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  • Outline Of The Oklahoma City Bombing

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    Muskan Hossain   American Terror: The Oklahoma City Bombing cements terrorism into the minds of  citizens     Thesis:  Due to the Oklahoma City Bombing, U.S. citizens are corrected of their stereotypical  thoughts towards terrorism; Terrorists aren’t commonly Muslims or foreign enemies.    I. Overview    II. The significance of the Oklahoma City Bombing  A. Controversies that arose  B. Questions thought and asked by the citizens  C. Impact towards the Federal Government  D.  How it shook the il

  • Terrorist Attacks

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    year the United States has been exposed to many terrorist attacks and threats that could or has harm the American people. The attacks range from mass shooting to suicide bomber to truck raining over pedestrians. Not to mention, just recently on 11 December 17 there was an attempted bomber in New York; its just to show that there is no end of stoping terrorism from happening, however, the American people can find a way to prevent the next terrorist attacks or threats from happening by increase security

  • The Terrorist Organizations

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    The vast array of terrorist organizations that exist around the world have varying ideologies, financial assets, command structures and power. Most of the world is aware of very few of these groups and are often only able to identify organizations that have committed very destructive and deadly attacks on citizens of western nations. Nearly everyone knows about Al Qaeda, the Taliban and Hezbollah because their intentions are well publicized and they have successfully struck fear into many groups

  • Terrorist Interrogation

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    A description of the issue: The Bush administration has proposed exempting employees of the Central Intelligence Agency from a legislative measure endorsed by 90 members of the Senate that would bar cruel and degrading treatment of any prisoners in U.S. custody. The Bush administration believes that interrogators are acting lawfully, gaining useful information to help win the war against al Qaeda and will continue to press detainees for leads. The controversial interrogation technique known as

  • Terrorist Motivation

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    Motivation for Terrorist Acts All terrorism is meant to accomplish one thing. What has been popularly called an act of terror is so-termed because the perpetrators hope that they can affect the manner in which people perceive their safety and the government that is supposed to be protecting them. With this goal in mind, every act that can be called terrorist in origin wants to have a psychological component. The success or failure of the attempt can, in one way, be seen as effective depending

  • Terrorist Essay

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    foreigners labeled as "terrorists." It made support for the peaceful humanitarian and political activities of selected foreign groups a crime. And it repealed a short-lived law forbidding the FBI from investigating First Amendment activities, opening the door once again to politically focused FBI investigations. Perhaps the most troubling feature of the 1996 Act is its resurrection of guilt by association, criminalizing humanitarian support to any group blacklisted as "terrorist." Under the 1996 Act

  • Muslims Are Not Terrorists

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    Muslims are not Terrorists “There should be a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the United States.”~Donald Trump. All Muslims are terrorists, all muslims are responsible for 9/11, all muslims are vicious. False, false, and false. Muslims are being attacked and accused with allegations that they are responsible for all extremist attacks throughout the world. The real truth being that this is not the actions of what Islam leads Muslims to act upon. How many people in American society

  • The President Is A Terrorist

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    violation of school policy. His suspension was received after wearing a shirt to school with the writing, “the president is a terrorist.” Using their judgment and guidance from the Liberty High School’s dress code, school administrators suspended Flynt for two days after he refused to remove the shirt. School administrators believed that because his shirt said the president was a terrorist the education mission they aimed to promote would be disturbed and that his shirt would promote discrimination or racism

  • Terrorist Bombing

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    CAPTURED: Terrorist Brought Down BREAKING: At 11:40 this morning, it was confirmed that the man sought in connection to the bombings that devastated New York City and New Jersey has been captured by the authorities. Following an intense shootout with police in Linden, New Jersey, Ahmed Kh Rahami was taken into custody with minor injuries. There were no additional individuals reported injured. Recap: 28 year-old Ahamed Kahn Rahmi, from Elizabeth, N.J. had been wanted in connection to the bombings

  • Dan Herbeck Case Summary

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    Started as a summer intern in 1977 at The Buffalo News, Dan Herbeck has been with the company for almost 40 years. He was 19 years old when he was placed on the graveyard shift at the downtown police headquarters and there, he went on to be a reporter for 12 years. “I was the only reporter in the city of Buffalo at police headquarters… I was scared!” He said. Herbeck’s first assignment was a midnight house fire in Lancaster, where he covered a story of Robert Covert, a father who saved a 4 years-old