The Big Blue

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  • Creative Writing: Boosey's Journey

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    thought when he felt the tug of the engine starting to pull him home. Upon entering the yard, the big blue engine was the first to greet Boosey and he was also the first to say he was sorry for making fun of something he wanted to do. All the other cars made it a point to see Boosey so they too could say they were sorry and that made Boosey so happy. And to fulfill Boosey's wish, the big blue engine often let Boosey lead the train while hooking up cars in the yard. Boosey never again

  • Descriptive Essay On A Giant Lobster

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    their little brother. “What’s wrong!?” Rob questioned grabbing his brother by the shoulders to calm him down. Dave’s long bleach blond hair covered his face as he explained what he saw. He said that it was huge! At least 11 feet long and bright blue. Its large, sea green eyes were staring at him as if it knew who he was. Its long antennas pointing at Dave, as if accusing dave. “That sounds awful!!” his three brothers said in unison. Dave nodded and walked off. With his head down, he kicked up

  • Descriptive Essay On A Giant Lobster

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    the pole too! Unfortunately, the lobster was way to heavy and the flagpole fell. It was about to hit Dave’s dad, but fortunately, the giant lobster grabbed him gently with his pincers and moved him out of the way. When he was dropped down from the big blue pincers, he thanked the lobster sheepishly and hid his face. Although they couldn’t see it, the lobster was smiling and in his language, muffled, your welcome!! Off the lobster went to find help. By this time, it was dark and the Giant Lobster was

  • Business Analysis : Big Blue

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    INTRODUCTION IBM stands for “International Business Machines” and it is also well known as “Big Blue” company which is a multinational computer technology and IT consulting corporation headquartered in New York, United States. Company was started in 1911 by ‘Thomas J. Watson’ and ‘Charles RanlettFlint’, first they named as “CTR” because it is a collaborated with three companies; they are ‘Tabulating Machine Company’, ‘International Time Recording Company’ and ‘Computing Scale Company’ by 1924 they

  • Football Vs Big Blue Football

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    Although the season may not started the way we would have liked, we have been persistent to get better since the beginning of our journey. It could have been easy to pack up our bags and call it a year early on. However, Big Blue football simply does not give up. Every player wears their jersey with pride and holds their head high. During practice, we improve together and learn from our mistakes. We are not a group of individuals, but a unified team. We cannot rely on one person to carry us on their

  • Bud's Big Blue Manufacturing Case Study

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    Auditing Cash, Fair Value, and Revenues Case: Bud’s Big Blue Manufacturing 1) List the four factors auditors should consider when evaluating the results of confirmation procedures. Also, what are three of the characteristics of a reliable confirmation? (For this and other questions, you may which to refer relevant auditing standards). The four factors auditors should consider when evaluating the results of confirmation procedures are the reliability of the confirmations and alternative procedures

  • Overcoming Fear : Battling The Big Blue Monster Essay

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    Overcoming my Fear: Battling the “Big Blue Monster” Within Imagine a small boy, probably six or seven years old, who was relishing his life, playing with his friends, playing video games, playing with toys. You undoubtedly understand it by now, a lot of playing! But one morning was a lot different from all others, it was a gloomy, autumn morning, where the life of trees was draining away as their leaves fell onto the dead grass. That day, his dad excitedly said “Son, we will be going somewhere

  • Crisis Communication Contingency Pl Big Blue University

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    Crisis Communication Contingency Plan BIG BLUE U N I V E R S I T Y OFFICE OF COMMUNICATION Introduction The president of Big Blue University (BBU) designated the Office of Communication with responsibility for all information during a crisis and selected Mark Hughes, the Director of Communications, as the official spokesperson for BBU. Currently, BBU faces an active shooter scenario; however, before addressing this situation, the following represent existing risk management and mitigation pre-event

  • Movie Report : ' Big Electric Blue Eyes ' Essay

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    A little boy stood crouched down at the foot of a small bed, determination shining in his big electric blue eyes. He held his sword with one hand, close to his chest ready to launch an attack at a moment’s notice. In his other hand he was holding something that was more than terrifying in the right hands. He looked off to the side where the rest of his arsenal lay, the young boy nodded to himself he was ready for war. And as he watched the doorknob turn he realised he had only just managed to get

  • Case Study Of IBM Under-Dog Takes Over The Big-Blue

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    ‘Under-Dog’ takes over ‘The Big-Blue’ By: Arkesh Sharma EPGP-06-158 Executive Summary: I presently work for IBM. The case discusses how IBM’s famous hardware division of personal computing/Thinkpad was sold-off to a Chinese firm Lenovo who had no presence in the market and who was hardly known for laptops. Its only presence was in the Chinese market and no-where else in the world. The case further discusses the Merger and Acquisition of the hardware division of IBM and what challenges