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  • Analysis : Addressing The Tax Challenge Of The Digital Economy

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    Addressing the Tax Challenge of the Digital Economy Base erosion and profit shifting (“BEPS”) is a reference to the overall tax strategies of large multinational organizations that involve exploiting the differences and gaps in the tax systems around the globe. By capitalizing on those differences, corporations are able to move their profits around to countries with low or zero tax rates, synthetically decreasing the amount of taxes paid. Although this practice is not inherently nor necessarily

  • Tax Federation V/S Union of India

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    All India Federation Of Tax Practioners (Petitioner) v/s Union Of India & others(Respondent) 21st August 2007 (Date Of Judgement) CITATION: (2007) 7 SCC 527 AIR 2007 SC-2990 NAME OF THE JUDGES: S.H. Kapadia & B. Sudershan Reddy FACTS: * On 1st June 1998 finance bill was introduced in which Clause 119 of the Notes sought to substitute Sec 65 ,66 and 68 and amend the Section 67 of the finance act which was related to service tax in which the tax will be levied on services

  • Poll Tax In Henry Thoreau's Resistance To Civil Government

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    Poll Tax Poll tax, meaning a fee that has to be paid to satisfy taxpayer requirements in voting laws, and that the only people who demonstrate financial tie to community were permitted for this kind of voting, was the reason Henry Thoreau was arrested and sent to jail for the night. While in jail, he realized that what had just happened to him was not right and needed to do something about it. The next day a friend of his which happened to be his aunt paid his texas meaning he was free to go

  • What Ways Can Tax Education Be More Effective Than Punishment

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    could tax education be more effective than punishment in shaping UK tax policy and practice? I. UK’s current tax policy and practice Liturgy, the voluntary contribution from affluent citizens to public goods and services, was in ancient Greece a prevalent practice. Citizens provided ‘unselfish citizenship’, although they were not obliged to by law (Adams, 2001, pp. 65-69). Nowadays, the tax gap culminates in a sum of £34bn (HMRC, 2015), causing significant inequity between tax complying and tax evading

  • Case Study Of Property In The UK And Capital Gains Tax

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    Property in the UK and Capital Gains Tax Capital gains tax (CGT) by definition means a tax levied on any gains accrued as a sale of any asset. The assets include, but not limited to, inheritance, certain gifts, shares, heirloom, a sale of business, owing to the dissolution of a civil partnership or divorce transfer or a second property. In this article, we shall focus on the CGT from the perspective of residential property. CGT – Some preambles: The CGT levied depends both on the gains from

  • Solving The Client 's Current Tax Situation And The Tax Problem Encountered By Tom Jensen

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    Tax Problem – explain the client’s current tax situation and the tax problem encountered a. Tom Jensen, a part-time realtor, hires an accountant to prepare his 2015 tax return. Tom does not work exclusively as a realtor, and his accountant wants to make sure his real estate activities qualify as a business and accurately report income and expenses. 2. Facts – explain the facts of your client’s tax problem a. This is Tom’s fifth year in the real estate business and he has prepared his own tax returns

  • Proposal For Choosing Visionary Tax Planners Essay

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    Dear Richie & Gemma, Thanks for choosing Visionary Tax Planners Limited to help set up a self-guided walking and hiking tour business (Kauri Hikes) together with bed and breakfast accommodation (Kauri BnB) for their short stay guests. As you are seeking our advice on which business structure to use. GST registration, extracting capital and tax treatment of various expenses. We strongly recommend choosing “Regular Company” for both Kauri BnB and Kauri Hikes. Here is the detail analysis of this decision

  • Tax Credits Are Better Than Deductions

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    Tax Credits Tax credits are better than deductions because they reduce your taxes dollar for dollar. For example, federal and state governments offer many credits for research and development, reducing energy usage, creating jobs and accommodating people with disabilities. We 'll explore the topic further in the Special Business Deductions. In bad years, especially when you start a business and claim extra deductions, you might lower your taxes enough to qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit

  • The Problem Of Economic Equality On A Worldwide Scale, A Global Wealth Tax Essay

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    problem of economic equality on a worldwide scale, a global wealth tax is a proposal that has been widely received and considered a feasible solution. This tax, aimed at diminishing the high rate of accumulated wealth by top decile earners, may not achieve its goal because there is limited evidence proving the desired effects, all countries must agree upon a uniform system and share information, II. Limitations of a Global Wealth Tax In his book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Economist Thomas

  • Analysis Of Marianna Packard Family Eligible For The First-Time Homebuyer Tax

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    The U.S. Tax Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit provide reversed decisions on whether the Packard family is eligible for the first-time homebuyer tax credit. This memo report evaluates courts’ decisions to determine which one is superior. Background Petitioner Petitioner married Marianna Packard on November 22, 2008, and they have separate residences until purchasing the house for $203,500 in Tarpon Springs, Florida on December 1, 2009. Mrs. Packard owned and resided in