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  • Snowmobiling on Priest Mountain Essay

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    Snowmobiling on Priest Mountain In late May I never pictured myself carving a highmark on Priest Mountain. Priest Mountain is nestled on the east edge of the Grand Mesa National Forest. Deep sugary snow and feathery blue spruce trees cover the mountain and the area around. One fine day it occurred that I had the opportunity to carve my highmark and I still I have the mental image of my territory after that day. Even before that day, Priest has left a impression on me. Priest Mountain, for me

  • Essay

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    systems that pull groundwater and drainage water from the environment diverting them into a salt basin away from the river. This process is effective as it prevents more than half a million tons of salt yearly from threatening the waterway and reduces the electric conductivity, which means the amount of

  • Human Activities And Sustainable Water Management

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    This paper will explore how important it is to apply social sciences into ecology and hydrology in a narrower sense, and what effects and changes the socio-hydrology in the Basin Plan has brought to the water management in the MDB. What is socio-hydrology? Human has always been in great need of fresh water for many purposes, and there are three main categories of extractive uses of water from its natural system: agricultural

  • Research Paper On Mount Kilimanjaro

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    The Zambezi River reaches a length of 1,600 miles before it empties into the Indian Ocean with an average discharge of 247,240 cubic feet per second. Furthermore, the Zambezi River is split into three sections: the upper, middle, and lower river. Victoria Falls—the world’s largest waterfall—is considered the boundary between the upper and middle Zambezi River. There are also two main dams built on the Zambezi that harness enough energy to power most of Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Finally,

  • Effects On The Water Management Of The Murray-Darling Basin

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    Effects of the Basin Plan on the water management of the Murray-Darling Basin The sustainable and healthy MDB can be made through institutional changes and improving water management. The Water Act and the Basin Plan were enacted for more desirable and applicable improvements by grant of flexibility in water management; however there are still challenges to be adjusted by water bodies. Flexible management Through the Water Act and the Basin Plan, the Commonwealth, the Basin States, and the Murray-Darling

  • University Of New South Wales

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    University of New South Wales CVEN9611 –Urban Hydraulic Structures Assignment Stefan Felder Submitted by: Garth Cooper Student Number – z3189074   Question 1 Toowoomba City is located 125km from Brisbane in Queensland on the Western side of the Great Dividing Range. It consists of two main creek catchments, east creek and west creek catchments. In January 2011 there was a main flooding event which caused a large flood event that is described as an “Inland Tsunami”. Figure 1 - Catchment map of Toowoomba

  • Positive And Negative Effects Of The Nile Perch

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    is most commonly found in Lake Victoria or they can sometimes be found in the Nile river in Egypt ( Lipton, 2003) (Schofield, 2012). The Nile Perch is a large fish it’s about 6 feet long and weighs 300 pounds ( The editors of Encyclopedia Britannica, 2008). This fish is also known by several different names one including the Victorian Perch due to its location in Lake Victoria. “In the 1950s the Nile Perch was introduced into Lake Victoria to boost the fishing community.”

  • Shoreline Flow Pipeline Research Paper

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    The revised basic Pipeline grid structure of the ‘Reverse the Flow Plan to save the Murray-Darling Basin’ detailed in reports [17 A & B, 13,14,4-7] & ‘Climate Change, Deforestation, Carbon Pollution Reduction, An Alternative Solution’ report [7]. [Complete sets of the reports, forwarded to the SA & Federal Governments over the past two years are inter related, frequently overlap and should be read conjointly] Stage 1 The Burdekin - Dalrymple Project: Piplines – L. Dalrymple to Isaac

  • Lake Colac Is Part Of The Corangamite Basin

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    Lake Colac is part of the Corangamite basin that was formed in the early Pleistocene and Tertiary during the volcanic movement. Due to the volcanic commotion it had blocked the natural outflow of Lake Colac’s two tributaries, Dean’s Creek and Barongarook Creek causing the rivers to flow into the basin leaving muddy deposits (Williams 1992). Wind has also caused crescent shaped dunes to form creating many shallow lakes and wetlands. The surface area of Lake Colac is about 3,000 hectares and has the

  • Victoria Yakusha Essay

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    The owners of the apartment invited the designer and architect Victoria Yakusha to create a cozy “family nest” for them. They travel a lot and lead an active lifestyle; however for the home decorating they prefer laconic and warm ethno-style. “I love doing the interiors, in which there is only one color scheme, but a lot of textural solutions, – says Victoria Yakusha. – They allow me to create a game of shades and shapes on different surfaces even in a minimalist white interior. When the design