Terry Fox

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  • Terry Fox Essay

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    In my mind one really stands out among the rest. His name is Terry Fox and he is one of the greatest athlete to run on the face of this planet. Terry discovered he had cancer and then decided to run across Canada. He was a brave man who would take what the world through at him. Running across Canada was his way to show the world that he was not going out with out a fight. Terry Fox was born in Winnipeg Manitoba on July 28 1958 Terry was raised in port Coquintlam, British Columbia. He was very athletic

  • Terry Fox Dedication

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    the percentage of time that one dedicates to achieve that goal, and the passion behind it. Terry Fox was a Canadian athlete with osteosarcoma (a cancer that starts near the knees) who embarked on a cross-country marathon across Canada, named the Marathon of Hope (Terry Fox Foundation). It spanned 143 days and over 3,000 miles, all while having an amputated leg, to raise money and cancer awareness (Terry Fox Foundation). His fire was the wish to raise a dollar from every citizen in Canada, 24 million

  • Heritage Minutes By Terry Fox Essay

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    The one-minute heritage video titled ‘Heritage Minutes: Terry Fox’ goes on to talk about Fox’s journey through Canada with an amputated leg while raising money for cancer research. The video shows not only Fox but many people supporting his journey which not only included Canadians watching his marathon but also family members who came along during the journey and assisting with keeping track of funds, his length and also his health. It is evident that this had taken place in Canada as there were

  • Terry Fox Biography

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    Terry Fox was a Canadian athlete who was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on July 28th, 1958. As a teenager Terry was very involved in sports playing basketball, soccer and rugby and also doing cross-country running. He eventually when on to university where he studied kinesiology to become a physical education teacher. But when Terry Fox was only 18 years old he was diagnosed with a type of bone cancer in his right leg and had to have it amputated. Before the operation he was reading about a recent amputee

  • Sacrificee : Terry Fox's Display Of Sacrifice

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    Terry Fox’s display of Sacrifice Sacrifice is doing something for the greater good. Sacrifice often requires the person to put themselves in harm’s way. Sacrificing one’s life in exchange for something greater is the truest way to display selflessness and courage. Terry Fox is a hero that sacrificed himself to achieve a greater goal. Terry Fox is a professional long-distance runner who lost his leg and eventually his life to cancer. Greek heroes such as Theseus help others by using their own courage

  • The Roaring Twenties And New Technology

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    1914-1929: Roaring Twenties The Roaring Twenties was a turn into a new era which many people considered it to be a prosperous moment. It was referred to as the ‘Roaring Twenties’ because of the social freedoms and new technologies. After the end of post-war economic problems, many people were eager to add some excitement into their lives and technology began to evolve. Technology and entertainment were 2 main factors that made the lives of Canadians more interesting. The production of transportation

  • Terry Fox Research Paper

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    What if Terry Fox was a girl? Tara Stanielle Fox, a canadian hero who ran across the country on an artificial leg to raise money for cancer. Sadly, she had passed away before she could finish her run. Tara Fox will always be remembered for her determination, bravery, and perseverance. Did the previous sentences sound familiar? If they did, that's probably because they were about the famous canadian hero, Terry Fox, except they were about a woman, not a man. Terry Fox’s life would be very different

  • Terry Fox Short Biography

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    However, Terry Fox is conquering the biggest mountain of them all: cancer. Terry hopes to raise awareness for a worthy but neglected cause and has now decided to run across Canada to fund a cure for cancer. Terry ran his marathon of hope with a prosthetic leg after receiving news that his right leg needed to be amputated fifteen centimeters above his right knee. Through his tremendous physical challenge, he has overcome the discomfort caused by his prosthetic leg. While running this marathon, Terry gives

  • Terry Fox Role Model

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    Terry fox Monday, October, 17, 2016 In Canadian history there are many famous people. In my mind Terry Fox is a real Canadian hero. He is a role model to everyone because he didn’t give up. Numerous structures were build by Terry Fox’s name like highways,parks and schools around the nation. He won three awards that were Persons of National Historic significance (national historic person),Canadian Newsmaker of the year (broadcast about Terry Fox),Lou Marsh trophy (recognizes

  • Terry Fox: A Canadian Hero

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    Terry’s fox is a Canadian hero who was diagnosed with bone cancer, sadly he died on June 28, 1981, he was in the age 23 when he died in New Westminster. Terry Fox was only 18 when he was diagnosed with cancer he had to get his right leg amputated in 1977. When I was researching about his life I found a quote that I really like it was “I am tired and weary because people are continually forcing me off the road. I actually honked off once. People are passing from behind me on this narrow road.