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  • The Problem Of Tax Fraud

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    most common problem in the country we live in? Tax fraud. It is said to be about 80% of the world is doing it. Every country in the world needs taxes from the people to keep the economy running well. That is why we pay for everything in the world, even the parking lot we park our cars when going to the mall. When we pay taxes it allows the country to not have depth, pay the military, be used for government purposes, and also get back to us too. What is tax fraud? It is when someone pays too little or

  • Essay on Tax Memo

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    October 2, 2014 Tax File Memorandum To: Brett Ouray Facts Kathy and Brett Ouray were married in 1996. In 2014, they consider themselves completely estranged. Due to financial reasons they have decided to not get a divorce or live separately. They also do not have any legal documentation of separation and neither of them has lived outside the home for a significant amount of time. They currently reside together with their three children. They have decided that Brett has contributed more to

  • Tax and Reagan

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    At the end of the Carter presidency, the nation’s idealistic dreams of the 60’s was worn down by inflation, foreign policy turmoil and rising crime rate, the nation was troubled by the late 70’s. Due to this many Americans were ready to embrace a new conservatism in social, economic and political life in the 80’s. In the 1980 bid for President, Reagan won the Republican nomination after two failed attempts in 1968 and 1976. Although Ronald Reagan once held Democratic views, he grew more conservative

  • Flat Tax Essay

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    Flat Tax Our current income tax system today is very complex, unfair, inhibits saving, investment and job creation, imposes a heavy burden on families, and weakens the integrity of the democratic process. It can't be fixed and must be replaced. The U.S. income tax code is a long and complex system. The income tax system is so complex; the IRS publishes 480 tax forms and 280 forms to explain the 480 forms. The IRS sends out eight billion pages of forms and instructions each year. The

  • Gas Tax Essay

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    topic of this paper is gasoline prices and higher state sales tax. According to Stephen Singer’s article(Aug 24,2017), ITEP’S research reports(July,2017), (July,2017),(Aug 2011), and(December 2011), the authors tell the reader the consequences of higher taxes on sales and gasoline in Connecticut and the solution to reduce tax burden on low income family. In Singer’s article, Connecticut legislators are deciding to increase sales tax from it’s current to 6.85% to fix a budget deficit, estimated

  • A Flat Tax System

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    2018. With tax revenue in such a precarious state, it is unwise to continue using a tax system that is failing the state economy. The legislature should pursue prudent reform on corporate taxes to increase the possibility of recouping lost revenue from past years, or at the very least, prevent another round of budget shortfalls and spending cuts. The graduated system businesses experience today has been in effect for over 30 years, and it is unlikely that an effort to return to a flat tax system would

  • Sin Tax in the Philippines

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    SIN TAX (HOUSE BILL 5727) SHOULD BE LAGALIZED IN THE REPUBLIC OF PHILIPPINES (+) In partial fulfillment of the requirements Of the subject PHIN11A Submitted by: Ceejay Martinez Abby Padua Merene, Myka Kim Villareal, Peter James On October 3, 2012 To: Ms. Violeta Tabin PREMISES 1. Smoking cigars and drinking liquors are bad to health. 2. Number of accidents will be lessen. 3. Lessen the number of users. 4. It may cause air pollution. 5. It may stop the production of cigars and liquors

  • Tax Planning Proposals

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    On July 18, the Federal Government announced their intention to restrict certain tax planning strategies available to shareholders of private corporations that they felt unfairly benefit business owners over salary-earning Canadians. The consultation period during which stakeholders were allowed to provide comments on the proposals ended on October 2, 2017. Ottawa’s original proposals were met with widespread criticism from the business community. As a result, during Small Business Week, October

  • Tax Avoidance

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    There is a very clear distinction between tax avoidance and tax evasion from academic publications. Tax books have defined tax avoidance as “the lawful minimization of tax liability through sound financial planning techniques, while tax evasion is the “unlawful attempt to minimize tax liability through fraudulent techniques to circumvent or frustrate tax laws”. The consequences of either action are also clear. The former is not punishable by law while the latter is. However, the lines between evasion

  • Introduction to Tax Residence

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    Chapter 1 introduction & tax residence •Direct taxes – taxes paid directly to government (income tax , RPGT) •Indirect taxes – taxes paid to government via 3rd party( sale,service) •Income tax –scope of charge( S3 of ITA) has been modified by ‘’tax exempted’’ Income tax shall be charged for each y/a upon income of any person accruing in or derived from MY or received in MY from outside MY Income known as revalue gain( capital gain never go for inc tax Person=individual , Co(chargeable