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  • Economic Tax Issues And Reformations

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    Luke Korney Ruth Benander Intermediate English October 17, 2014 Economic Tax Issues and Reformations Are you aware that taxes have been around since the Ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Mesopotamian times as early as 3000 B.C.? (“Taxes in the Ancient World” U. Penn Almanac). Taxes are a crucial part of society’s economic functions as a whole. Taxes help us generate money to help build new roads, provide us with protection through services such as law enforcement, and help improve public education institutions

  • Germany's Tax Structure and System

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    Germany 's Tax Structure and System German Basic Law The power to impose taxes is divided between the federal government and the provinces, determined by German basic law (Taxation in Germany, 2000). Germany follows the principle of world wide taxation for individuals and also corporations (Your Tax in Germany, 2005). Non-residents are taxable only on income received from German companies. Germany also has about thirty varieties of non income taxes that are imposed on such things as lotteries

  • Multinational Companies And Tax Avoidance

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    million of tax to the government. It turns into the topic of tax avoidance. Actually, there are many multinational companies use the strategy of tax avoidance, and Starbucks is just one of the examples. 1.1 Multinational Companies and Tax Avoidance First of all, the definition of multinational companies and tax avoidance should be learnt. Multinational companies are those companies have international branches, shops or manufacture factories in both local and foreign countries. And the tax avoidance

  • Notes On Tax Taxation And Taxation

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    3. Source-source double taxation. This is when both countries consider the source of the income to be within their country. Tax treaties will provide rules for determining the source of income. The source rules not only clarify in which country the income originated and may be tax but also states that the country that does not impose taxes must provide a relief from double taxation.” Economic double taxation is where the same income is taxed in more than one country in the hands of different taxpayers

  • The Tax Assessor's Office

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    Tax Assessor’s are elected by the people and are responsible for locating taxable property, assessing the value, identifying the owner, and publishing annual and supplemental assessment rolls. Its good to know the assessment of your property to determine if you’re being properly taxed and to see if your home is gaining or losing value. The tax assessor’s office will assess all properties except STAR, Senior Citizens, Veterans, Persons with disabilities, and agricultural properties. The office responsible

  • The United States Tax System

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    The United States tax system has an extensive history that has transformed from a modest system to a complex taxation system over the years. From the beginning, the tax system has undergone changes due to past wars, inclusion of social programs, changes to social programs, presidential views, and economic fluctuations. Every tax year, the tax laws continue to change from the methods of the past. In the years of the 1600’s and the middle 1700’s, the English settlers were the dominant people who

  • Tax Reform : A Quintessential Recalibration

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    Tax Reform: A Quintessential Recalibration In a world filled with economic turmoil, one might look at a loaf of bread today at the grocery store and wonder if it will cost the same tomorrow. The inflation factor has driven prices of food, energy and many other life essentials to an all-time high. In countries like America where the national debt has soared into the double digit trillions. It becomes a question in the minds of many, “how will we ever pay this money back?” This is a question of great

  • Tax Treaties And Double Taxation

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    Tax Treaties and Double Taxation Every company has the obligation to pay taxes on any income that is generated; many of these companies are well known internationally and have become very popular all over the world. These companies have established many of their own companies known as small subsidiaries companies, in some jurisdictions outside their country of citizenship; but, how many taxes do these companies have to pay on each jurisdiction? This could be the big question, since there are many

  • The Tax System

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    Introduction The income tax system in our country is cumbersome, complex, and not user friendly. There are many problems associated with our system and most of the country wants a reform to the tax system. Some simply want only changes to the existing system while others want a completely new design. There are a few different alternatives available to us all which have their upside and downside. The Subtraction Method Value Added tax is one system which will be discussed here as a result of its many

  • U.s. Tax Legislation For Homeownership

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    The U.S. tax structure and many federally sponsored state and local programs provide benefits to homeownership and seek to increase ownership among disadvantaged groups, respectively. One feature of the federal tax code is mortgage interest deductions. Mortgage interest deductions are a costly but very popular tax deduction that is argued to have contributed to the housing bubble. From 1913, when income tax was introduced, to 1986, when Congress passed the Tax Relief Act of 1986, tax payers deducted