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    The duration of the novels, the characters are seen lamenting their pasts and longing for a future, ready for whatever seems to be awaiting them. The journey that the pilgrims takes and the stories they tell attempts to reconcile their purpose for the journey. At the same time they reconcile their pasts, and not just their pasts but also the past of humanity. The underling issue of the novel is that the characters are unable to properly grieve for their pasts and it is ultimately recreated in an

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    Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is “the intelligence exhibited by machines or software.” AI is found in many forms in our society, from video games to traffic predictions to the autocorrect in our phones. When machine personalities are no longer distinguishable from human ones, however, there will be implications for humanity. This advancement will at first be met with skepticism, and the first people to interact with these AI will not consider them sentient beings. Artificial intelligence

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