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  • Personal Statement For Teaching Mathematics

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    As a prospective mathematics teacher, I want to make thinking visible to my students. I want them to be able to express their ideas and be able to elaborate on their answers. Two types of thinking I would like to promote in my classroom are critical and creative thinking because mathematics is a subject that involves both when it comes to problem solving. Critical and creative thinking promote higher levels of student engagement and involves opportunities to investigate skills and concepts in a much

  • Elementary Methods : Teaching Mathematics

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    Elementary Methods Unit 4: Teaching Mathematics Summary: With the implementation of Common Core, there is a misconception that students are learning ?new math.? However, students are not learning new concepts, just a new way of thinking about those concepts. In this unit, you will explore some effective instructional strategies and approaches to teaching students, way to get them to think mathematically, how to bridge the gap between concrete and abstract and incorporate technology to allow for

  • The Challenges Of Mathematics Teaching And Learning

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    1. What did you learn about the challenges of mathematics teaching and learning? One thing I learned about the challenges of teaching mathematics was how hard it is to not interfere as soon as a child is struggling with a problem. Sometimes you have to allow a child to struggling through a problem because that how they learn. That immediately helping them and telling them what to do isn’t going to help grown their understanding. Other thing was the multiple ways that you can think about math. How

  • Questions On Learning And Teaching Mathematics

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    Assignment #1 Sonia Minoza Math 311 Jeff O’Keefe October 15, 2014 Learning and Teaching Mathematics o Affective Domain: growth in feelings or emotional areas (attitude or self) The affective domain includes the manner in which we deal with things emotionally, such as feelings, values, appreciation, enthusiasms, motivations, and attitudes. o Cognitive Domain: mental skills (thinking) Knowledge, Comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis How to nurture the Affective and Cognitive

  • Successfully Teaching Mathematics Essay

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    Successfully Teaching Mathematics The classroom is a widely diverse environment with many topics to discuss, many discoveries to make, and many different ways to learn. This wide palette of knowledge potential is a blessing and a curse to teachers, challenging them to reach each mind, to convey to everyone an understanding of the world that will improve their lives. The ever-increasing importance of mathematics in the computer age draws attention to the methods with which we teach it. I

  • Teaching And Learning Mathematics For Elementary Students

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    An article, I chose, related to teaching and learning mathematics for elementary students is “STEM Gives Meaning to Mathematics” by Lukas J. Hefty. This article is about how teachers can teach mathematics while teaching science. Teachers can do this by using “STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education” (Hefty, 2015, p. 424). This allows teachers to integrate science with math or math with technology. The article mentions that STEM “frees students to reason about complex problems

  • Teaching Mathematics And The Middle School Classroom

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    After teaching mathematics in a middle school classroom, I recognized my likes and dislikes about teaching math. My biggest dislike about teaching mathematics is the fact that many students have a negative attitude about mathematics and have become discouraged throughout their elementary years. Once a student believes they are not capable of doing math, it is hard to change their belief. Another dislike about teaching mathematics is that during this change to a more problem solving and student-centered

  • Knowing And Teaching Elementary Mathematics Essay

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    Within the book Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics the author Liping Ma addresses the topics within math, which seem to be at war with each other. Only focusing on chapter 1 Ma discusses how some of the United States’ teachers view subtraction as well as how some of China’s teachers view subtraction. Ma interviewed 23 teachers from the United States and 19 out of the 23 or 83% focused on the procedure of subtraction with no context as to why. (pg. 2) When given the problem of 23-17 the

  • Why Math Is Important For Teaching Mathematics And How Students Learn Mathematics

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    Math Philosophy Paper Math is developing concepts or standards that’s important for teaching mathematics to students from Pre-K to high school. In our changing world, those who understand and can do mathematics will have significant opportunities and options for shaping their future. (NCTM 2000, p.50). The two important tools to be an effective teacher is knowledge of mathematics and how students learn mathematics. The purposes of math education effect our life since the time we were able to walk

  • Importance Of Mathematics For Teaching By Ball, Hill Bass, And Bass

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    a student, teacher, and educator—after reading the article, “Knowing Mathematics for Teaching” by Ball, Hill-Bass, and Bass (2005). Ball and her colleagues (2005) discuss the issue that there are many different schools of thoughts and practices about the way teachers should be prepared and supported to teach mathematics in classrooms. On the one hand, teachers are asked to take additional math content classes, attend teaching- practice and new curriculum workshops. On the other hand, Bass et al