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  • Bridge To Terabithia Analysis

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    “Bridge to Terabithia 2” is an example of fan fiction in two ways: the first being a rewritten and slightly different version from the original “Bridge to Terabithia”, while the second is maintaining and preserving many of the aspects that make the first text so unique, such as theme. In “Bridge to Terabithia 2,” there is a twist to the original plot that has Jess and Leslie switch roles in the story. Like the added character Mr. Mason explains to Jess: “‘Leslie was supposed to die Jess’ he said

  • Strengths Of Bridge To Terabithia

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    Bridge to Terabithia is a raw, emotionally honest novel about characters who climb up above their weaknesses through emotional strength and unselfishness. Both Jess and Leslie have special needs, her for acceptance from a new school whose students regard her as exotic, and he for athletic recognition to appease a father disgusted by Jess's true interest, artistic creation. In the forest near their dwellings, the kids create an imaginary country in which their friendship flourishes away from societal

  • Quotes In The Bridge To Terabithia

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    tear them apart and hold them down. That's exactly what happens in this story- “The Bridge to Terabithia”. An emotional yet realistic and compelling story by Katherine Paterson. It is banned in many places due to swearing and the utterly tragic storyline. The story is about a boy named Jesse, who befriends a girl named Leslie. They make their own little word in the forest- A kingdom dubbed “Terabithia” where they escape the harsh realities of the world and their worries. It is their own world- No

  • Friendship In Bridge To Terabithia

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    The book, “Bridge to Terabithia” by Katherine Paterson is about a boy named Jess Aarons, who lives in a small town called Lark Creek and has a hard family life. He's about to enter the fifth grade and dreams of being the fastest runner there. This dream is shattered on the first day of school, though, when a new girl named Leslie shows up and runs faster than anyone. At first Jess is crushed, but later he and Leslie end up becoming good friends. They take over a part of a nearby forest that's only

  • Comparing Bridge To Terabithia

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    “Bridge to Terabithia 2” by definition is considered to be fan fiction.  Fan fiction is a type of story based on the same characters, an already existing book, movie, cartoon, etc. As a matter of fact there will be similarities between the actual story and the fan fiction version. Such as, Paterson writes “Knowing somehow that running was the only thing that could keep Leslie from being dead. It was up to him. He had to keep going.”, while the fan fiction writes “Leslie didn’t want to see Jess hurt

  • Bridge To Terebithia Essay

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    Bridge to Terabithia is a novel featuring two young characters, Jess and Leslie. These characters both experience realistic problems that many kids their age face every day. Jess has a different personality and imagination than others, which gets him bullied at school. Leslie gets neglected at home, and she’s the new girl at school. Leslie uses her imagination to come up with a funny prank to get back at the school bully. Bridge to Terabithia includes many positive elements. One thing is

  • Analysis Of The Bridge To Terabithia

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    Katherine Patterson. This quote means many things to many different people.To me this quote means just because the answer isn't right in front of you doesn't mean it’s not there. The bridge to Terabithia is the book in which this quote originated from. I believe Catherine Patterson. The author of the bridge to Terabithia was as successful as she was because she had a son that was great friends with a Leslie Burke of his own. Catherine Patterson’s son, David Patterson was best friends with Lisa Hill. When

  • Jess And Leslie In Bridge To Terabithia

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    In the book "Bridge To Terabithia", Jess and Leslie becoming best friends. It doesn't start off that way, though. At the beginning of the book Jess hated Leslie. She was better at everything than him, and she even tried to include herself in the boys racing games at recess. Leslie wasn't liked by a lot of people at school, either. She was rich, and she moved to the countryside. This gave the biggest bully of the school a reason to pick on her, because she wasn't like everyone else. Jess and Leslie

  • Comparison Of The Movie Bridge To Terabithia

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    Bridge To Terabithia Report The books are usually better than the movies. This is why I am usually reluctant to watch any movies based off of books. Some movies don’t meet the standards set by the book, and fall extremely below the expectations of movie watchers and book lovers alike. Some movies meets the standards of the book, but there is some disappointment here and there. The film adaptation of Bridge to Terabithia is one of these movies. It certainly meet the standards of the book but there

  • Book Summary: Bridge To Terabithia

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    “Bridge to Terabithia” Final Copy Overview Bridge to Terabithia Is a book written about A 10 year old boy, Jess, and a 10 year old girl named Leslie. They both become friends when Leslie moves into town and starts going to Jess’s school. Both of them are full of imagination. Later in the book They create a world of their own Terabithia, full filled with imagination. Toward the ending of the story Leslie dies. Witchcraft On many of the list that I looked at, witchcraft