statistic Brain, author of the article Breakfast Food Statistics, shows the reader that there is $331,125,248 total sales of pop tarts in the United States as of 2016 (1). Now think about this