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  • Budget Deficit Is The Amount Of Federal Money

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    the Congressional Budget Office dimly decreased the government’s budget deficit by $10 billion from its original amount of $534 billion. 4) 16th Amendment Def: Created in 1913, it’s a constitutional amendment that allows Congress to collect an income tax. CE: In 2011, the Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry took back his proposal to repeal the 16th amendment due to his presidential bid in 2012. 5) Authorization Bill Def: They establish entitlements and discretionary government programs, which

  • Medical Marijuan A New Miracle Cure Or Is It Still Just An Illegal Drug?

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    the arguments for both sides remain firm in their belief of the harms and the cures of marijuana, we as an educated society need to follow through with the proper research. Marijuana was initially made illegal at the federal level by the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act of 1937. Anyone wanting to sell the drug had to register and pay taxes on it. Then the federal government simply did not allow people to register or pay taxes, so everyone selling marijuana was doing so against the law. This act was struck

  • Financial Center For The Asian Pacific Region

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    Government tax revenue are mainly depends on Profit tax, Salary tax and Stamp Duties, which are nearly 90 percents of the total tax revenue, resulting that Government financial structure become unhealthy. (Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department, 2015). Moreover, the tax revenue is also fluctuated. Profit tax contribute around 45 percents of the total revenue collected (HKIRD,2015), is greatly influenced by the economic environment, and which shown after the financial crisis that Hong Kong tax revenue

  • Petroleum Oil Corporation : A Canadian Intermediate Crude Oil And Natural Gas Exploration And Production Company

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    (TOURMALINE OIL CORPORATION) INTRODUCTION: (Introduction of the org - brief history and how they got to this point) Calgary’s Tourmaline Oil Corporation is a Canadian intermediate crude oil and natural gas exploration and production company. Tourmaline commenced active operations in the fall of 2008 with t a long-term business growth objective and listed on the TSX in November 2010. During 2010, Tourmaline has generated very strong growth in all reserve categories. Due to Tourmaline Oil Corporation’s

  • Economic Growth In Australian Economy

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    would be the decrease in China’s level of economic growth that has resulted in a large decrease in demand for Australia’s goods and services. Presently Australia’s percentage debt to GDP ratio is approximately 41.1%. Since the previous year the debts rate of growth has increased slowly. This level of debt is the highest that Australia has ever recorded. For the 2016/2017 budget the estimate for the government revenue this year was approximately $406 billion. The predicted spending for the government

  • Self Assessment Tax System in Nigeria

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    is to ensure that all taxpayers, within a defined tax jurisdiction, are brought into the tax net and assessed correctly in order to block all possible leakages. Generally, taxpayers are categorized according to the legal status of their businesses. In this research work we are interested in Corporate Entities/Public Companies which are limited liability companies or public companies registered with profit - motive in mind. Their tax affairs are being handled by the Federal Taxing Authority

  • The Death Tax and the Death of Family Farms Essay

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    high inheritance taxes expires at the end of December, 2012. In the article “A Storm of Estate Taxes Threatens Farm Country,” Lynne Finnerty says that the new estate tax exemption will drop to one million dollars and the tax rate will increase to fifty-five percent (Finnerty). Lowering the estate tax exemption while increasing the rate may consequently cause the liquidation of many multigenerational family farms and an ultimate decrease in the world’s food supply. Comprehending the effect of estate

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Salary Commission Essay

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    One I got recently the most common problem is that people who are unemployed or lost their jobs due to downsizing and are now facing the Commission decided to employ a straight salary + commission's work was due to a steady decline in the number. It's not a simple answer, just because everyone has their advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I think the commission continues to offer more opportunities and higher overall potential, but every situation is different, and what is right, I may not

  • The Business Environment Of Nigeria And Norway Essay

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    Question 1The concept of Business EnvironmentBusiness environment can be understood as the combination of all environmental conditions and influences that are capable of affecting or influencing business activities. According to Anyanwu et al (1996) defines the environment of business as the aggregation of the pattern of all the external and internal conditions and influences that affect the existence, growth and development of the business. Opportunities and threats may be associated with external

  • Persuasive Speech On Government Reform

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    of your latest tragic endeavor. Within this past month, you have vehemently advocated for the new tax plan, which intends to “drastically cut taxes, while broadening the base”. You promised to eliminate unwanted loopholes, tax breaks, and special favors. You assured voters that there would be a new tax system, where less time and energy would be wasted on gaming the system to reduce taxes, and for a tax system that would become fairer. However, this plan is not fulfilling your promises, because it