The Attic Door

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  • Spanish Narrative

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    My life was flushed down the toilet I didn't want to move to California I was fine with staying in Austin, Texas but we had to move because of my parents’ job. I lived in a grey house in the middle of nowhere our backyard was in the forest, we haven't explored it yet. I lived with my mom,my Dad,my sister Julia,and my brother James. Julia and I were 12 and James was 6. Lucky for us me and Julia weren't separated from James yet I mean it was in the middle of the summer. One warm sunny morning

  • Descriptive Essay On The Halloween House

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    want to?” Her friends said yes, so they went to the house and climbed the creaking front porch steps. As they were approaching the house, they saw that there were broken/shattered windows, some shingles on the roof were gone, and part of the front door was gone. Mia got chills all up and down my spine as if there were little needles poking her when she went to reach for the doorbell of the house. All of a sudden, Mia hears mice squeaking through the house as she rings the doorbell and a bird suddenly

  • Descriptive Essay About My Birthday

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    corner,, I slowed down. The trees were like a giant umbrella, protecting me from the rain. I was in thinking as I walked peacefully when a giant boom of thunder shook me from my thoughts. I looked up and realized I was home. I walked in the back door and carefully stepped in looking around. I guess my parents had to work late that night because no one was home. Halloween was soon so all of our decorations were up and it seemed like they were staring at me as I

  • What Is My Favorite Room Essay

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    MY FAVOURITE CHILDHOOD ROOM Our house was over 100 years old, with long narrow windows and a black lacquered front door, made of solid oak. When my dad stripped the lacquer off the door, it still showed the cut marks made by charcoal or a pencil that served as a guide for the original door maker. Our house was a medium brown colored two-story stucco dwelling, nestled between old elm and pine trees that sat atop a hill. In the winter if you stood at the very edge of the street, on your tipee toes

  • Dialogue Essay: The Death Of Nursey

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    the desk opposite their bunk before making his way to the bathroom door. He knocked on it twice, getting no response from Dex either time. Nursey sat down on the floor, resting his head back on the door. "Dex? Babe? Can you come out

  • Attic Insulation Research Paper

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    Tips For Adding Attic Insulation To Your Home If you're tired of shivering in your home when the weather turns cold, it's probably time to install new insulation in your attic and walls. While you'll probably need to hire a contractor to blow insulation in your walls, you can install attic insulation yourself if you have basic home improvement skills. Here are a few tips that may help. Choose Your Insulation Material Blankets and blow-in insulation are easy to use if you want to install the insulation

  • Despair In Frankenstein

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    Have you ever been stuck. If so, then you know what it feels like. The feelings of despair. The thought That you may never get out. This has ran in my mind before. This is the story of when I was stuck in attic It was a calm Friday morning. It was the middle of Winter, but I thought it would be alright to not wear a jacket. Me and the rest of the family were going to see if there was anything expensive in a house up the hill. We owned it, but never went into it. Mainly because of how unstable

  • Creative Writing : A Short Story

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    could bring the supplies in. The man in black used this opportunity to quickly open the door of the rig and closed it as if there was a baby on the other side. The man then slowly tiptoed with his feet slowly sinking into the sand as he silently worked his way to the post office next door to the shop. He then walked in and managed to walk his way up the precarious, slightly decaying steps leading to the attic. Joe returned from the store, climbed into the rig’s trailer, and started pulling pallets

  • It Was A Beautiful Day And William Was Playing With His Best Friend Benedict

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    and was ready to give in when he saw a door. Except he had never seen this door before and was about to enter when Benedict called out to him from across the house. Will rushed over to him and they started talking. “Ha Ha, I won,” gloated Benedict. “Yeah, yeah. Hey where were you hiding anyway?” Will asked. “I was hiding behind this chair in the corner. I’m surprised you didn’t find me because you walked past

  • Dry Room Insulation Research Paper

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    You may use energy-efficient appliances, have your HVAC system serviced regularly, apply weatherstripping around doors and windows as needed, and make excellent use of your programmable thermostat, but what about your attic? An attic without insulation is one that easily causes energy bills to increase and subsequently makes your carbon footprint larger than you would like. Attic insulation is therefore necessary, and one of the many superior services available through Krieser Insulation & Drywall