Teacher Observation Essay

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  • My Observation Of Being A Teacher In Middle School

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    was such a learning experience. As a future teacher I learned a lot about myself. For one, I learned that being a teacher in a Title 1 school is not for me. Our course text in chapter 4 stated that there is a shortage in the right kinds of teachers in urban communities. The book is absolutely right. When it comes to kids in Title 1 schools and urban communities it takes a special kind of teacher to deal with the issues that appear in those kids. A teacher must be willing to put in extra time to work

  • Observation Of Observing A Teacher

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    I had the privilege of observing a teacher at my church pre-k classroom on Wednesday the 6th of December 2017. Ms. Janet is a teacher at Shiloh Elementary and she always have her lesson for her classroom ready and presented in a well manner. I introduced myself to her and her classroom and was greeted and given a sit by the corner of the classroom. She gets her students up for physical warm up, they all went to stand on their assigned spot for their daily routine. Ms. Janet play “Ants in my Pants

  • Teacher Observation Essay

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    be change, there must be conflict.” In my first few years as a teacher, I encountered a great deal of growth experiences. Ruminating on those early years teaching reminded me of an Oscar Wilde quote, “Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.” Looking back on those early days I have to laugh at my ignorance. Luckily, ambition coupled along with initiative motivated me to seek out assistance from colleagues rather than teacher orientation program. Assistant Principal (Lawrence Smallwood)

  • Teacher Observation Paper

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    In the past couple of days I have went to 3 different school to observe and interview teachers about their assessment tools. I interviewed both preschool and kindergarten teachers. The schools I had visited were Crocus Academy, Gutermuth Elementary, and Auburndale Elementary. The first school that I went to was Crocus Academy. At Crocus Academy I interviewed Ms. Amber. Ms. Amber went to Elizabethtown Community Technical College as well. Amber teaches a preschool class at Crocus. She walks around

  • Veteran Teacher Observation

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    The veteran teacher I observed for the 5th grade also teaches 6th grade students. She is a veteran teacher with a lot on her plate. I truly don’t see how she juggles both 5th and 6th grade students. I really think she does a good job with what she has. This experience shows me that elementary teachers really deserve more credit than they get. Day one the first 6th grade class they come in really loud and are very talkative. When the teacher tries to start their group discussion over the planetary

  • History Of Teacher Observation And Evaluation

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    History of Teacher Observation and Evaluation Initially, education was not recognized as a professional discipline or field of study. Teachers were considered community servants instead of professional educators. Local government officials and members of the clergy were responsible for hiring teachers and making judgments about their teaching abilities. It was believed that clergymen were the best choices for this role due to their extensive levels of education and their alleged ability to guide

  • Teacher Interview and Observation Paper

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    Teacher Interview and Observation on Lesson Implementation Theresa Flournoy University of Phoenix/Axia College EDU 310 At 1:00 p.m. I entered into Evoline C. West Elementary school on Thursday, July 12 2012 for an interview with Mrs. Yolanda Lawrence. As I entered the classroom, I was greeted by Mrs. Lawrence, the head teacher in this classroom. Mrs. Lawrence has no assistant at this present because of it being in the summer. After I entered into the classroom, the entire class welcomed

  • Essay Classroom Teacher Observation Report

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    A. Evaluation Form or Observation Protocol The evaluation form that was used to evaluate a classroom teacher’s performance is a rubric used by the school district (Hillsborough County Public Schools, 2012). A1. Performance Factors The teacher was rated using a rubric with specific criteria in four domains including planning and preparation, the classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities (Hillsborough County Public Schools, 2012). Within each of these domains are components

  • Personal Observation Essay : Becoming A Teacher

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    Becoming a Teacher I’m Amanda Beauchamp from New London, Iowa. I’ve been married to my husband Nate Beauchamp since September 1, 2007. We have four children together; our oldest boy is 10 years old. Then we have two girls, Nayla, who is 7 and Raeleigh who is 6. Our youngest boy is Aven, and he is 4. My oldest three children attend Harlan School in Mount Pleasant. My youngest is attending his first year of preschool at Little Bees in Mount Pleasant. I currently work in the Mount Pleasant

  • My Teacher Interview And Observation Essay

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    For my teacher interview and observation, I observed and interviewed Mrs. Jackie Tosh. She is a 3rd grade teacher and has 24 students in her class. Mrs. Tosh graduated from ESU; she obtained her Bachelors in 2004 and her Masters in 2010. Mrs. Tosh plans and prepares for her classes three days in advance, with her team. They come up with objectives and decide how they will accomplish each of them. The team then sits down again to see where they are at and to discuss if there is anything they need