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  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    Josh woke up with shivers down his spine. He thought that was odd, because usually he woke up and had to go pee. Nevertheless he rolled over, on his bed and checked his alarm clock. He hopped out of bed, and took two steps toward the door, and felt a moist, squishy texture under his feet. “Ahh!” he grumbled. He hobbled over to the light switch to see what he stepped in. He flicked the lights on, and scowled at the yellow stain across his ratted orange carpet. “Cherry,”

  • Narrative Essay On Bullies In School

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    The five big bullies of the school had found a big hole at the back of the classroom underneath a loose floorboard. They hid everything in the hole, they thought only they knew about it and that their “punch bag” wouldn’t know a thing, but I had taken to hiding from them, one day behind the teacher’s desk when they lifted up the floor board and examined their trophies. One day as I was waiting to ask the teacher how to do a very complicated maths problem that I had seen, the bullies opened up the

  • The Day Of His Accident

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    crying, she glances down the hall and shrieks. A few moments later. Pat helps Ashley up. She sprints to Morris. His face is pale white, gasping for air. PAT HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME! Pat frantically looks around. Ashley cries in the b.g. INT. HOSPITAL BEDROOM - NIGHT Boer turns Morris’s respirator up. PAT Thank you for everything you did, we’re very grateful. BOER You’re welcome. Pat holds Ashley in her arms. PAT Come on little one, let’s go back to our hotel before you do any more damage

  • The Bombing Of The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building

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    The event that I chose was the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City by an ex-Army soldier and security guard named Timothy McVeigh. He parked a rented Ryder truck in front of the building loaded with a powerful bomb made out of a deadly cocktail of agricultural fertilizer, diesel fuel, and other chemicals. The bomb went off at 9:02 a.m. When the smoke cleared the area looked like a war zone. Half of the building had been reduced to rubble, surrounding

  • Essay about Analysis of Brazil, Directed by Terry Gilliam

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    Analysis of Brazil, Directed by Terry Gilliam As a child develops into an adult there are critical developmental steps that are necessary for a complete and successful transition. The physical transition is the most obvious change, but underneath the thick skin and amongst the complex systems, exists another layer of transitions. Ideas, rationales, ideologies and beliefs all dwell within this layer of each being. It could be said that a nation can also fit this transitional framework. A nation

  • Essay about A Sociological Study of Timothy Mcveigh

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    the subject of my paper, was behind the bombings, and later executed. On April 15, 1995 Timothy McVeigh rented a Ryder truck in Herington, Kansas under the alias Robert D. Kling. On April 16, he drove to Oklahoma City with fellow conspirator Terry Nichols where he parked a getaway vehicle several blocks away from the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. After

  • The Bombing Of Oklahoma City

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    morning, it’s blast damaged over 300 buildings surrounding the vehicle and even flattened a third of the federal building. (Strom, 2015) The bomb took the lives of 168 people, including 19 children. It was found that two men, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Lynn Nichols were the ones who planted the device. Both men were found to be associated with a radical militia movement that sought revenge for a siege in Waco, Texas two years prior. The siege killed 82 Branch Davidians, of whom, multiple were related

  • Bombing Of Oklahoma City Bombing

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    in which 168 people died.” (Timothy McVeigh) McVeigh served a trial in Denver in 1997, and the jury of the trial found guilty. McVeigh was then charged with conspiracy and murder. He was then put on death row. Terry Nichols The second suspect of the Oklahoma City Bombing was Terry Nichols, who had helped McVeigh plan the bombing. He had met McVeigh in the military and they were both discharged at

  • Sacrificee : Terry Fox's Display Of Sacrifice

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    Terry Fox’s display of Sacrifice Sacrifice is doing something for the greater good. Sacrifice often requires the person to put themselves in harm’s way. Sacrificing one’s life in exchange for something greater is the truest way to display selflessness and courage. Terry Fox is a hero that sacrificed himself to achieve a greater goal. Terry Fox is a professional long-distance runner who lost his leg and eventually his life to cancer. Greek heroes such as Theseus help others by using their own courage

  • Monty Python Influences

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    graduation, he began writing for The Frost Report where he met 4 other future members of the surreal comedy group Monty Python. Terry Jones was born February 1, 1942 in Colwyn Bay, United Kingdom. He went to the Royal Grammar School in Guilford, as well as Saint Edmund Hall in Oxford. During his time at Saint Edmund Hall, he performed comedy with Michael Palin in the Oxford Revue. Terry Gilliam came about November 22, 1940 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He would build things with his father who was a carpenter