The Boxcar Children

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  • Reflection About Reading And Writing

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    As a child I really missed out on the reading and writing train. I grew up in a house with a mom who loved literature and read often in her free time, my dad on the other hand probably has still to this day never picked up a book in his life. Growing up my little brother and I spent most of my time with my dad so we never really got to see the true art of reading and writing. Throughout high school I spent most of my time in the pool or glued to my phone which left me still oblivious to the world

  • My Experience In School

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    My teacher's name was Mrs. Jones, a very tall woman with a love for flamingos. Her classroom was full of brightly colored posters with educational information displayed and several flamingoes hidden in plain sight. There were about twenty other children in the classroom, but I was too scared to go up to anyone. I stayed in the corner closest to the door, unable to make the first move, waiting for someone to notice me. Everything started out easy and one by one each student was taken to the peanut

  • The Holocaust: A Narrative Fiction

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    Hannah and her family arrive at a train station. When they get out of their truck angry soldiers with guns yell at the Jews to get in the boxcars. Hannah notices that there are suitcases or personal belongings being left in the side of the road instead of going with the people. A Nazi soldier goes up to the crowd filled with Jews to stay quiet and obey him. The soldier tells everyone to lie down on the ground, so that he can take their jewelry and papers for “safekeeping”. A man doesn’t agree with

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Ascher's 'The Box Man'

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    Ascher implied she likes the Boxman’s way of living by saying what she did about the Boxcar Children. He is alone but he doesn't care, he's accepted it and lives the way he wants to. Ascher states “He is not to be confused with the lonely ones, you’ll find them everywhere”(Ascher 9). Ascher explains how the Box man feels by giving some Figurative

  • The Atrocities and Liberation of Concentration Camps

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    The Atrocities and Liberation of Concentration Camps If you combine sadistic Nazi soldiers, a "license to kill," and twenty-six million people whom they took their aggression out on, you have the Holocaust. From torture to murder, the concentration camp prisoners experienced almost every despicably, inhumane act one can imagine. Hitler 's Nazis will never be able to justify this ultimate example of cruelty and unfairness. Although the Holocaust occurred nearly seventy years

  • The Box Man Essay

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    Structure 1. The author uses rhetorical devices in her essay to develop the main idea throughout the paragraphs. She explains her feelings towards loneliness by using allusions and anecdotes. Fox example, she brings up a memory in her past. The boxcar children would be an example of an allusion.(Par 9) These methods all eventually lead up to the author’s point of view, and the main idea of course. 2. The way the essay is organized helps the reader understand the purpose of the essay much better.

  • Great Depression Children

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    Effects of the Great Depression on Children During the Great Depression roughly 25% of the workers were 15 years old or younger, 20% of the children were starving and didn’t have access to new clothes and other necessities and about 40% of the young adults 16-24 were either unemployed or not in school. This shows that a great majority of the youth living during this time were not able to experience a normal childhood where they went to school and came home to play with their friends, because they

  • Children of the Holocaust Essay

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    Over one million Jewish children died during the Holocaust. They were ripped out of their homes and taken away from their families, and stripped of their childhoods. Innocent lives were caught in a war that they were not able to stop. When Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, he promised Germany that he would improve life their by getting rid of the one race that caused the problems, the Jews. Jews, including Jewish children, were sent to concentration camps, inspected, and if approved, were sent

  • Nazi Concentration Camp Analysis

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    as the Nazis against the Jewish. The documentary talks about how many Jews lived in the ghetto and it was a bad experience; however, no one predicted how terrify was their life when they leave the ghetto. From the ghetto, people were loaded into boxcars filled so tightly that no one can move. Those cars took all the people to concentration camps. Most of times the trip was long and they were not provided with any water, food, bathrooms or fresh air until they reach the final destination. Between

  • Racial Profiling

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    concern has been the unfair treatment on the Mexican-American population on basis of racial lines. Equal treatment of all with regard to basic human rights has been a major theme which these authors seek to drive forward. Sylvia Gonzalez in her book “Boxcar” (El Vagon) depicts the journey of five characters who are immigrants from Mexico which is referred to as the south of the border. These people are hoping for a better life both for themselves and their