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    Tata Motors Limited is India 's largest automobile company, with consolidated revenues of INR 1,88,818 crores (USD 34.7 billion) in 2012-13. It is the leader in commercial vehicles in each segment, and among the top in passenger vehicles with winning products in the compact, midsize car and utility vehicle segments. It is also the world 's fourth largest truck and bus manufacturer. The Tata Motors Group 's over 55,000 employees are guided by the mission "to be passionate in anticipating and providing

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    Tata Motors is listed in the New York Stock Exchange (September 2004) and has emerged as an international automobile company. Through subsidiaries and associate companies, Tata Motors has operations in the UK, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa and Indonesia. Among them is Jaguar Land Rover, acquired in 2008. In 2004, it acquired the Daewoo Commercial Vehicles Company, South Korea’s second largest truck maker. The rechristened Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicles Company has launched several new products

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    Tata Motors 1. Describe the economic characteristics of the global motor vehicle industry. The characteristics of the global motor vehicle industry are a boom in certain places and a bust in others all due to economic conditions in different nations. Four years after tow of Detroit Michigan’s big three went into bankruptcy American car makers are going “full throttle” with sales in August hitting an annual rate that if substantiated can take them back over 16 million and that is a rate that

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    Case Analysis, Tata Motors International Business and Economics Amsterdam Business School, 2010 Introduction Tata Motors is an automotive company to take notice of. Representing the evolving Indian population and growing economy of one of the world’s key emerging markets, it is a market leader for commercial vehicles and third for passenger vehicles in the Indian market. It shocked the world by introducing the $2000 Nano in 2009 and also by growing its portfolio by purchasing Jaguar Land

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    Auto-hide: on   SWOT ANALYSIS OF TATA MOTORS LIMITEDCOMPANY PROFILE: Tata Motors Limited is India 's largest automobile company. It is the leader in commercial vehiclessegment. It is ranked among the top three in passenger vehicles segment such as compact car,midsize car and other utility vehicle segments. It is the world 's second largest bus manufacturer andworld 's fourth largest truck manufacturer.Tata Motors Limited is established in 1945 with its vision "best in the manner in which we

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    AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY [pic] TATA MOTORS SWOT ANALYSIS REPORT PREPARED BY: [pic] INTRODUCTION Tata Motors Limited, formerly known as TELCO (TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company), was formed in 1954. It is the only fully integrated automobile manufacturer that now stands as India's largest and the world’s 5th largest passenger automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturing company with a product range designed to meet national and

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    MANAGEMENT PROJECT SWOT AND STEEPLED ANALYSIS OF TATA MOTORS BY: Kosuru Sai Malleswar (SC09B093) Dhruti Ranjan Gaan (SC09B017) Kshitiz Sinha (SC09B125) Kumar Harshit (SC09B144) L. Deepak (SC09B074) 1|Page TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT.................................................................................................................................................. 3 INTRODUCTION ..................................................................................

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    PEST ANALYSIS OF TATA MOTORS PEST ANALYSIS POLITICAL Since Tata Motors operates in multiple countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia, it needs to pay close attention to the political climate but also laws and regulations in all the countries it operates in while also paying attention to regional governing bodies. Laws governing commerce, trade, growth, and investment are dependent on the local government as well as how successful local markets and economies

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    A Brief Profile of the Firm Tata Motors was formerly known as TELCO (Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company) is a leading global automobile manufacturer. Originally it was manufacturer of locomotives named as TELCO, the company then manufactured its first commercial vehicle in 1954 having a tie-up with Daimler-Benz. Tata motors have a wide range of variety from heavy commercial vehicles to carriers, buses, SUVs and passenger cars that covers a wide range of cars, sports vehicles, buses, trucks

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    Founded by Jamsetji Tata, Tata Motors Limited was established under the parent company Tata Group in 1945. Based out of Mumbai, India and part of USD 100 Billion Tata group, Tata Motors Limited products includes trucks, vans, buses sports car, construction equipments and military vehicles (Tata Motors, n.d.). With its manufacturing and assembly plants in different cities in India and in South Africa, Great Britain and Thailand, the company sells more than nine million vehicles globally, providing