The Broadway Theatre

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  • Literary Analysis : ' The 2003-2004 Season And Broadway Musical Theatre '

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    Although big-hit Broadway musicals have always been popular with the masses and generated tons of money, the changing political weather on the United States has slowly affected the population’s view of their purpose in society. Stacey Wolfe addresses the changing political climate in the musical theatre form in her article, The 2003-2004 Season and Broadway Musical Theatre as a Political Controversy, as a subtle but impactful way to convey public issues after the events on September 11th, 2001. Musicals

  • Theatre: A Brief History Of Broadway Theatre

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    Broadway is famously known for its forty theaters and the major productions that it puts on. Broadway was created in the early 17th century by the Dutch. Since that time Broadway has grown in length as the city developed from a small settlement on the S tip of Manhattan Island and now extends 27 km (17 mi) to the city’s N boundary in the Bronx. Until around 1750 New York City had yet to establish a significant theater presence. Walter Murray and Thomas Kean, actor-managers established a resident

  • Broadway Theatre Case Study

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    The Broadway Theatre will discuss possible shows for the 2016-2017 season at a play selection committee meeting October 5. This is open to the public and will begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Broadway Theatre 216 East Broadway. “We want as many community members there as possible because without their support and involvement, we can’t have a successful production,” Samantha Griffin, member of the board, said. “If people can give ideas of shows they want to be a part of or watch at this meeting, we can

  • An Analysis Of Andrew Lloyd Webber 's ' An Broadway Producer That Is A Part Of A Publicly Traded Company

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    In addition to non-profit, and independent producers, DTP can also be compared to other corporate theatre producers. However, before this comparison is made it must be noted that currently DTP is the only major Broadway producer that is a part of a publicly traded company. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group was public between 1986 and 1990, but private since 1990 (Hunter). The other notable public theatrical producer was Livent, a Canadian company founded in 1990 by Garth Drabinsky and Myron

  • Off Broadway Research Paper

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    Broadway is a street in New York City that runs the full length of Manhattan and consists of many professional theatres which of course is where most professional actors are being cast. The stretch that includes these theatres is called the Theatre District. It is also known as “The Great White Way” due to the fact that it was one of the first streets in the United States to be lit with electricity ("What's So Special About Broadway?"). Broadway is a general term for the shows that are performed

  • Ceo Robert A. Disney Corporation

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    Consumer Products. DTP is a part of the Studio Entertainment Division. According the Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Financial Report, Disney Theatrical Group develops, produces and licenses live entertainment events. The Company has produced and licensed Broadway productions around the world…Disney Theatrical Group licenses the Company’s intellectual property to Feld Entertainment, the producer of Disney On Ice and Disney Live!. (14) This statement makes up merely one small paragraph in a 214 page document

  • How Broadway Has Changed The Economy, Tourism, And Entertainment Industry

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    a look at 42nd Street and Broadway. Broadway has evolved tremendously since its opening, from more theatres to a larger audience. A numerous amount of plays have been performed that have left unforgettable memories on everyone. Broadway has made major effective impacts on the economy, tourism, and entertainment industry. In 1750 when Walter Murray and Thomas Kean decided to open their theatre company on Nassau Street, is when the origin of Broadway began. Their theatre was only large enough to hold

  • Musical Theatre As A Theatrical Performance

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    Musical Theatre is a theatrical performance when the story is told through dialogue, song, and dance. Back then, people didn’t Snap Chat, Face Time or watch TV for entertainment; they would go to the Theatre for a night out, first date, etc. To give a more definitive description of how musicals evolved, affected, and influenced throughout history, a time line of major musicals that defined certain stages of Musical Theatre will probably help people understand what makes it so unique. Now a quick

  • Music as a Stress Reliever

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    They say music is one of the biggest stress relievers while acting gives you a chance to engulf yourself into a character and be someone else for a change. Together these two create Musical Theater, possibly one of the best two combinations known to man. Musical Theater is a worldwide form of entertainment that has been around since ancient times and exhibits emotion through a series of acts which include singing, dancing and scripted acting. Different areas of the world follow unique storylines

  • Trip To New York Theatre Essay

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    Trip to New York’s World of Theatre In the next two months we plan to visit the theatrical districts of New York including Broadway, Off Broadway and Off & Off Broadway to watch four plays with my three friends. The need to travel there is to learn more about theatre, its people, its places and processes in a first hand and direct manner. This will go a long in improving our academics and theatre knowledge. Secondly, it will help us to bond more as we discuss the plays and at the same time give us