The Big Test

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  • Creative Writing: Homeless People

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    before Martin talked about the college test, this where the big trouble started. “Riki before you get in college you have to take a test ok? I will provide you all the things you need to be able to study well for the test and be ready.”Martin really wanted to help Riki because you don’t see someone with that ability everyday. “Ok i will learn to this test as hard as I can so i could be ready and pass it.”Riki thought it will be easy to study and pass that test

  • The Big Test Short Story

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    The big test Do you know what 9th instatutal black belt is ? Today is the big day, I thought to myself walking to school on the cold wintery fall day. The ninth test for black belt is harder because you need to become a master once you finish. ?man i only been here for seven hours? one hours and 55 minutes i mumbled while writing. When i got home it felt like i was followed to my house, then a knock was at my door, i said who is it at first no one answer then i said it again and then i

  • Essay On How I Want To Drive

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    step closer to driving on my own. Step one out of several had been accomplished in my climb to success. However, I knew it wouldn’t be an easy task to complete. That climb to success could’ve ended in one of two ways. I could’ve either failed my final test and walked away completely defeated; or passed and gotten my official driver’s license. My sweaty palms and shaky legs were the biggest clue as to how this journey started. However, I couldn’t just start driving right away. It took a couple of days

  • Big Five Personality Test

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    and The Big Five Personality Test helps us identify the 5 major dimensions of the human personality that have been created. On the scale of closed-mindedness to open to new experiences, I tilt more towards the closed minded section, meaning I prefer traditional and familiar experiences. I disagree with this since, I enjoy new experiences and forming new memories. I do appreciate things that are familiar to me, but I am not utterly closed off to new experiences. The Big Five Personality Test revealed

  • My Experience To Play Basketball

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    when I first came in through the front door,“What are you doing up at this time shouldn’t you be sleeping for school?”, Mom exclaimed. ”Mom I am coming in quietly from practicing basketball when I realized that I have to study for my global studies test today”.I said.I thought that everyone was sleeping and that it was only me that was up this early. ”Okay but,don’t wake up this early then make a lot of noises when there are people sleeping”.Mom said. Although I got in trouble my mom let me stay

  • Big-Five Personality Test

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    The Big Five personality test gave me five different scores that I believe are somewhat accurate to my actual personality. On the openness to experience/intellect scale I scored sixteen percentile, which I do not fully agree with. I see myself as adventurous and creative, which is not represented in the percentile represented. On the conscientiousness scale I scored thirty-five percent which makes sense since I am not the most organized nor careful, but I like to keep things tidy enough to be able

  • Essay On Baseball

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    feels discouraged and begins to accept that he probably isn't going to make the game. Colten sees that they have been given a seating plan and he is beside a really smart guy named James Harden. He was a “straight A student” and had never failed a test in his life. Colten had never talked to him before, but in his case decided to take a chance today and maybe he can help him. “Hey” says Colten. “Um hello?”

  • Big 5 Personality Test

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    I took the big 5 personality test and scored over 50% in 4 traits. The trait that I scored the highest in was conscientiousness. I scored 97% in conscientiousness and can honestly say that I can relate to this trait. When it comes to a project I never give up no matter how difficult it may be. I am also very organized; I always keep my room clean and reorganize my purse daily. Punctuality is also important to me; I have never been late to work throughout my entire life. I usually plan accordingly

  • Big Five Personality Test Analysis

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    THE BIG FIVE PERSONALITY TEST INTRODUCTION:- Personality tests are used to determine your type of personality, your values, interests and your skills. Mostly people conduct personality tests to determine their aptitude towards a certain type of career. A personality test aims to describe aspects of a person's character that remain stable throughout that person's lifetime, the individual's character pattern of behavior, thoughts, and feelings. Similarly The BIG FIVE PERSONALITY TEST

  • Big Five Personality Test Essay

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    The Big 5 Personality Test The Big Five model of personality traits is a widely accepted and popular framework in personality psychometrics that is aimed at assessing personality according to traits. Traits refer to an individual’s stable characteristics that predispose them to behave in particular ways across contexts (de Bruin & Taylor, 2013). In other words, trait psychologists aim to assess the consistencies in an individual’s behaviour in order to gain insight into the individual’s general